Tips For Standing Out On Etsy

Is standing out on Etsy in your particular market something you’ve been thinking about a lot lately? Have you wondered how you go about achieving this? We get it because it’s something we think about a lot too! We want to stand out in our market in the same way you do. That’s why we came up with the tips below to help you get started on your journey of standing out 🙂 These are just a few ways to help you find more Etsy shop success as you move forward in the new year!

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Find Great Etsy Keywords with Marmalead

In the olden days

A few years ago, we wrote an article about how to find great Etsy keywords with Marmalead. Since this article was written, things on Etsy have changed a lot (as we all know). And when Etsy changes, so does Marmalead. Marmalead has evolved in order to keep Etsy sellers as informed and up-to-date as possible. Part of that evolution was to create new tools based on cutting-edge data aimed at helping you rock the Etsy keyword research process. Pretty exciting stuff!

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5 tips for writing Etsy product descriptions

5 tips for writing Etsy product descriptionsA couple years ago, we wrote a blog on how to write great Etsy product descriptions. It’s been a minute since we chatted about this topic, so we thought we’d bring it back out and dust it off. Why? Because great Etsy product descriptions are a fantastic way to improve your Etsy shop and elevate you above your competition!

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Will false hearts make Etsy search break up with you?

The question, “if an item gets a lot of views and hearts and doesn’t sell it will lose relevancy in Etsy search?” has been asked many times in many ways.

The answer? It depends.


There’s a lot of noise in the how does Etsy search work space. Maybe you’ve heard of click parties aka clickathons. In case you haven’t, they’re based on the false belief that random views and favorites on your listings will increase your search ranking. Clickathons are a waste of time for so many reasons they deserve their own post.

On the other hand we have the shops that are very worried about getting non-buyer clicks and favorites for fear that it will sink their search ranking.

This topic is entirely about how Etsy’s search handles listings.

Search and Non-Search Traffic

Etsy distinguishes between views that come from search and ones that don’t. They get really granular, but for our purposes they either come from search or they don’t.

Views that don’t come from search are just whatever. We all get random visitors to our sites so it’s expected that the quality of view will differ.

Search results however are prime real estate. We’ve all seen it and Etsy has stated they incorporate performance (sometimes called listing quality) in search ranking. They take the listings that do a great job of being relevant (Etsy SEO), and they give them a shot at great rankings. If the listings perform well, they stay up there. If they don’t, they give other listings a chance. Etsy wants to present shoppers with listings they’re likely to purchase. The best way to predict that is whether others searched for this and ended up purchasing.

When does it matter?

So back to the original question. Does it hurt listings to favorite them and not buy?

It doesn’t matter when the view comes from outside of Etsy’s search.

It does matter when the view comes from within Etsy’s search.

If many people find your listing in search, view it, favorite it, and NOT buy it. Eventually, yeah it will hurt the listing. It establishes a track record of shoppers passing up that listing despite finding it in a relevant search. Etsy wants to display listings with the greatest chance of selling. The key there is that the traffic is coming from search.


I certainly wouldn’t ask a group of people to search “xyz keyword”, find your listings, and favorite them just for fun. The result would be totally not fun.

I wouldn’t worry about casually liking something. I would continue to promote your shop everywhere that gets you in front of shoppers. Business cards, packaging inserts customers can give to friends, and online communities where your customers want to hear from you to name a few.

The best thing that can happen to your shop is to consistently get found in search and close the sale. You make money, Etsy makes money, shopper is happy, win win win.