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Taking A Break From That Screen

As an Etsy seller, you are more than likely spending quite a bit of time in front of a screen. Whether that be an iPad, computer, or smartphone. The majority of us stare at a screen for a large part of our day. Today, we’re chatting about how taking a break from that screen can greatly improve your focus and overall mental health

Technology is great… until it isn’t

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In our current world, working from home is more prevalent than ever. For those of us running Etsy shops, this is probably nothing new. Whether you’re new to having an Etsy shop or a seasoned seller, you’ve probably figured out by now that having an Etsy shop is about so much more than creating that product you love.

It’s a legitimate business and along with all the tasks you’re juggling, this includes spending quite a bit of time in front of a screen. This could include hours of keyword research on Marmalead, setting up listings, answering emails, and many other tasks that require you to sit in front of a screen. While this is necessary, and not within itself a bad thing, it’s important that you take breaks from those screens periodically. 

The importance of taking a break from that screen

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While taking a total fast from screens and social media might not be feasible for you, taking short breaks throughout the day can do a world of good. There are several health benefits as well as mental benefits that happen when you take a break and step away, even if this is just 5-10 mins an hour.

Let’s take a look at some of the health and mental benefits when you take a break from that screen:

Break From That Screen: Benefit #1

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It’s no secret that screens put a great strain on your eyes. A great rule of thumb is to use the 20-20-20 rule: Every 20 minutes, look at something 20 feet away for 20 seconds. Another helpful practice for your eyes is to wear blue light glasses or cover your computer screen with a blue light screen protector. All device screens emit blue light which is known to cause eye strain, headaches, itchy and blurred vision, as well as affecting your sleep.

Pro Tip: Most modern devices come with a setting to minimize the amount of blue light it emits. Learn how to use this setting for your device.

Break From That Screen: Benefit #2

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A quick google search will show that there have been multiple studies done on screen time and its effect on the brain. Too much internet use/gaming causes parts of the brain to shrink that control planning, prioritizing, focus, and impulse control to name a few. When you limit your screen time or prioritize stepping away, your brain will begin to function properly and you will find that you are more organized and motivated. 

Break From That Screen: Benefit #3

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If you suffer from frequent headaches, stepping away can help reduce these. Do yourself a favor and get outside for a quick walk. Take some deep breaths and get some sunshine a couple times a day and see if this helps to reduce those headaches you’ve been struggling with.

Break From That Screen: Benefit #4

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Taking regular breaks from your screen throughout your day can greatly improve your focus. And we all could benefit from this! A great way to take a break and refocus is to quickly reorganize your desk or studio area. I personally try to work in 25-30 minute bursts. During these times, I set a timer and stay focused on the task at hand. No checking social media. No breaking my concentration with emails, etc.

I have found that I am far more focused and productive when I do this. Once that time is up, I step away from my computer, walk around my house, get a drink, and just allow my brain to rest. When I do this and go back to work, my focus is greatly improved as opposed to pushing through for hours on end. 

Break From That Screen: Benefit #5

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Improving your sleep is another fantastic benefit of decreased screen time/screen breaks. You may be someone ( I was one for a long, long time) who feels that they are a night owl and work best late into the night. You know yourself best and you have to navigate what works best in your life.

However, evenings/night is generally the most important time to take a break from your screen. The blue light emitted from electronic devices has been shown to negatively impact your natural sleep hormones.

Final thoughts

Overall, scheduling breaks from your screen during your workday can only benefit you. Making sure you actually stand up, stretch, get something to drink, or go for a quick walk outside along with possibly wearing blue light glasses are all great ways to start limiting your screen time throughout the day. 

Do you currently schedule breaks to step away from your screens? Have you noticed increased concentration when you do this? Let us know in the comments below! 

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