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Pulse Check Your Etsy Keywords with Marmalead

For some Etsy sellers out there, everything might be completely smooth sailing. Things are going really well, but you just want to check your Etsy keywords to make sure you’re using the best keywords that you can on your listings.

Check, check, 1, 2, 3

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Well, in this episode of The Jam, we’re talking about how you can use Marmalead to do a keyword check-up and make sure that your keywords are the best ones that you could have on your listings.

How do you use Marmalead when your shop is doing fine?

Check your Etsy keywords by looking at your focus keywords

One of the first things you can do when your shop is doing fine is to take a look at your focus keywords that are on your listings. You can go into your listing detail pages inside of Marmalead and see what your focus keywords are.

Focus keywords are keywords that are in both your title and your tag.

These are the most important keywords that you are telling Etsy, “I am relevant for this keyword.” Take those and run them through Marmalead search.

Pay attention to forecast when you check your Etsy keywords

check your etsy keywords with marmalead search tool

In search, one of the things you’re going to be looking for is to make sure that the forecast is looking good. A lot of keywords are going to have seasonality. Seasonality, meaning there is going to be a time and a place for that listing, for that product, that people are buying it. Then, there’s going to be a time that they are not.

And so you want to make sure that even though your keywords were performing great, are you entering a new season where some of these keywords might not be doing as well? Do you need to start transitioning into that next season? Much like you’re in transition from summer to fall to winter, and you see the physical stores change pretty much everything. You’re going to want to make sure that you stay on top of that stuff as well.

Ever changing landscape

The keyword landscape is constantly changing all of the time. It is very possible to set up a listing, have all your keywords on there, your descriptions, your pricing, and everything like that, not touch it, and yet see that listing fluctuate over the course of the year. This, of course, is due to the fact that the keywords on that listing are going in and out of different cycles where they might be popular at one time and then less popular during another time. 

When you see that sort of activity inside your shop, it’s completely normal to not have made any changes and yet see your traffic fluctuate. Even inside of Marmalead, your grades fluctuate.

Pay attention to new keywords

similar searches christmas card marmalead

Another thing to look at that’s really helpful inside of that search tool is the similar shopper searches table. Keep an eye on that table. If you’re coming back in to do your SEO repeatedly (which is a great idea to keep an eye on that) see if there are any keywords that are showing up in that table that are new to you, that you’re like, “Oh, I haven’t noticed that people are searching for that before. That could be something that might fit on my listing.”

Throw that keyword in a keyword list inside of Marmalead to either consider down the road or just to keep tabs on because you can go back to your list and check those things really easily later on.

Look at Etsy stats when you check your Etsy keywords

Somewhere else that we want to make sure not to neglect is, looking in Etsy stats themselves. You want to look for keywords that are bringing traffic to your shop. That’s key, right? So your research is looking for keywords and what you’re going to be trying to target. Then looking in Etsy stats is going to tell you if that targeting is working or not, are they actually bringing traffic to your shop? That’s a key component. 

So you’re going to want to put those keywords that are working through search, and then again, you’re going to want to look at similar shopper searches for new keywords since you last checked. That’s the name of the game. You want to find good keywords, apply them to your shop, make sure they’re working and then find more like that so you can keep getting found for more keywords that bring you sales.

Final thoughts

check your etsy keywords - person using laptop

These things aren’t very time-consuming. It’s not very in-depth and you’re not spending a bunch of time researching and digging into these keywords. You’ve already got things set up and things are pretty smooth sailing. You just want to go through and finesse things a little bit and just make sure that the keywords that you have on your listings (or that you’re getting traffic from) aren’t falling off in the future.

There you guys go, there are some tips and hopefully, you got a lot out of that! Let us know in the comments below the type of keyword research you perform when your shop is doing fine!

Do you continuously look for better-performing keywords? Or do you just set ’em and forget ’em? Let us know!

Happy selling, everyone!

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