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How to Use Marmalead’s Search Tool | An Etsy SEO Tutorial

Etsy search can make or break your Etsy listings. But you already know this. What you might not know is that Marmalead is an Etsy SEO tool designed to help your listings appear in search. How does it work? Well, the first step is figuring out how to use Marmalead’s Search Tool. Let’s jump right in and show you exactly how to use it.

Using Marmalead’s Search Tool for Etsy Keyword Research

Marmalead's search tool

The first thing we need to do is, of course, open up Marmalead in your browser.

Search is the very first feature you’re going to see whenever you log into Marmalead. This is where you’ll want to start; it’s our square one. One of the things you’ll be thinking about whenever you search for keywords, of course, is what are you selling? This is super important. 

You want to make sure to use keywords that buyers are searching for and that they’re engaged with. You’ll want to make sure there’s not too much competition. Keywords that are really going to help your listings stand out in search, as opposed to just being lost in the void of all of the thousands and thousands of Esty Listings that are out there.

Marmalead’s search tool is designed to help you figure out which keywords are going to be best for your Esty Listings.

Where to start with Marmalead’s Search Tool?

One of the ways we recommend using Marmalead’s search tool is to start vague with your keyword research, then niche down as you go. We will use this as an example today for someone who sells t-shirts. So one of the things you’re going to think of when adding Etsy tags to your t-shirt listings is, what type of t-shirt are you creating? 

Right now, we’re heading into the fall season. One of the things you might see on Etsy (more popular nowadays than you would in the other seasons) is fall t-shirts. So, let’s start with just that.

Naturally, the first thing we will do is type in ‘fall t-shirt’ into Marmalead. You’re then going to analyze that keyword in Marmalead to see how this keyword is going to work in your Etsy shop.

Checking your keywords in Etsy

Another place that a lot of people might start their Etsy keyword research is just right on Etsy. If you don’t have Marmalead, you’re not using it to have all of this data (which is extremely helpful). You might just try to go ahead and start on Etsy.

So, let’s see what that looks like.

etsy fall t shirt snapshot

When looking up keywords on Etsy, it helps to research in an incognito tab. That way, Etsy search doesn’t skew your results with your previous search history. Let’s see what’s happening with ‘fall t-shirt’ on the Etsy website. 

We type in ‘fall t-shirt,’ and what do we see? Obviously, we see fall t-shirts, right? This is precisely what you sell in your shop. So, you should use this keyword for all your fall t-shirt listings, right?

After all, the listings you see reflect what you’re selling, and you just KNOW that fall t-shirt is a popular keyword around the fall season. So, if you want your t-shirts to show up on the first page, you’d think you should go ahead and use the same keyword that popped up for all of those listings… 

Finding better Etsy keywords with Marmeald’s Search Tool

marmalead's search tool - analyzing keywords

If you think you should use a vague keyword like ‘fall t-shirt’ for your Etsy listings, here’s why you’re wrong. Jump over to Marmalead, and what you’ll see for this particular keyword is that it’s got many things going on for it, some good, some bad.

Let’s analyze this keyword, learn how to use Marmalead’s search tool, then research even more Etsy keywords!

Etsy SEO Tutorial: How to use Marmalead’s Search Tool for your Etsy keyword research

One of the first things you’ll see whenever you search in Marmalead is the keyword’s long tail status. This shows whether the keyword is long tail or not. Why is this important to you?

Well, we recommend that you use as many long tail keywords as possible for your Etsy tags. So you’ve got 13 tags, as many long tail keywords as you can fit on there as possible, and they’re going to do wonders for your Etsy shop.

What is a long tail keyword?

One of the things you might not know is what a long tail keyword actually is.

It’s a more specific search phrase. It’s a combination of multiple keywords, and it’s more descriptive of what the buyer is actually going to find.

So, for instance, rather than just putting in ‘fall t-shirt,’ you could put something like, ‘It’s fall y’all.’ It’s a quirky saying, and searchers will look for exactly what they’re sure to find: your Etsy listing with an ‘It’s fall y’all’ design on the front.

Here’s another thing you can do that could be a long tail keyword instead of just, ‘fall t-shirt.” Maybe you sell flannel shirts, so you could use the keyword ‘fall flannel shirts.’ You’re getting into more of a niche market with the flannel as opposed to just t-shirts, which can vary from any type of t-shirt that’s out there. And more importantly, you’re dabbling in long tail keywords, which will bring buyers that are serious and ready to make the purchase.

Analyzing Etsy keywords with Marmalead’s search tool

Marmameters: Searches, Engagement, Competition

After you see if your Etsy keyword is long tail, you will see many different Marmameters (that’s what we call them). We’ve got searches, engagement, and competition. Right off the bat, you’ll see that searches for fall t-shirt aren’t great. It’s at 99. It’s in the orange.

Obviously, you want this Marmameter to have more searches than 99 people over the next 30 days. You want this to be in the green.

At 99 searches, there aren’t too many people searching for ‘fall t-shirt.’ This keyword may be one of the first things that comes to a seller’s mind for an Etsy tag, but when it comes to a buyer’s mind, it’s not something they’re necessarily searching for. 

In terms of engagement (people who are clicking through ‘fall t-shirts’ that are currently listed on Etsy), it’s also low. This means shoppers aren’t searching with this particular keyword, and the listings that use this keyword aren’t generating much traffic from interested buyers.

How does the average buyer use Etsy search?

Here’s something you want to keep in mind regarding searches versus engagement. If people are searching with a specific keyword, but they’re not clicking through listings, then it’s not a very helpful keyword to use.

That’s because the average buyer uses Etsy search like they would Google. 

If people are searching with a specific keyword, but they’re not clicking through listings, then it’s not a very helpful keyword to use. That’s because the average buyer uses Etsy search like they would Google.

Here’s an example:

The average buyer goes to Etsy to search for a gift for their friend. Just like we did, they type in the keyword ‘fall t-shirt.’ So there they are, they’re on Etsy looking through the fall t-shirts. They’re trying to find a good shirt for their friend.

Their friend likes fall. But they don’t really know much more than that specifically, so they’re just looking for a cool design that they think their friend might like. A random listing catches their eye and it’s a pumpkin spice t-shirt! They then go back to search to look for ‘pumpkin spice t-shirts.’

How do Etsy shoppers explore listings?

They then go back up and do a search with something like ‘pumpkin spice t-shirt.’ Now, they’ve put in a long tail keyword phrase in the search bar for Etsy, and they’re searching for something more specific.

They now know that this is precisely what they want to buy. This is an excellent example of how buyers use Etsy search to try to find items they’d like to purchase.

etsy pumpkin spice t shirt snapshot

The downside to using popular Etsy keywords in a saturated market

So, back over to ‘fall t-shirt.’ Why don’t we like this keyword again? Well, hands down, it’s the competition. Competition is just too high. It’s got over 500,000 listings on Etsy alone. It’s a highly saturated market using that tag.

You can find better tags to use on your listings.

Understanding engagement with Etsy keywords over time

After the Marmameters, you’ll see engagement over time. This graph shows you seasonality and forecasts.

What’s great about this is you get to know the history of how this keyword has performed in the past, and you can see a prediction of how Marmalead expects this keyword to perform in the future. 

engagement over time meters on marmalead's search tool

Seasonality is shown in green and shows how the engagement has moved up or down throughout the year. Where did the interest peak? This graph is just super helpful to see the history of the keyword and what it’s forecasted to experience in the future.

Analyzing Etsy competitor’s listing photos

Below that, we have listing photos. These are real listings, so you can actually thumb through them to get an idea of the types of listing photos other sellers have in their shops. 

Pricing your Etsy listings for profit

After that, you’re going to jump down into the pricing. You can see we’ve analyzed 100 shops, and you can increase that to explore 500 shops, or you can decrease it to research only 42 shops.

You can select if you want to analyze only shops with t-shirts made of cotton, polyester, vinyl, or use sublimations—you can hit those little checkboxes and filter those out.

Then, you can include categories like unisex-adult, women’s clothing, art, collectibles, etc. You can include these categories depending on what you’re selling to narrow down in your search what will be shown here. 

Know your competitor pricing with Marmalead’s Search Tool

etsy product pricing spread on marmalead

That brings us to the pricing that we have shown here. We’re showing you the bargain price for the fall t-shirts, the mid-range, and the premium price.

Your bargain price is a product that would be considered below average. Typically, shoppers have lower expectations of listings in this range than others simply because of the price.

We often use pricing in our shopping as a gauge of quality. Whenever you go shopping yourself, if you see something below-average in price, you’re going to think that the quality of that product is not as good as the mid-range items. 

Mid-range is where a product would be considered middle-of-the-road. This is kinda the average price for most of the products like this.

And then, of course, you’ve got premium pricing. This is where a product would be considered above the normal range. These are where shoppers are expecting the highest quality t-shirts out there, especially if you’re going to be paying $75 for a t-shirt. This is helpful because it shows you the prices across your competition. And if you just want to stick to that mid-range price, you can do that.

Sample Etsy listings from your competition

We jump further down, and we will see some sample listings that are pulled with this keyword in mind.

marmalead's search tool - sample listings from etsy competitors
Via lovelightandgrace on Etsy

This is a pretty nice photo here. This is an actual t-shirt; it looks like an authentic design on the shirt. You’ve got the whole aesthetic with the jean button-up on the hanger.

Click through the other product photos, and you’ll see if the competition is using a model in a lifestyle photo. Or if they’re using a size chart. Or if they do custom orders. And they’ve put all this in their photos??

These listings are well presented.

These example listings will give you an idea of quality listings in your market. Learn from these listings and implement some of the good ideas in your shop.

Diving deeper into Etsy tags with Marmalead’s Search Tool

You can strive to be like these listings that we show you. You can even do a little more digging to see the tags that these Etsy shops are using for their listings. This can help you do even more keyword research. Keywords that you may find on these other listings include:

  • Halloween
  • Vintage Halloween t-shirt
  • Vintage Halloween
  • Fall apparel
  • Witchy clothing.

So, go through the different tags shown here to see what the competitors put as tags on their Etsy listings. 

find etsy competitor tags with Marmalead's search tool

Should you copy and paste Etsy tags?

This listing has tons of sales. Tons of five-star reviews. So, you should just go through here and copy all these tags for your Etsy listing, right?

No! You shouldn’t do that. Don’t just blindly copy these random tags. Maybe your t-shirt has nothing to do with ‘Boho Halloween.’

You could be wasting your tag slot by using that keyword.

If you blindly copy your competitor’s Etsy tags, there’s a good chance your conversions are going to dip. Buyers are going to search for your keyword, they’re going to see your listing in the thumbnail, it’s not going to be reflective of what they searched and they’re going to dip out.

They’re going to find something that matches what they searched for. You don’t want to blindly copy tags on other listings. We actually talked about that in a previous Jam, so you can check that out and see why we recommend you don’t just blindly copy these tags.

Introducing Customer Voice with Marmalead

With Customer Voice, you now have unparalleled insight into the heart of your customer base.

This new feature uses advanced AI technology to meticulously analyze reviews from the most prominent Etsy listings in your chosen keyword space, giving you actionable advice and recommendations to help you improve your own products.

Imagine having the ability to tap into the thoughts and preferences of real customers from the top Etsy listings in your product market. With Customer Voice, you now have this extraordinary advantage at your fingertips.

Advantages of Customer Voice with Marmalead

Analyze hundreds of reviews all at once: With the touch of a button, you’ll know exactly how real customers feel about the Etsy products they’ve purchased in any given keyword space. Sort through real customer reviews— both the positive and the negative—to gain invaluable insight into what truly resonates with customers in your niche.

These real-time insights help you understand customer preferences, pain points, and desires like never before.

With Customer Voice, Marmalead is now empowered with one more tool to help you improve your Etsy shop. By understanding what real customers value from their Etsy products, you can enhance your products and your business!

Popular tags from Etsy listings that use your target keyword

popular tags with marmalead's search tool

Scroll further down, and you’ll see popular tags similar to ‘fall t-shirt.’ If we’re just thinking off the top of our heads, we know we sell fall t-shirts; we wanted to start vague; we typed in fall t-shirt into Marmalead; that’s as vague as we can get.

You scroll down, you’re going to start to see some popular Etsy tags related to this keyword.

Obviously, some of these will continue to be vague, but you can niche down further from here. Use these keyword suggestions to come up with your own tag ideas.

  • Pumpkin shirt
  • Autumn shirt
  • Thanksgiving shirt

These are different ideas that you can start to niche down into. Marmalead is going to give you those examples.

We’re also going to show you how many listings have these tags. How widespread this tag is, and of course, you can take these exact tags, type them into the search bar, and get even more information on these exact keywords.

You’ve got unlimited keyword searches you can perform. So search away. 

Similar Etsy shopper searches in Marmalead’s Search Tool

marmalead's search tool - similar shopper searchers

Scroll further down below that, and you’ll see similar shopper searches. Maybe someone typed in ‘fall t-shirt’ like we did earlier, like a Google search. They got some ideas. They saw some thumbnails on Etsy and found examples of other types of shirts they may want to search for.

After that, they realized, “Hey, you know what, I want to purchase a flannel shirt.” So a similar shopper search could be ‘fall flannel shirts,’ or ‘fall wreaths for the front door,’ or ‘first day of fall,’ or even ‘fall apparel.’

You’re not just going to be limited to t-shirts. Marmalead is going to show you other stuff that’s related to your target keyword as well.

How to find better Etsy keywords

If somebody’s searching for fall shirts, they might be searching for fall wreaths. They might be searching for a fall mask, a flannel mask, or something that’s going to match the shirt that they’re going to buy.

This will help you understand the types of searches shoppers perform. Again, these are real shopper searches, so you’ll know how many searches are being performed, the level of engagement for these keywords, and the amount of competition for all of these keywords that are listed.

Again, with all the relevant keywords you find while using Marmalead’s search tool, take these keywords and put them back into Marmalead’s search bar. Do some further digging (just like you are now) to find the most effective keywords out there for your Etsy listings.

Marmalead’s search tool shows long tail alternatives for your Etsy keywords.

marmaelad's search tool - long tail alternative keywords

Down below similar shopper searches, you’ll see long tail alternatives. This is where we’ll get into the ideas of the different types of t-shirts you can use.

Between similar shopper searches and long tail alternatives, we’re going to give you examples of keywords that are long tail that could be related to the keyword you’ve typed here in Marmalead’s search tool.

Some might not necessarily be as related as others; that’s where the Storm tool comes into play.

You could take these long tail alternatives, take the similar shopper searches, plug those back into the search bar, and do more digging to see the number of searches, the amount of engagement, and the amount of competition. These are where your brainstorming ideas are going to come into play.

‘Fall flannel shirts’ is a long tail keyword. You could punch that in, look into similar shopper searches, see what long tail alternatives come up, and further dig your way into the niche that you want to portray in your listings and in your shop.

These numbers are going to help you accomplish this goal.

Brainstorming Etsy keywords with the tag cloud

If you go down to the very bottom, you’ve got a tag cloud. You can see the most popular tags that are out there for the keyword you’ve searched.

Obviously, ‘fall t-shirt’ is the keyword we’ve searched; that’s why it’s in the middle. You can see examples of other keywords that are out there. This is going to help you brainstorm.

marmalead's search tool - tag cloud

Again, take these keywords you see in the tag cloud, back them up in the Marmalead search, plug them in, and do more digging. You can look through the searches, engagement, and competition. That’s where the money is at!

You need to keep searching through these keywords, take them up, and do more brainstorming to find the best keywords for your listings. 

The beauty of creating lists using Marmalead’s search tool

Take the keywords that you’re searching for and add them to your list—this will help organize the keywords that you’re searching.

Whenever you do a search, you can actually go up to the very top, add it to a list, and you can create new lists. Plugin ‘fall t-shirts’ into the list, and you can create and add additional keywords directly to your lists from here.

Searches, engagement, and competition—those are going to continue to stay up-to-date in your list, so you don’t need to take notes and write things down.

It’s always going to be up and active for you guys. 

Final thoughts on Marmalead’s search tool

That sums up how to use Marmalead’s search tool for your Etsy listings. It’s all about product research, product development, and keyword research. The search tool is going to help you out with all of that.

The other tools we have available are all related to keyword research. This is where it’s most important when researching Etsy tags for your listings.

Marmalead will do wonders for your shop, starting with the search feature.

We hope this was helpful for your keyword research, and we hope that this helped you understand how to use Marmalead’s search tool for your Etsy listings. If you have any questions related to this information or if you want us to dig in any deeper on any of the search functions, let us know! Put a comment down below.

Happy selling, everyone!

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