Get More Sales on Etsy in 30 Days With Joanna from EWD Marketing

Join Gordon, Richie and Joanna from EWD Marketing who is an amazing Etsy coach and all around Etsy SEO wizard!  Joanna has created a 30 Day Action Plan for Etsy Sellers that truly helps to get your SEO and shop on the right track to Etsy shop success

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7 Tips To Spring Clean Your Etsy Shop

With Spring only two days away here in our little corner of the world, we’ve got Spring Cleaning on the brain. We’re ready to throw open the doors and windows, allowing that fresh air to sweep through our home! Personally, there’s a lot to be done in my house. This got me to thinking (of course) about Etsy sellers and what you can do as an Etsy seller to help “spring clean” your shop and find more Etsy shop success!

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One Important Step To Not Skip In Finding Etsy Shop Success

Are you doing this important step to help you be more “seen” on Etsy?? Notice, we did not say “rank” cause people tend to get super confused around that word…please, see this previous article where we talk more about rank and why it’s changed from what rank used to be. Anyways, back to the matter at hand. If you’re not doing this IMPORTANT STEP, we wanna let you know, you should be! This is something we haven’t really chatted about in depth. While it might be common knowledge and maybe you’re like, “Yeah, duh, of course I do that” we still wanna remind you, if ya ain’t doin’ this you should be! Cause it’s only going to bring you more Etsy shop success in the long run, and that is what we’re all about😉