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The Best Etsy Keyword Tool for SEO Research in 2024

Save time and money with the best Etsy keyword tool for your SEO research. The wrong tool can lead you down a winding path, feeding you vanity metrics along the way. The right tool will show you keyword data that matters and help you put it into action. In 2024, Marmalead is the right Etsy SEO tool for your Etsy business.

If you’re lost when it comes to Etsy keywords, Marmalead will help you find your place. It’s time you stop wasting time and money and start using the Etsy keyword tool that’s the right tool for your business and the best Etsy SEO tool for the job.

The right Etsy keyword tool for the job

Can you imagine a carpenter trying to build a chair without a tool to saw and shape the wood?

Or a poet attempting to draft a sonnet without a way to write things down?

How about an artist trying to create a painting without a brush or canvas?

Sure, it’s possible to accomplish something without the right tool for the job. After all, creative thinkers (like you) are often innovators that can always find a way.

But when it comes to running a successful Etsy SEO strategy, one of the best decisions you can make is using a keyword tool. Without it, you can waste countless hours using keywords that simply don’t work. Your Etsy shop traffic can suffer. And you may not sell as many listings since not as many shoppers are finding you in Etsy search.

Marmalead is an Etsy keyword tool designed to help your listings stand out in Etsy search

It’s the right Etsy keyword tool for the job. That’s because it’s the best Etsy SEO tool that gets your products found in Etsy searches with real shopper keywords.

But don’t just take our word for it. Here are three reasons why Marmalead is the best Etsy keyword tool:

#1 – 50% of Marmalead customers outperform the average non-Marmalead shop by 7x.
#2 – The top 10% of Marmalead customers outperform the average Etsy shop by 25x.
#3 – All shops that stay with Marmalead outperform the average Etsy shop by almost 4x.

Keep reading, and we’ll show you how this is possible.

What is the best keyword research tool for Etsy?

Etsy SEO tool - Marmalead homepage

When it comes to Etsy SEO tools, there’s no shortage of options for you as an Etsy seller. There are many places you can go to find numbers and ratings to show you how Etsy keywords will perform for your business.

But why should you use Marmalead? It’s a question we get asked a fair amount. After all, there are other Etsy keyword tools out there. Why shouldn’t you use this tool or that tool?”

On the flip side, you may be an Etsy seller that uses another Etsy SEO tool, and you often wonder, “How come Marmalead’s search numbers are telling me something different than other Etsy keyword tools?”

To help answer this question, let’s take a closer look at Etsy SEO tools in general.

Multiple Etsy SEO tools make research confusing

etsy keyword tool - woman looking visibly confused in front of her laptop

First of all, if you’re using multiple Etsy SEO tools to find Etsy keywords for your shop, things can get pretty confusing.

But ultimately, it’s confusing to use multiple tools for any job you’re doing.

Can you imagine keeping track of your financial books with three different accounting tools? Or doing your taxes with three different filing tools every year? The numbers may not add up the same, the user interface can get confusing between each tool, and they all might be using different tracking methods. Yikes.

Combining good data with bad data won’t improve your Etsy shop.

So, when different Etsy keyword tools show you different (or conflicting) data, there’s probably more going on behind the scenes that you don’t know about. And if you treat each Etsy keyword tool like they’re showing you the same data with the same analysis, you may be left with the wrong impression about which Etsy keywords will perform well for your listings.

What makes Marmalead different than other Etsy keyword tools?

Etsy SEO tool - snapshot of Marmalead's grading system

You should understand two key differences between Marmalead and other Etsy SEO tools. Here’s what we aim to answer:

01. How are grades presented differently in Marmalead than in other Etsy keyword tools?

02. How is the data that we’re showing in Marmalead different from the data in other Etsy SEO tools?

Let’s take a closer look.

Grading your Etsy SEO in Marmalead

First, let’s take a look at your Etsy SEO grading.

Right off the bat, it’s important to remember that you can’t average grades. Just like you shouldn’t combine good data with bad data. You’ll be left with an inaccurate listing representation, and you’ll be more lost than before you started your Etsy keyword research.

In Marmalead, your grade is based on Etsy’s best practices for SEO.

Here’s what we mean: If you have an A-grade in Marmalead and a C-grade in another application, you can’t average your grade to a B. Simply because the grading systems don’t necessarily work that way.

In order to figure out how the grade counts from one tool to another, you need to understand what is being graded in the first place. In Marmalead, your grade is based on Etsy’s best practices for SEO.

What are Etsy’s best practices for SEO?

Etsy is pretty specific with its SEO best practices and lays it all on the table in its Seller Handbook.

With Etsy’s best SEO practices in mind, your grade represents whether or not your listing is optimized according to Etsy’s standards.

In addition to Etsy’s SEO standards, your grades also take into account what is currently going on in the world of Etsy. We look at what coaches in the Etsy space are seeing in addition to what successful Etsy sellers are seeing.

Through the experiments and results from successful Etsy sellers, combined with Etsy’s best SEO practices, that’s how we create a letter grade for your listing.

Does Etsy’s algorithm care about your listing grade?

etsy keyword tool - hands typing on laptop

The data that goes into our Etsy grading system is what we and others have found to be most impactful for the actual success of your Etsy listings.

However, just because you have an A-grade in Marmalead doesn’t mean your listing is guaranteed to succeed. Vice-versa, some of your best-performing listings could have some of your lowest grades in Marmalead.

And while there are many factors that could cause a low grade to perform well, your best bet is to try and get your grades up.

At the end of the day, your Etsy listing grade represents a culmination of the best practices for an Etsy listing, designed to give you the best possible chance for success.

What’s great about Marmalead is we’re an Etsy keyword tool that gives you tangible data on exactly what it takes to fix your listings.

If you’re an Etsy seller struggling to get your listings found in search, our blueprint for success can help get your listings on point for 2024:

get your listings on point with Marmalead.

When you sell more products on Etsy, the algorithm will thank you

Obviously, it’s in Etsy’s best interest for your listing to succeed. When you successfully sell a listing on Etsy, you make money, and Etsy makes money.

And if your customer is happy, then everyone is happy.

Etsy wants you to make money. And when you start selling to satisfied customers, the algorithm will begin to favor your products.

marmalead is an etsy keyword tool that uses real data from the etsy seller handbook

That’s why Etsy lays out its SEO best practices in the Seller Handbook. They want shoppers to be able to find the products they’re looking for.

And the best way to do this is with a well-optimized listing that uses effective Etsy keywords.

So, the all-important date we keep hinting at inside Etsy’s Seller Handbook? Marmalead is built around it.

If you’re looking for an Etsy keyword tool built on real Etsy SEO data, you’ll find it in Marmalead.

get your listings on point with Marmalead.

What makes Marmalead’s data different than other Etsy keyword tools?

etsy keyword tools - woman reviewing paperwork outside cafe

Marmalead is an Etsy keyword tool that gives weight to specific metrics that are important for SEO.

For instance, long tail focus keywords are unique to Marmalead, and there’s no doubt about their importance to a successful Etsy SEO strategy.

That’s why with every keyword search you perform in Marmalead, we’ll tell you if it’s a long tail keyword.

Not sure what a long tail keyword is? We break that down here.

Etsy seo tool - long tail keywords with Marmalead

When it comes to long tail focus keywords, these are long tail keywords that are found in both your tags and your title.

When using a long tail keyword, you’re telling shoppers that your Etsy listing is for a specific buyer. So specific that the shoppers who find your listing find exactly what they’re looking for.

That’s because a shopper that is specific in Etsy search is a shopper that knows what they want. And if they know exactly what they want, they’re ready to make that purchase.

This is when you want your Etsy listing to appear in their search query. When shoppers are ready to buy.

Does title length matter for Etsy listings?

Title length is important, but maybe not in the way that you think. While the length of your title may not necessarily be important for Etsy SEO, it is important for customer experience.

For instance, shoppers may not understand your listing if your title is longer than the allowable limit. This becomes even more apparent on mobile devices since Etsy cuts off titles at around 26 characters.

You want to make sure your title portrays exactly what your listing is before it gets cut off. Otherwise, you may find shoppers just scroll past your listing.

All in all, the data provided to Etsy sellers that use Marmalead is data that we find especially important. And it’s not just our judgment on that.

We show data backed up by Etsy coaches who make their living understanding what works on Etsy.

Can Etsy shoppers understand your listing?

Etsy SEO tool - title readability snapshot from the Marmalead etsy keyword tools

On the listing details page inside Marmalead, we show data that doesn’t factor into your Etsy listing grade, but it’s important nonetheless.

We provide this data to show you how well you’ve set up your Etsy listing and how much success we think you will have from a sales perspective.

But this data isn’t necessarily part of your grade. And title length is a good example of that.

Marmalead is an Etsy keyword tool built around providing accurate data

etsy keyword tool - woman sitting in bed using laptop to optimize etsy listings

If we’re not showing you accurate data, Marmalead won’t work in the first place.

Marmalead is an Etsy SEO tool that thousands of businesses rely on every single day. The accuracy of our data is extremely important to us.

Our top priority is to ensure that the data we provide is accurate and helpful to your Etsy business. We won’t show you a bunch of numbers that aren’t going to help you with anything.

Alternatively, we’re also not going to rely on vanity metrics that make you think your Etsy listing is set up for success.

The data available to Etsy sellers that use Marmalead isn’t just copied from other sources.

We’re not just showing you numbers to try to make you feel good about your business. Because if we show you numbers that make you feel good but it doesn’t bring success, you’re going to feel worse than if we just told you the truth right away!

And we’re not that kind of company.

Marmalead is an Etsy SEO tool that’s a unique service for your business

In all the data we provide to Etsy sellers, we’re an Etsy keyword tool dedicated to providing a unique service for your business.

Etsy stats is a free insight into what’s working for your business, provided to you by Etsy in your seller dashboard! And it’s super important that our Etsy SEO tool isn’t a repackaged version of free data that’s already available to you.

What you will find, however, is that Marmalead will show you insightful data to help you optimize your Etsy listings while using the data from Etsy stats.

Take our Storm tool, for example. This is a phenomenal resource to use in conjunction with the real buyer search terms available to you inside your Etsy seller dashboard. Watch the video below to see how to use Storm for your Etsy keyword research:

An Etsy keyword tool that shows you the future

snapshot of keyword engagement over time

How well do you think your keywords are going to perform for you?

What data shows you that an Etsy keyword will actually provide results for your Etsy listing?

With Marmalead, you get a glimpse into the future, backed by historical data.

Well, one of the key features that set our data apart from other keyword tools is that we’re showing you forecasts for how well we think an Etsy keyword will perform over the next thirty days. 

If you open a different Etsy keyword tool, they might just show you the number of searches that a keyword got over the last thirty days. Or maybe even over the last twelve months. But with Marmalead, you get a glimpse into the future, backed by historical data.

Keyword seasonality has a huge impact on your listing, and it’s going to cause traffic to fluctuate over time. But seasonality alone isn’t necessarily going to help you with your Etsy keyword research.

If you’re looking at a balanced average of how many searches a keyword received in the last twelve months, you could use the best keyword at the worst time. If a keyword had an average of 500 searches in the last twelve months but less than 50 in march, you don’t want to use that keyword in March. That’s a waste of time and a waste of your keyword slot. 

Old data from other Etsy keyword tools offer limited results

If you’re using another Etsy keyword tool that only relies on how well a keyword performed last month, then your research is already outdated.

While it’s important to know the historical data of a keyword, it’s not enough to rely solely on old data.

That’s where our thirty-day forecast shines the most. Check the forecasts to see your future potential.

Marmalead’s Etsy SEO data is tested and accurate

Now, how accurate are these forecasts, you may ask? Well, they’re more accurate than the weather! And this is something that we test.

We are constantly testing the forecast numbers we provide to Etsy sellers. And we aim for 95% accuracy.

Now, it’s true that you’re occasionally going to find a keyword that ends up not performing as it was forecasted. But overall, when we spot-check thousands and thousands of keywords, we’re at 95% accuracy. And that’s a number we’re proud of.

To have a successful keyword strategy for your Etsy shop, you will be using a sizeable number of keywords for your listings. So, that 5% margin of error should not be very impactful for you.

Marmalead provides advanced keyword analytics for Etsy sellers

etsy keyword tool - person reviewing keywords on computer

In order to understand our Etsy keyword data and where we’re at currently, we want to talk about our evolution as an Etsy SEO tool. Where things started and how we ended up where we are now. 

Back when Marmalead first started, we relied on data from the API which is where most tools start… We’ve since moved on to a more advanced source of data that big Google SEO tools use.

We go ahead and apply that same technique to Etsy. We have definitely pioneered that in this space. And this is not something that all tools are able to do, which is why we didn’t start there.

And sourcing and processing this amount of data is, well, expensive.

A flood of Etsy SEO data

etsy keyword tool - drip of water falling into a much larger river of water

The Etsy API is like a dripping faucet. You’re calling out to them, and they give you a little drip of data back. It’s not much.

The data we’re talking about now, the data we use for Marmalead, is more like a river. And now that we have it, we have to be able to do something with this river of data. It’s a lot to process. But we live in this data.

We’re compiling as much Etsy data as possible from as many different sources as possible. And we take this data and apply it to meaningful insights that you can then apply to your Etsy shop.

This is what we put into our Etsy SEO tools.

Just like we strive to ensure our keyword forecasts are 95% accurate, we also ensure that everything else we provide to Etsy sellers is as accurate as possible.

Again, we’re not just showing you numbers, for number’s sake. 

It all comes back to data and customer support being the true core of Marmalead. We want to ensure we have the best data available to our community, and we’re showing it to you in the best way we can. This has always been a huge focus for our Etsy keyword tool.  

The true success potential of an Etsy shop that uses Marmalead

Etsy SEO tools - real success stories from Marmalead users

At the beginning of this article, we showed you some numbers that speak to the success of Etsy sellers that use Marmalead. Let’s take a closer look at that.

Obviously, we’re pretty pumped by these results! There are your everyday success stories, and we love hearing them. Then there are results like the numbers we showed you at the top of the article. And these results are huge.

We love hearing that our Etsy keyword tool is helping so many Etsy sellers find success in their businesses. And this success is exactly what makes us the right Etsy keyword tool for the job.

Why our Etsy SEO tool is the right tool for you

Let’s take a look at your opportunity for success as an Etsy seller that uses Marmalead as your go-to Etsy SEO tool:

Half of Marmalead customers outperform the average non-Marmalead shop by seven times! This is seven hundred percent. That’s a lot.

The top ten percent of Marmalead customers outperform the average Etsy shop by twenty-five times. That’s pretty significant! 

All shops that stay with Marmalead outperformed the average Etsy shop by almost four times or four hundred percent.

If you’re using Marmalead, you’re almost guaranteed to be outperforming other shops in your market segment by four times, which is awesome! That’s exactly the kind of success that we want to see for our customers.

It’s one thing to be using something to give you a little bit of a leg up on the competition, but for over half of Marmalead customers to outperform their markets by seven times?! They’re crushing the competition! 

Marmalead is an Etsy keyword tool that makes life easier

etsy keyword tool - hands shown using a set of tools

Marmalead is a set of tools. And it’s important to remember that. You can’t just sign up for Marmalead and think, “That’s it, I’m done!”

You have to actually apply yourself, take the data we provide, and optimize your listings to the best of your ability. Put in the work, and our Etsy keyword tools will make your life easier and your business happier.

And if you’re committed to finding success in your Etsy business, give Marmalead a chance for at least a couple months.

Dedicate your Etsy SEO time to it. Learn from our help pages. Read our blog and watch our videos. Don’t try to mix our data with other data that’s out there.

And if you’re confused about anything, reach out to us at The learning curve for any new tool is going to be steep. How long did it take you to perfect your craft to create the products you currently sell in your Etsy shop?

If you’re dedicated to learning from Marmalead, you will absolutely see it work for you in your Etsy shop.

Marmalead’s success comes from customer satisfaction

At the end of the day, our success comes from your success.

We know our Etsy keyword tool works for businesses just like yours. And it’s because of the countless detailed success stories our Etsy sellers share with us on how Marmalead has worked for them over the years!

We’ve got old stories. We’ve got new stories. They’re each fantastic in their own way! And that is ultimately why we do what we do. To help Etsy sellers break out of the grind and find success in their business.

Another satisfied Etsy seller

We take customer support very seriously. So if you reach out to us at, you’ll get an actual person. And they’re going to help you with your specific situation!

They’ll help you understand the tools, set up your shop in a way that makes sense, and answer any questions that you have.

Everyone is different, and this is one of the beautiful things about selling on Etsy! All Etsy shops are different in their own way. It takes that very personalized level of support to be able to help people individually so that all Marmaleaders can succeed overall as a whole.

Over to you

Now that you know your full potential with Marmalead, it’s time you make Marmalead your go-to Etsy SEO tool. Give it a shot so you can be as successful as the other Etsy sellers that use our tools.

After all, it’s the right tool for the job.

Happy selling, everyone!

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