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Setting Intentions vs Setting Goals with Marmalead

Life has changed pretty drastically in the last couple of months and it’s been quite the adjustment for all of us. As an Etsy seller, we know you’ve definitely felt this change in your work schedule (even if working from home was always your version of normal). You may have adjusted your product line up to meet new demands,  you might suddenly have kiddos at home all day, or it might just be that you’re no longer able to really go out and get done what you normally do. Whatever the case may be, these are just a few examples of things that have likely presented challenges and required you to deviate from your normal routines. 

So now that we’re several weeks into something that’s very different from the way things used to be, are you starting to find a new normal? Have you found a rhythm to your days or are you still struggling? Maybe it’s both. Are you continuing to set goals and if so, have you thought about intention setting alongside your goal setting? 

Being Intentional

Something we keep hearing is that those who take the time to be intentional are seeing a difference in their outlook and level of peace. No, that doesn’t mean they’re breezing through just like when everything was “normal”. But intentionality helps to create some stability from which you can operate when a lot of things are uncertain. So we’ll go ahead and ask: Are you being intentional about your workdays? Have you thought of setting intentions alongside setting goals? Either way, we’re going to dive into what this looks like, so stick with us! We hope that knowing the difference between goal setting and intention setting, will help you to find even more Etsy shop success!

Goals vs Intentions

Goals are a destination or specific achievement. Intentions are lived each day, independent of achieving the goal or destination. Goals are external achievements. Intentions are about your relationship with yourself and others.” 

We couldn’t have written this out better ourselves! It’s SO true that goals are what help to propel us forward to a particular destination. It’s really important to have something to aim for, to look forward to. But, this should never be at the cost of being aware of what is good in the present moment that you’re living in. 

The value of a goal

We’ve written about this several times on the blog, but it’s definitely worth revisiting. Writing down your goals is always an important step for creatives and entrepreneurs. Whether that’s having a goal of adding one new listing to your shop every week or a larger goal like creating a new collection for the summer or Holidays, having that goal written down in front of you will certainly help you to reach it! Concentrating on where you want to go in the future and then creating smaller steps to help you achieve that goal is a fantastic way to have a plan that helps you to move forward consistently. 

Finding the balance

Something you want to be mindful of is what happens to your mindset when you write down your goals. Are you so focused on the goal that you completely miss out on the current moment? Are you so driven to create that new collection for your shop that you cannot slow down enough to enjoy the process of creating your product? Goals are a good thing. Focusing on what you want is absolutely a good thing. But doing all of this at the expense of the present moment is not healthy for your mind or your life. Living strictly in the future and never coming back to the present ensures that you miss out on the beauty of your current life and the moments that make it up. 

The value of intentions

Setting an intention is different from setting a goal. Intentions are the way we go about living each day. They  are not based on whether we achieve our goals or not. They help to keep us grounded and in the current moment, aware of what is going on around us as opposed to only living in the future. Intentions are what make us slow down and enjoy the ride. They are not propelling us forward, but calling us to be aware of the days we’re walking through and to not take them for granted.

Intentions vs. goals

Practically speaking, what does this look like? What does this really mean when lived out day today? A great example would be this: I’ve decided to take a walk on the beach and I have set a goal of walking five miles. I set out on my walk with this goal in mind. Wanting to accomplish it as quickly as possible, I walk as fast as I can. I don’t stop to look at anything around me and simply push forward until the five-mile mark is reached. I succeed in reaching my goal! There is nothing wrong with this per se…

But let’s say that instead, I go about it this way: I decide to take a walk on the beach. I have set a goal of walking five miles. Before I start, I set my intention of making sure to look around me as I walk, to notice the beauty and not miss the fact that I’m walking along the great, vast ocean that reminds me how small I am in the best of ways. And so I start out. As I walk, I gaze out over the water and stop to take a picture of the glorious sunset. I find I want to stop and pick up some beautiful shells I see along the way. And while I don’t make it quite to my goal of five miles, I make it four and I am extremely happy and content in all I’ve seen. 

You have to decide

There is nothing wrong with simply tackling a goal. Sometimes, our lives and businesses require this. However, when it is possible, setting intentions that assist us in staying present in the moment while still making forward progress towards our goals is ideal. We should not live our days constantly in the future, always striving for what we do not have. If we ONLY set goals and never set intentions to live in the moment, we run  the risk of never being content and at peace. We will only want what comes next forever. But, if we can learn to balance wanting our goals and moving towards them, while fully living in the moments that make up our day to day lives, this will absolutely lead to a fuller and happier life!

Final Thoughts

As an Etsy seller, now more than ever is the time to set intentions along with your goals. There are many things that are uncertain about the future, but this has ever been the case. It just may not have felt so blatant before. Remember to set your goals, write them down and get them in front of you. But along with these goals, set your intentions about how you want to achieve them. If you can love your process and fully enjoy it, your mind and heart will be healthy which will lead to a much happier and successful Etsy shop as well.

How do you set intentions alongside your goals? Have you found this to be helpful for your mental health? Does this help you reach your goals in a healthier way? We’d love to know what you do to stay in the moment while still striving for new goals, so drop us a comment below!

Happy intention setting, everyone! 


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4 replies on “Setting Intentions vs Setting Goals with Marmalead”

I can relate to this a lot. I feel so different while working if I’m only focusing only on the goal. It takes the enjoyment away and always leaves me stressed and feeling like I’m never doing enough. Enjoying my work is much more important to me than reaching a goal. That’s the reason I have a shop, because I enjoy it and it’s fun. When it becomes a negative part of my life, it loses meaning for me. I definitely do set goals, but I just stopped putting time frames on them. And ironically i feel much more productive and produce better work when not focusing on a time frame and the end goal.

Hi Jennifer! What a great way to handle goals, I love that you don’t put a timeline on the goal, but consistently work towards it! It’s true that when it’s high pressure the joy gets sucked away. Thank you for reading and for reaching out!

This morning I was thinking of intentions and goals, then I saw this blog’s email on my mailbox. It’s a message from Universe to me 🙂 You explained very well the difference and this reminds me setting intentions and enjoying the day! Thank you very much. This post is more to me.

I love hearing this! Thank you so much for commenting, I’m a firm believer in the universe bringing along just what we need when we need it. Sending you all the positive thoughts that your intentions and goals take you to the place you’re meant to be🧡

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