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What Is a Good Conversion Rate on Etsy? | How to Land More Sales

Want to know what a good conversion rate on Etsy is? Well, you’re in the right place. This article will look at Etsy conversion rates, general eCommerce rates, and show you some lesser-known things you can do to improve your conversion rate in your Etsy shop. 

Let’s start by looking at how to calculate your Etsy conversion rate.

Calculating your Etsy conversion rate

using smartphone calculator to figure out etsy conversion rate

To calculate your Etsy conversion rate, head on over to your Etsy Shop Dashboard and follow along:

  • Go to Listings
  • Click on the listing options wheel and open the listing stats page
  • You’ll see orders, revenue, visits, and views
  • Write down the total number of visits
  • Write down the total number of orders
  • Divide the number of orders by the number of visits
  • Multiple the result by 100 and that’s your Etsy conversion rate

So, here’s the formula: (Orders ÷ Visits) x100 = Conversion Rate %

What is a conversion rate on Etsy?

A conversion rate, in general, is a percentage figure that expresses the percentage of people that took a particular action. 

In terms of your Etsy shop, it’s the number of people who see a product listing, directly compared to the number of people who buy it.

So, for example, if 100 people visit your Etsy listing for custom cushion covers in a given period, and 1 of those 100 people buy your product, that’s a 1% conversion rate.

Why your conversion rate on Etsy is important

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Conversion rates are essential as they represent the relationship between traffic and profit. If your conversion rate is too low, it means there’s a problem between the type or quality of traffic that’s coming to your page and the message (or product) that’s being presented on that page. 

eCommerce conversion rates

As an Etsy seller, you’re selling your products online via online checkout, and that makes you an eCommerce store. Therefore, a lot of eCommerce tips, best practices, and averages apply to your Etsy shop. 

The average eCommerce conversion rate (the measurement of visitors to a page to paying customers) was 1.95% in 2021.

what is a good conversion rate on etsy? eCommerce industry average conversion rate data
eCommerce Conversion Rate Data Source: IRP Commerce

Of course, it’s important to remember that conversion rates vary from market to market. So, different products will have a different average conversion rate.

Here are the average 2021 eCommerce conversion rates for various products, according to IRP Commerce data:

  • Arts & Crafts: 3.49%
  • Baby & Child: 0.89%
  • Fashion, Clothing & Accessories: 1.90%
  • Food & Drink: 1.90%
  • Health & Wellbeing: 3.24%
  • Home Goods: 1.35%
  • Pet Care: 2.57%
  • Sports & Recreation: 1.60%
  • Toys, Games & Collectibles: 1.46%

What is a good conversion rate on Etsy?

The average conversion rate on Etsy is about 2.61%.

Therefore, a reasonable conversion rate on Etsy is between 2%-3%. If your conversion rates are higher than this, then that’s fantastic news!

But, just like the conversion rates in different eCommerce industries are different, so are Etsy conversion rates. The average conversion rate for cosplay costumes is much lower than downloadable art. 



For instance, a handmade Fortnite cosplay uniform will be significantly more expensive, but potentially more marketable when compared to a downloadable and digital print of a flamingo. 

More people will look at the cosplay piece but not buy it. Because it’s eyecatching and attractive, but expensive. And there’s not much reason to click on the listing of a flamingo print if you don’t already have the intention to buy. You pretty much know what you’re getting and don’t need to click on the listing to purchase. 

This, as you can see, would have an enormous impact on the conversion rate of these Etsy sellers. 

So what does this all mean?

bowl of pink himalayan salt

In essence, this means that you should take your Etsy conversion rate with a grain or two of salt. It all depends on what you’re selling and the category you’re selling in. 

What’s important is that you compare your conversion rate last month to your conversion rate this month – the best way forward is by comparing yourself to who you were yesterday!

Improving your conversion rate on Etsy

So now you know what a good conversion rate on Etsy is, let’s look at how to improve it. 

Fix your product listing photos

You read earlier about the example of cosplay listings getting a lot of traffic.

They usually get a lot of traffic (and we can see they get a lot of traffic because of our keyword research!) because of the quality of their photos. Cosplay is a fine example of artisans who work to an incredibly high standard – and, to show off their high standard, they need exceptional product photography. 

etsy conversion rate - cosplay analytics from marmalead

So the main takeaway here is this:

Level up your product photography, and you will entice more people to click on your listing. This will garner more traffic which you can then work on converting. 

Flexible shipping options

Fixed or calculated shipping?

Why not experiment with both?

Which courier service?

All of them. 

By giving your customer the option to pick the courier that delivers their purchase, you make them feel more in control; you make it easier for them to convert because they can use a delivery service they know and trust. 

And pro tip: a lot of conversion rate optimization is about precisely that – making it easier for customers to convert – reducing conversion friction if you will. 

Don’t leave questions unanswered.

If you’re getting a lot of questions about products, that’s a sign that your product listing doesn’t contain the information it should. 

Fix this by answering those questions in your product listing or perhaps even adjusting the title of your listing. 

If someone has to reach out to you and ask a question, that will lower your conversion rate – it’s traffic on your page that isn’t converting. Lower the number of questions asked by answering them in your listing, before they’re asked. 

Build trust with your viewers

increase your etsy conversion rate by building trust with your shoppers

You can build trust with shoppers through your positive reviews. 

You can have great pricing, killer photos, and a fantastic title, but if your listing has fewer than four stars, then you’re not going to get the clicks to begin with. 

A good feedback rating is essential to keeping your conversion rate high, as a good rating means that your past customers know you, trust you, and are happy with their purchase of your product. 

Price competitively, not cheaply. 

Don’t undercut yourself. That’s a guaranteed race to the bottom. 

Instead, look at comparable products prices and use that as a gauge for your pricing. Your Etsy customers usually shop there to buy something unique or personable. For this reason, Etsy shoppers may be more inclined to spend a bit more money than they would at Walmart, partly because they have disposable income to do so.

Offering the cheapest product might get you more sales but won’t always generate the most revenue. By positioning your product accordingly and using pricing to place it there, you’ll get good quality traffic that’s less resistant to converting. 

Etsy conversion rate limitations

You can only do so much to improve your Etsy conversion rate. 

For example, it’s well documented that payment methods are a massive source of friction for eCommerce brands, as many people prefer to pay in only 2 or 3 methods. 

But as an Etsy seller, you can’t take payments via Apple Pay, BitCoin, or Google Pay. That’s because payment methods are the responsibility of Etsy. Focus on what you can control, and you’ll find a healthy conversion rate for your Etsy shop.

Over to you

If you don’t already know your average conversion rate on Etsy, scroll back to the top of this article and use the formula to figure it out. And once you know your conversion rate, you can begin to tweak your listings to get your rates closer to the industry average.

Good luck and happy selling!

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