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How to Create a Vision Board for 2021

Vision boards can be an awesome way to keep your goals at the forefront of your mind on a regular basis. If you don’t know what it is or if you’ve never made one, learn how to create a vision board with us! We hope this helps you find even more Etsy shop success in the coming year!

Creating a vision board should be one of the first things on your list to help you organize your goals for the new year. Not only are they fun to create, afterward you’ll have a better idea of your vision and how to accomplish it. Maybe you’re looking for a way to better strategize your Etsy shop for 2021? If so, creating a vision board can help!

Something as simple as hanging photos on your wall can be considered a vision board.

What is a vision board?

Also known as dream boards, a vision board is a tool used to assist you with envisioning your dreams, goals, and aspirations. Typically, it’s a collage of inspirational photos, words, and ideas that are specific to you, the vision board creator. Basically, it’s a tangible representation of your dreams that you can frequently look to as a reminder of where you’re going and what you’re trying to reach. Also, it’s literally a board.

More often than not, most people make their vision boards from corkboards. However, you can also use:

  • A blank space on your wall to hang picture and quotes
  • A poster board with free-hand calligraphy and glued on magazine clippings
  • Magnets and photos stuck to the side of your fridge
  • Or you can even make a digital vision board with Canva or Trello

How do you make a vision board?

In it’s simplest and most classic form, you can buy a corkboard, cut out photos from magazines, and pin them to your board. While it sounds easy, the trick is to choose photos that represent your goals because it should be used to help you reach these goals.

When you set out to create your vision board, find a quiet place where you can focus on your goals.
It doesn’t matter how creative you are! In its simplest form, you can easily cut out photos from a stack of magazines to create your vision board.

Where do you put a vision board?

A vision board should be placed somewhere you see every day, as a constant reminder of what you strive to achieve. So make sure you get it in front of yourself… a lot.

If you spend most of your day at home on the computer, save it as your desktop background. If you spend more time reflecting in your office, hang it on a blank wall you can see from your chair. You can even write your ideas on post-it notes and scatter them around your home for constant reminders. The beauty of a vision board is that it’s supposed to represent you! So get creative with how you decide to visualize your goals.

Hang your vision board in your workspace so you can see it frequently.
Dress up the empty walls in your office by hanging your vision board somewhere you can see it frequently.

How do you use a vision board?

Vision boards are primarily used for setting goals to visualize yourself achieving them. The best way to do this is to use images that motivate you towards the things you’re visualizing. You can do this by choosing images and words that push you to the life you dream of living.

Can you choose images that are just pretty? Absolutely! But the goal is to choose images and ideas that will motivate you to accomplish the dreams you already have. Luckily, when you visualize your goals and choose images that reflect them, they end up being images you enjoy seeing anyways. So a vision board can become a win-win tool for your goals AND a conversation starter as a piece of art

It’s really important to see yourself in your vision board. At the end of the day, this is a tool to get you somewhere. So make sure your goals are tangible and obtainable. You need to be able to see yourself at the finish line and truly believe that you can get there. If you want to be the next Etsy billionaire, maybe start smaller with goals that can eventually get you there.

Envision your happiest self when you think about how to create your vision board.

Pro tip: if you add a photo of yourself to your vision board, make sure it’s one where you’re super happy! When you look at that photo, you should be reminded of the joy and happiness you felt when it was taken.

6 Steps to Create a Good Vision Board

“Your brain will work tirelessly to achieve the statements you give your subconscious mind. And when those statements are the affirmations and images of your goals, you are destined to achieve them!”
– Jack Canfield

Jack Canfield has created a list of steps you should take to create an empowering vision board. We used this list when learning how to create our vision boards, so you should too!

1. Create a list of goals for 2021

To visualize your goals, you first need to know what they are. So take time to make sure your goals are what you’re really hoping to achieve. Ask yourself, “why do I want this?”

Start your vision board process by creating a list of goals to accomplish.
If you’re already working towards your January goals with Marmalead, you’re one step ahead of the game!

2. Collect a bunch of photos

Cut up old magazines. Screenshot photos from Instagram or Pinterest. Make copies from books at the library. However you choose to get your photos, make sure they represent your goals and inspire you. The trick is to look for images that correlate directly with your goals.

3. Find pictures that inspire you

So you’re set on becoming the next billionaire on Etsy? Look for photos that represent the feeling of what you’re after. Even if your goals are more grounded, don’t settle for a photo that doesn’t spark a fire inside your goal-setting heart!

4. Make a collage out of your photos

Now, take those photos you collected and place them in a meaningful arrangement on your board, or scatter them in a fancy collage. Then place your board in a spot around your house that you will see often

Use all kinds of photos that are meaningful to you when you create your vision board.

5. Add motivational words

Don’t forget to think about quotes, ideas, or simple phrases that correlate with your goals. A vision board is more than just images. Find words that represent how you want to feel rather than just focusing on pictures of a bunch of stuff and things. Think about words and ideas that will enrich your life.

6. Contemplate your vision board

Now, this is the whole point here. To get the full benefit of your vision board, you need to see it. It’s important to reflect and look over your vision board at least once or twice a day. While reflecting, put your goals at the top of your mind and visualize yourself accomplishing them. This helps train your mind to obtain what you truly want in life.

Think about your vision board even at night before you go to bed. You’d be surprised that this may even lead to you thinking of new ideas while you sleep! When you wake up in the morning you should be ready to burst into motivation and success!

Ground Control to Marmalead…

If you have some far-out goals that you’d love to accomplish, shoot for the moon with the help of a vision board! We’d love to hear about how you create your vision board, so keep us posted and share your board ideas in the comments below. Share your vision board with us on Instagram and let us know how it’s helped you achieve your goals for a chance to be featured in our story!

Have a different way of creating a vision board that we didn’t mention? Let us know in the comments below.

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Just watched your video on creating a vision board. I love you guys! You all are so casual, kind, warm and reassuring. I have been wanting to do a vision board for months and months now. I truly believe in them. I was laid off from my full-time corporate job back in July 2020 and so I am taking this time to really work on and grow my Etsy shop. I can’t do it without you guys. Your tips, jam, content, resources are the BEST! I love that you even think to have topics like “vision boards” in your jam sessions in addition to the everyday Etsy shop stuff. Thank you, all, for what you do to help us.

Wow Carrie, thank you so much for such encouraging words! We can’t tell you how excited we are to have you as part of our Marmalead community🧡 We’re a small team here so hearing stories like yours really keep us going, so thank you🍊

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