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Tips On How To Write Sales Copy

Sales Copy. I cannot tell you how many people have written in and said: “I HATE writing!” If I’m being honest, it always takes me a little off guard. I’ve always enjoyed writing and while I’m no Shakespeare, I  do enjoy the challenge of taking a thought and doing my best to give it wings within the confines of written language. However, I know a lot of you don’t enjoy that challenge so today I’m raising a glass to you with a few tips that will hopefully mean you’re throwing back a few less stress margaritas before you write your sales copy.

You’re already a writer…cause Etsy!

Okay NEWSFLASH: You are an Etsy seller. You know what that means? You own a business! And do you know what that means?? You are (probably, almost certainly) going to have to write some SALES COPY!

YES, now is the time to let out your disgruntled groans. Now is the time to allow yourself 30 seconds to wail on the floor like a kindergartner who missed nap-time (side note: this poor kid won’t even realize the utter glory that is nap-time until they’re in their mid 30s at which point nap-time is no longer sanctioned, but rather, looked down upon).

Got it out? Okay, good. Now let’s jump in!

What it is exactly.

For all the novices out there (I’m talking to myself here):

What is sales copy? Since you’re an Etsy seller, we’ll talk about it in relation to your Etsy shop. Sales copy is any and all writing that goes into the branding and marketing of your shop and product listings. So, if you’re writing your About section or product descriptions…would that be considered sales copy? You betcha! And you’re going to want that copy to be on point because:

  1. It’s a part of your branding.
  2. It’s one of your only opportunities to really connect with your buyer.
  3. It’s your opportunity to tell your story thus allowing you to achieve #2 (not THAT kind of #2…ugh). 😉

Okay, now is the part where I get the opportunity to try and impart a few tips that will (hopefully) help you write some solid sales copy. 

1. Be comfortably concise.

We all have that family member who sits at the Thanksgiving dinner table and talks for three hours about how their cat recently had their gallbladder removed and all the ins and outs of the surgery (with accompanying photos). Now, let me just say that when my family member starts out…I am GENUINELY concerned about Ms. Whiskers! But after 30 minutes, you’ve lost me! Now I’m trying not to cough up my own fur ball whilst looking for the nearest exit.

Don’t be THAT family member. It’s important to explain what your product is. It’s important to connect with your customers. But if you sense that you’re starting to ramble…stop. Believe it or not, there’s an ideal amount of words and sentences you want to aim for when you’re writing sales copy for Etsy. Marmalead actually has some metrics designed to help you achieve those goals. So when you’re writing your descriptions, don’t forget to check those metrics. 

2. (Not Just) For Your Eyes Only.

Remember when you would give your papers to your mom and dad for proof-reading in high-school? It’s still a good idea to get a second set of eyes on your sales copy! Having someone else check everything over before you put it out there is a great way to catch simple mistakes and to make sure it will be an easy read for your audience.

Pro Tip: Make sure and choose someone to proofread who will give you honest feedback!

3. Put away your thesaurus!

When you’re writing sales copy, it’s best to aim for about a 4th-grade reading level. You know what that means? If you’re trying to impress with your stunning vocabulary, save it for tea with the Queen. Folks on Etsy are looking for the right handmade item at the right time and they ain’t using the King’s English to find it…if you catch my drift.

If I’ve said it once, I’ll say it a hundred more times, remove as much unnecessary complexity as possible! If you can say something simply, then do so! Yes, you still want to be natural. But for Pete’s sake (whoever he is) don’t write descriptions that make it sound like you sleep with a dictionary under your pillow.

4. Bring it!

My last tip here is that you absolutely want your sales copy to show the value of your product to your potential customer! So many times sales copy is bland and gives only the dimensions, weight, etc. for a given product.

But where’s the value? Why should the buyer choose you? Why should the buyer connect with your shop instead of a different one? Maybe you’re a little more expensive than your competition because you’re using better materials. Did you TELL your customer that? Did you explain the unique value you’re offering them? If not…it’s time to start! 

Summing it up:

  1. Don’t waste words, be informative but brief.
  2. If two heads are better than one, then 4 eyes are better than two! Get someone to do some proof-reading for you!
  3. Brevity and simplicity go hand in hand. Don’t use big words if you don’t need to.
  4. Hit them with your best shot and don’t forget to show them the value! 

Final thoughts

You’ve totally got this! Utilize your tools in Marmalead and remember the 4th-grade reading level thing. Don’t stress. You know your products better than anyone, and your dream customer is just waiting to read all about them!

Happy selling, everyone!


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Hi Marilyn! Click on a listing in your Marmalead tool and you’ll be able to see it on your listing details page in the sales factors section, for each individual listing.

I find myself constantly struggling with this. One thing that I have started doing is really reading printed catalog descriptions to get ideas. Put all those catalogs you get in the mail to good use!
Believe it or not you can get a lot of good ideas from that!

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