Marmalead Updates

The new Marmalead is Live!

The entire site is redesigned from the bottom up. I would love to tell you all about it… It’s even better to experience Marmalead¬†for yourself though.

Thank you and things to come…

We’re ecstatic about our growing user base. Not just the quantity of users but how frequently all of you are coming back. We have several hundred users already with more signing up everyday. To put that in perspective, we only launched the first version a couple of months ago to a handful of Etsy groups.

Things that last start small. Facebook now a household name started as a small website for Harvard students. Soon they spread one Ivy League college at a time, perfecting their product meticulously as they slowly grew. They didn’t push to the entire world right from the beginning.

We’re not just another Etsy app here to hock a mediocre product to the masses. We’re building the premier Etsy tool for sellers that care as much about their shop as they do about their craft. We want you to spend more time on your craft and less on the necessary but less exciting clerical tasks like SEO and tagging listings. Building software is our craft; we start with a blank screen and build product from scratch. We love it and are honored to have you on this journey with us.

Here’s how you can join us in making Etsy the best marketplace it can be. When you encounter another seller looking for help getting found, point them in the right direction. Share your wisdom and tools with them. Give the advice you wish someone gave you when you first started out. It’s all too easy to get bad advice out there.


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