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Music and Productivity: Listening to Music While Working

Are you someone who loves listening to music while working? Or do you find that you only listen to music while you’re outside of work hours? If you don’t listen to music to increase your productivity, here’s why you may want to change your mind. In this article, we’re chatting all about why you might just want to turn up the music for an even more successful workday!

Listnening to music while working throughout the day

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I’m one of those people who will listen to music a ton. As a musician myself, I find that I’m most inspired when I have on certain types of music. I find this especially true when I’m in my creative flow. When I need to concentrate on certain tasks, I’ve personally found that music helps. By literally turning on a playlist that is geared towards being productive, it dramatically affects how much I actually get done. 

Right now as I’m writing this post, I have on an album titled “Extreme Productivity Music” on Amazon music! Anytime I find that I’m having a hard time concentrating or feel more inclined to procrastinate, turning on the right kind of music will dramatically change my focus. 

Music offers physical and mental health benefits

You probably already know that music is used in all kinds of therapy. Music therapy in general offers amazing health benefits for your physical and mental health. But, a quick google search will show you a ton of information on the direct link between music and productivity specifically.

Science (at times) leans in favor of listening to certain types of music while working to increase your productivity and focus. Other studies have shown that it may not be the best thing in the world when you’re really trying to focus. And, it all boils down to you and how your brain works. 

Not all music is equal

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Now don’t just go turn on your favorite artist and start humming along. You first need to consider if that will be helpful or hinder your workday. Multiple studies comparing background music versus music that has lyrics show the same results.

Instrumental music will give you a boost in how much work you can accomplish, while music containing lyrics will cause your productivity to decline. 

Volume matters when listening to music while working

While looking up information on music for productivity, I did come across several places that talked about how the volume of your music can affect your work. If you’re listening to music filled with lyrics (or even classical music that has a ton of dynamic changes and crescendos), having music turned up too loud will be very distracting. However, listening to music at a softer level that simply drowns out background noise was more favorable for productivity. 

Listening to music at a higher volume, however, was shown to increase creativity. It’s important to consider this as you’re performing your tasks. 

Introverted vs extroverted

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If you’re an introvert then you may find that listening to music doesn’t help when working or being productive. While on the other hand, extroverts actually remembered things better if they listened to music! 

Personally, it really depends on the tasks I’m doing and whether or not I feel like music helps. While I’m always good with listening to instrumental music, anything upbeat or with lyrics absolutely will not help me. I would rather work in silence.

Mood booster for the win

In general, music will put you in a better mood and is great at combating anxiety and stress! When our stress and anxiety decrease, our productivity and focus will naturally increase. If this is something you struggle with (like me) then, that is one great reason to listen to music! Even if you listen to mood-boosting music between doing tasks, this will carry over into the tasks you tackle later on. 

Repetition, repetition, repetition

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Studies have also shown that if you’re trying to accomplish a repetitive task, listening to music will help you perform whatever that task may be at a faster rate and you may also make less mistakes. This is all connected to music boosting your mood and helping your brain to release serotonin and norepinephrine. This all helps you to release stress which allows you to focus more.

Final thoughts on listening to music while working

While I’ve personally found that there are many instances when listening to music helps me, science is clear that everyone’s brain is different and you have to decide what works best for you. Are you someone who does listen to music while working? Or do you find it distracting? Let us know below! 

Happy listening (or not), everyone!

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