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6 Tips To Create A Positive Mindset

At Marmalead, we honestly try to cultivate an environment created around positive thinking. We’ve said it a million times, but you’ll probably hear us say it a million more: what you think about most, is what you become. It’s so easy to slip into negative thought patterns, especially when your Etsy shop might not be doing exactly what you want. 

Or, maybe you’re a new Etsy seller and trying to get your shop off the ground is dragging you down. Either way, the temptation to dwell on what’s not happening is probably stronger in your mind than the big things you want to happen or the little things that are currently going right! 

It’s awesome to want a more positive mindset, but if you don’t have some solid plans in place to actually go about doing this, you’re less likely to achieve your goal. Below you’ll find some tips to help you keep a positive mindset throughout your day. Because we all need a little help every now and then and honestly, that’s what we’re here for. Plus, with the right mindset, you’ll find even more Etsy shop success!

1. Start your day by writing it down. 

The way you decide to begin your day will set the tone for how the rest of your day will go. If you’re like me and you struggle with anxiety, the mornings can be especially difficult. From the moment your eyes open you might be hit with everything you need to accomplish. Then you feel that title wave of anxiety that you almost certainly can’t accomplish it all. And even if you do, it probably won’t go right anyway. 


Don’t even go there. Yes, you might have a TON to get done. Yes, mornings might be the time all of this hits the hardest. However, I’ve found it to be extremely helpful to get up, make a cup of coffee or tea and sit down to write one if not several things that I’m grateful for alongside the things I need to accomplish for the day. I’ve noticed when I have these positive things written down in front of me, they are what my mind and heart cling to when I’m tempted to feel less hopeful later in the day. 

2. Your reaction is key.

So you started your day off writing down what you’re grateful for and some things you want to accomplish. Then you get slammed with the worst customer review ever. Allow yourself a moment to process this. Don’t try and deny that this particular bad thing (whatever it is) doesn’t suck. That isn’t being honest or authentic. Take a moment, feel all the feels and then remember that you have all the power. The way you react will ultimately determine your mindset. And remember, your mindset is the key to positivity. 

Yes, bad things will happen. Some days you will probably have more than one crappy thing to deal with. But use this moment to think back on all the amazing things you have to be grateful for (after all, you have it in writing). Then, respond with kindness towards yourself and whatever or whoever has caused this crappy occurrence. Basically, work to turn crappy into happy.

3. Learn from it, smile, and move on. 

Once you’ve gotten your feelings under control and have your mind back where it needs to be, use this as an opportunity to learn. Maybe you were at fault, maybe you weren’t at all. Either way, there’s usually something to be learned from every situation that crosses your path. We are all constantly learning and in actuality, the hard stuff tends to be the best teacher. If you’re aware of this, then you’re already prepared to take a hard lesson and use it in a positive, growth-oriented way.

 If you need to take a moment and revisit what you wrote down in the morning, do that! Remember that you are in control of how you handle what happens to you. Remember to be gracious to yourself and those around you. Do what you can to make the situation right if needed. Then, with gumption, choose to face the rest of your day with a smile!

4. Focus on the moment.

To the best of your ability do NOT live in tomorrow, next week, or next year. So much negativity, worry, and anxiety come from a place of fear about what will happen when what’s most important is what’s currently happening. This moment you and I are in right now is the only thing we can be sure of. You have zero knowledge of how someone will react in five minutes or what will happen in your shop tomorrow or next week. So tackle whatever it is one minute at a time and work to keep your focus on what matters, the present.

5. Be kind to yourself. 

One of the biggest reasons we fall into a negative mindset is because of the way we talk to ourselves. What does that inner dialogue look like for you? Would you talk to a customer the way you talk to yourself? If not, it’s time for a change in conversation. The words you speak to yourself throughout the day will absolutely have an effect on your ability to maintain a positive mindset.

Remember that what you focus on is what you become and will manifest itself in your life. So avoid negative self-talk as much as possible. And when you do recognize it in your mental dialogue throughout the day, stop yourself and refocus. Our minds are incredibly powerful tools so work to create a mindset that’s an ally to your goals.

If you already know you struggle with negative self-talk, a great way to start to change this habit is to write down some positive affirmations to yourself along with your gratefulness list, first thing in the morning. Manifest love and kindness to yourself first so that you can throw it around like confetti (because who doesn’t love a confetti party) to those you come into contact with!

6. Surround yourself with positive people.

Ok. This is a BIG one if you’re an Etsy seller. If you’re involved in online groups where all you’re reading is negative comments from other sellers about how bad they’re doing and how it’s all everyone else’s fault…GET. OUT. Do NOT stay in a place where you’re filling your mind with words that you can’t help but think about throughout your day. If you come away feeling like you got slimed by the negativity monster, what the heck are you doing going back to that place? Who you surround yourself with online and in your everyday life absolutely will have an effect on your mind and heart. 

So, search out the groups where positivity is valued. Where sellers build each other up instead of tearing themselves and others down. Don’t know where to start? Shameless plug here, if you’re looking for community and you ended up here, we of COURSE want you to stick around and be part of what we’re cultivating in our community.

Along with the Marmalead community, get yourself over to Flourish ASAP because those folks are the REAL deal! If you’ve been looking for a community to surround you and build you up, I promise you won’t have to look any further than what Sarah, the founder of Flourish has created! Positivity abounds and you will find you can’t help but be positive when you have so many wonderful people building you up!

Final Thoughts

We want to know how you work to stay positive in your own life! What are you currently doing to help yourself keep a positive mindset? If you already have time tested methods you’ve found to be helpful, share them with us below and let’s get the positive comments flowing!


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One reply on “6 Tips To Create A Positive Mindset”

I loved this post, it is so critically important not to focus on the negativity that constantly surrounds us. Personally I believe everything is conspiring to help us, not beat us down, both the seemingly good and the seemingly bad (who really knows right?) I have several “techniques” to help me. This only takes a second but wherever I am I can shut my eyes and let go of all resistance…just let it wash right off. This allows me to be open to what is happening right now. I don’t have to like it, but I do have to acknowledge it. I have to put the welcome mat out and say, “bring it on, I know this is here to help me.” I truly believe it. I also insist on having fun and not taking myself, or anyone else, too seriously. I have a message on my bathroom mirror that I see every morning while I’m getting ready. It says, “I have nothing to do today but smile.” I love that. Thank you for giving us tips on ETSY success. It is a fabulous community.

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