Finding The Magic Of The Season

It’s almost here guys. We’re officially two weeks out from Christmas day and I’m never really sure how it comes so dang fast. Between content creation, social media posts, graphic design and staying on top of all things Marmalead related, I’m just trying to stay in touch with this beautiful season and what it holds. The temptation to let the season happen to me instead of really soaking it all in is definitely a thing. Days seem full to overflowing with so much business that there are times I just wish it was over. But that is NOT what I want my holiday season to be like at all.

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Have Courage and Be Kind Because You Can

November thirteenth was World Kindness Day. Of all the strange and weird “national whatever” days that I keep hearing about, this one is worth not only celebrating but remembering. It’s something we’re super passionate about around here at Marmalead. In a world that can often seem unkind and divided, we need to remember just how important kindness is. Even though this post isn’t being delivered on November thirteenth, shouldn’t every day be an opportunity to remember to be extra kind? So this is our reminder to ourselves and you:)

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Preparing Your Shop For Upcoming Holiday Sales 2018

Over the last few weeks, we’ve touched on holiday collection planning, prepping for the upcoming holidays and how to stay healthy during throughout. By now, you should have a solid plan for the upcoming holiday season! If you’re still feeling a bit lost, you’ve come to the right place. Or maybe you happen to be new around here! Either way, be sure to click the links to our other blog posts above to get on the right track. And read on to discover our holiday sales 2018 tips just for you! 

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7 Tips for Staying Healthy and Positive During the Holidays

October is halfway over and starting today, there are only ten weeks until Christmas! It’s safe to say that the holidays are about to be in full swing. In our Holiday Prep blog post, we covered tips on preparing for Etsy shop success during the holiday season. Implementing those tips is a sure-fire way to ensure you’re ready to go and not completely overwhelmed when the craziness begins in your shop. But, something that is just as important is keeping yourself healthy, both mentally and physically during the holiday season. That’s why we feel that it’s just as important to cover tips that can help you achieve health for yourself so that from your health, a healthy Etsy shop will follow.

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