Improve Your Etsy Listings by Asking These 7 Questions

When you sell any kind of product online, the quality of your listings is usually the single most important factor in whether you make a sale. A lot goes into making a good listing and creating one is a skill you will improve as you practice over time. If you want to improve your Etsy listings, make sure you’re asking yourself these seven questions.

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New to Etsy? Here’s What You Need to Know

We’ve all heard the success stories of average people who launched Etsy shops and were able to turn them into a full-time living. Some of the stories are so inspiring that you’ve dreamed of quitting your day job and making a go of it on Etsy yourself. After all, you’re just as talented as any of those other people.

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Etsy Shop Summer Collection Planning

Is it crazy to anyone else that it’s almost May? Before we know it, Spring will be behind us and we’ll be in full summer mode! It’s true that things are probably a lot different than any of us thought they would be at this point. But despite the differences, it’s time to start looking ahead and planning for the upcoming season! If you’re an Etsy seller who is ready to gear up for the upcoming season, we want to help you strategize and get ahead of the curve! Having a solid strategy will only help you in having more Etsy Shop success this summer and beyond.

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Etsy-nomics and Covid-19

Join us for a quick dive into a little positive outlook from Etsy CEO Josh Silverman. It’s not all bad news out there, in fact, it’s far from it! With shops pivoting to making masks and people turning more and more to online shopping, there is a positive outlook for you to find Etsy shop success, even when it may feel like uncertain times.

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