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One Important Step To Not Skip In Finding Etsy Shop Success

Are you doing this important step to help you be more “seen” on Etsy?? Notice, we did not say “rank” cause people tend to get super confused around that word…please, see this previous article where we talk more about rank and why it’s changed from what rank used to be. Anyways, back to the matter at hand. If you’re not doing this IMPORTANT STEP, we wanna let you know, you should be! This is something we haven’t really chatted about in depth. While it might be common knowledge and maybe you’re like, “Yeah, duh, of course I do that” we still wanna remind you, if ya ain’t doin’ this you should be! Cause it’s only going to bring you more Etsy shop success in the long run, and that is what we’re all about😉

So many fish in the sea…and why you need more.

Ok, so maybe you’re a new Etsy seller ( hey WELCOME, we’re STOKED you’re here) or maybe you’re a tried and true seller. No matter which category you happen to fall into, whether new or seasoned, you both need to be doing this. And when I say doing this, I mean DOING IT. Like, on the regular. Kinda like brushing your teeth or getting your hair cut every six weeks…ok, ok, we don’t really do that either, but you get the point. Anyway, what’s the one thing you need to be doing regularly?? Adding new listings. Seriously.

But…I have a new shop and put a bazillion listings in there when I first opened….

Yeah, we hear ya! It takes a lot of work to get started and have a nice full shop. But, like SEO, you can’t just leave the same listings there for forever and never touch them again. Just like with a brick and mortar store, you need to have fresh inventory to keep your buyers interest. This also keeps you relevant within the ginormous marketplace that is Etsy!

Brainstorming new product lines and individual products will keep you one step ahead. And don’t just take our word for it! Go and do your own research. Find those huge Etsy sellers who are making it big and you will consistently see new products being added to their shops. It’s just the way of it.

But…I’ve had my shop for years and between all my current listings and keeping up with SEO, I’m swamped!

We get it. It’s tough to keep up with current listings and add new ones. But, if you’re not doing this regularly, you’re seriously missing out. For real. This needs to be one of those things you work into your work week, just like making time for SEO and tracking your expenses. It’s a non-negotiable. And truly, the faster you look at this as simply a task you can break into small bits and tackle one at a time, the more successful your shop will be!

Take it one item at a time.

So, the first step to making this an easy goal to accomplish is to take small steps forward. Decide how many new items you can add a month to your shop. Is it four (which is only one a week) or could you do more? Maybe you’ve got a super high end shop and you can only realistically add one listing a month. Or maybe you’re achievable number is twelve. Whatever that number is, look at it in bite sizes. If you decided that eight is your lucky number and you can consistently put this number of new listings in your shop, then look at it per week. That’s two new listings per week. And then, how many hours will that be creating your product per day? Once you have that daily time figured out, schedule it into your days and start creating!

Maybe you’re a push through till it’s done sort of person.

You might be the kind of person who’s like, “Uuuuh, I’m NOT creating new products daily! I’ll just schedule out several days to get it done for the month, k thanks!” And you know what? That’s totally ok as well! I’m actually that way. When I’m creating social media content, I set aside a couple days to create and schedule out a couple weeks worth of content in one fell swoop. This works best for me and the way my brain is wired. If that’s how you work as well, then high five for being like minded (🙌🏼), and schedule out however many days you need to achieve the number of new listings you’ll be creating for the month.

Quality over quantity.

Whatever number of items you’ve chosen to create per month, PLEASE make sure that you can achieve this number while still producing the same high quality product you normally do. If you end up having to lessen the quality to achieve a higher number of products, back off that number. You want to consistently produce those products but NOT at the cost of your quality. Etsy customers are looking for quality and they will quickly discover if all of a sudden the quality of your products change which almost always leads to negative results in your shop. The most important thing you can do is post those high quality products regularly. 

Boooonus to all this is….

We would just like to remind you that the most amazing and wonderful part of creating new products to add to your shop every month is a monthly SEO boost! Whaaat? It’s true, it’s true! And if you’re doing this on the regular, you’ll be getting monthly boosts just for being an awesome seller who’s pumping out high quality products, which we think is AMAZING!


Now before you write in and ask us the perfect number of listings to add each month, or the ideal number of listings you should have in your shop. Those aren’t questions we can answer other than to say, you want to provide a cohesive shopping experience to those who visit your shop. I mean, if you walked into Target and they only had 10 things in there…you’d probably be a little freaked out!

But if you walked into a boutique furniture store and they only had 10 pieces, well that might make more sense. So make sure your shop experience will make sense for shoppers. And then, find the right number of listings you can add per month, and get to creating. Bottom line, the SEO boost comes to those who are active in their shops. And creating new listings is part of showing Etsy you woke up on the right side of the bed and are ready for action! 

So, let us know!

Maybe you already do this in your shop and have a tried and true method for achieving your goals in product production! If so, share your tips and tricks with the class below in the comments😉

Happy product creating, everyone!


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19 replies on “One Important Step To Not Skip In Finding Etsy Shop Success”

Thank you for sharing this advice. I have a question about adding more pictures in Etsy as part of updates. Is it something that will help my store visibility?

Hi Alex! Thanks for reaching out! In terms of SEO, adding new pictures won’t give you an SEO boost (it won’t help you get found in search). But, adding higher-quality pictures is part of setting up your listing for better conversion rates because generally speaking, shoppers want to view those pictures versus low-quality pictures they might otherwise scroll by. Hope this helps!

Thanks for this great article, definitely something I need to work on.
Does renewing a listing after it has sold boost visibility or is it only brand new listings that do this?
PS Really looking forward to tuning in to your Webinar this evening from the UK 🙂

Hi Ann! Glad you enjoyed the article! You can manually renew a listing and some time ago, it would have improved your visibility. But since Etsy shifted toward contextualized search results, manually renewing your listings doesn’t do you any good. Now, every time a listing sells, it automatically renews and that DOES increase your visibility. So the sale is (obviously) a good thing and the more a listing sells, the more Etsy wants to put it in front of more people because…it’s selling! Manual renewals aren’t helpful, but the renewals that happen automatically after each sale are a good thing! Brand new listings also get a bump so adding listings is a good thing too! Hope you enjoyed the webinar!

Last summer, my Etsy sales really dropped. I decided to join Marmalead and really focus on SEO and getting my shop to it’s optimum. In doing so, I began listing a lot of new things. My sales have more than doubled and I can honestly say these are the 2 things that made it happen. Thanks for the reassurance that it’s worth the work!

This is SO awesome to hear, Kylee! We’re so glad you’re part of our community and that your shop is doing so well 😁 Keep up the great work and happy selling!

Hi Jane! Thanks for reaching out! If you have an old listing and you tweak it, then it DOES change the audience that will see it because of the changes you’ve made to those keywords. It does start over in the search process because you’re being found via different searches now. With that said, if this particular listing has a sales history, it will keep that sales history no matter what changes you make to it so you’ll want to keep that in mind. Hope that helps!

Great article, thank you!! I’m curious because I haven’t been adding a lot of new products to my shop because I keep getting custom order requests. Do private listings for custom orders provide the same boost or count as “new” products? Thanks!

Hi Lily! Thanks for reaching out! Etsy doesn’t have a super definitive answer to this, but if it’s not something that can be found through Etsy search it’s probably not going to provide the same sort of SEO bump that a new listing that can be found through search would. However, the sale itself will help your shop score with Etsy, which is awesome! Hope this helps!

Hi Pillowlink! Thanks for reaching out! You can create one listing and copy it to save time. Copying creates a brand new listing with all of the info from the copied listing in place. From there, you can tweak and publish. Hope this helps!

Thanks for the info. I joined Marmalead about 6-8 months ago and have seen a dramatic increase in sales.
After reading the above info, I have a question. I have an old listing I need to renew. It sounds from the info that I should make a completely new listing for this item instead of renewing the old listing. Is this correct?

Hi Jane! Thanks for reaching out! If you have an old listing and you tweak it, then it DOES change the audience that will see it because of the changes you’ve made to those keywords. So it’s not a new listing, but it does start over in the search process because you’re being found via different searches now. With that said, if this particular listing has a sales history, it will keep that sales history no matter what changes you make to it so you’ll want to keep that in mind. If there’s a strong sales history, you’ll want to hang onto that because Etsy sees that. If it really doesn’t have a solid sales history, then maybe think about a brand new listing. Hope that helps!

1. Does renewing an item boost SEO


2. Does it make a difference to just renew an expired item … or instead copy the item, spruce it up, and the re-publish it


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