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Understanding Long Tail Keywords for Etsy & Why They Matter

Long tail keywords for Etsy help get your products in front of potential customers that are ready to buy. These shoppers use specific search terms because they know what they want. So when they find your product is exactly what they’re looking for, then you’ve just earned yourself a sale.

Here’s how long tail keywords work:

To understand long tail keywords for Etsy, let’s first look at an example of a typical search on Google. 

An example of long tail keywords

It’s almost dinner time and you have all the ingredients to make lasagna, but you lack the know-how. So you search Google for “lasagna recipe.”

To no surprise, Google shows you multiple pages of lasagna recipes. You’ll find vegan lasagna recipes, traditional lasagna recipes, recipes with sausage, taco lasagnas, meatless lasagnas, and more.

Well, all these variations of lasagna recipes that stray from your initial search are essentially long tail versions of what you typed into Google.

You see, long tail keywords are specific keyword phrases that string together multiple attributes into one search. Something like, “meatless lasagna recipe for vegetarians” or “traditional Sicilian lasagna recipe.”

And when you use these long tail search terms, the results will now filter out lasagna recipes that are no longer related to your search. Sure, some results may slip in that don’t exactly align with the original search. But you’ve essentially narrowed down your search results to 333,000 lasagna listings instead of 131,000,000.

Google search results for lasagna recipe.
Think about your Etsy listings. Do you want to compete with 131,000,000 other listings?
Google search results for traditional Sicilian lasagna recipe.
Or would you rather compete with 333,000 other listings?

How to use long tail keywords for your Etsy listings

When you use long tail keywords effectively, you can dominate your product niche by bringing relevant and ready-to-buy traffic to your listings.

And traffic that is ready-to-buy improves your overall conversion rate, improves your Etsy listing’s quality score, and gives you a positive bump with Etsy’s algorithm.

But like most Etsy SEO strategies, it takes time and planning to research the right long tail keywords for your listings. Luckily, Marmalead can help make this process relatively quick and straightforward.

In this article, we’ll look at long tail keywords for Etsy, show you why they’re essential, and how Marmalead can help you find them.

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What are long tail keywords for Etsy?

Long tail keywords for Etsy are more specific over their basic keyword counterparts. Essentially, a long tail keyword is a specific search phrase that combines multiple keywords and attributes, sometimes for an identified target audience.

Long tail keywords focus on a particular niche that will admittedly have a smaller demand, but also have less competition.

Examples of long tail keywords for Etsy includes keywords like:
  • Crystal festival jewelry
  • Dry erase wall calendar
  • Cat mouse pad
  • Polymer clay hair clip
  • Sloth crochet pattern
  • Golf gifts for men
  • Christmas gifts for coworkers women

Use Marmalead to find long tail keyword variations of your own existing keywords.

Long tail keywords for Etsy - Snapshot of Marmalead keyword statistics.

Why you should use long tail keywords on Etsy

Ranking in search results is easier with long tail keywords than if you were using common keywords. This is because there’s less competition for long tail keywords, which means fewer Etsy listings battling for placement.

There’s less competing Etsy listings for “boys dinosaur pajamas” than “sleepwear.” As a result, when someone searches for the former, they have a better chance of finding and engaging with your listing.

The longer (and more precise) your keywords are, the easier it will be to appear in search for that term.

However, the most important advantage of long tail keywords on Etsy is the likelihood of converting a search into a sale. Even though some long tail keywords are used less in search, the users who search for these topics have narrowed it down to exactly what they want.

As a result, when they find your listing, there’s a higher chance they’ll purchase from your shop rather than the few remaining competitors.

How to find long tail keywords for Etsy

Woman searching for long tail keywords on Etsy.

There are two questions you need to ask yourself when searching for long tail keywords for Etsy:

  • What is your product?
  • And what is its purpose?

As you may have guessed, combining the answers to these questions is a great way to find long tail keywords for your products.

What is your product?

If you want to answer what is your product, you’ll need to dig a little deeper:

  • What is your product made of?
  • Materials?
  • Color?
  • Size?
  • Shape?
  • Design?
  • Quality?
  • What makes your product unique?
  • Etc.

Use these answers to help describe your listings. Combine them with the answers from the questions below, and you’re on your way to creating multiple long tail keywords for your Etsy products.

What is your product’s purpose?

Be mindful of what your product has to offer and what you stand for as a business owner. Dig deeper by asking these questions:

  • What is your product used for?
  • A gift?
  • The holidays?
  • Is it funny?
  • Sentimental?
  • Personal?
  • Customizable?
  • Is it eco-friendly?
  • What makes it different?
  • Etc.

Once you can answer these questions, you’ll have a better understanding of the many different ways to describe your product.

Using Marmalead to find long tail keywords for Etsy

Marmalead is an effective Etsy SEO tool to help you find long tail keywords relevant to both your brand and product.

Using the keyword search feature in Marmalead, you gain access to a wide range of information, including similar shopper search terms and long tail alternatives.

Long tail keywords for Etsy - Snapshot of long tail alternative keyword suggestions from Marmalead.

But Marmalead also shows real shopper search volume and listing engagement, as well as how much competition you’ll face using a particular keyword.

For example, suppose you put the keyword “pajamas” into Marmalead. We’ll show you all sorts of helpful keyword analytics, but you’ll also see long tail alternatives that give you a better chance of standing out in search.

Keywords like, “couples Christmas pajamas,” “greyhound pajamas,” and “dog pajamas matching.”

With each keyword suggestion you’re presented with in Marmalead, we’ll also show you search and engagement analytics from Etsy. This shows you the effectiveness of potential keywords to target for your Etsy listings.

Using long tail keywords for your Etsy listings

There’s no magic trick to get your product to appear in search results, even when you’re using long tail keywords. But at the end of the day, it’s as simple as following Etsy’s best SEO practices, and the rules of supply and demand.

Part of Etsy’s best SEO practices means using all 13 of your Etsy tags, using your most relevant keywords in your listing title and your product description, assigning the appropriate category, and completing all of your listing attributes.

Additionally, the rules of supply and demand simply means creating a product that people want to buy at a price they’re willing to pay. To put this in perspective for your long tail keywords, look for keywords with more search and engagement and less competition.

This means buyers are searching for these products, but there aren’t too many Etsy sellers selling them.

Long tail keywords for Etsy - Snapshot of Marmalead keyword statistics.

Over to you

Using long tail keywords for Esty is a powerful strategy to bring engaged traffic to your listings that will increase your conversion rate.

The truth is, you’ll need to do your own keyword research to find out which long tail keywords are most effective for your product category. But with Etsy SEO tools like Marmalead, we make the research process quicker and easier.

You’ll not only have insights into accurate keyword data to make better, informed decisions, but you’ll also find a wide range of keyword suggestions you may have never considered!

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