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Etsy Fee Calculator for Serious Sellers

If you call yourself a serious Etsy seller, you know the importance of accounting for all the Etsy fees that chip away at your bottom line. Well, to help you keep track, we’ve created the Etsy fee calculator that’ll crunch these numbers, so you don’t have to.

The Etsy fee calculator is a simple way to calculate your sales profits after subtracting Etsy fees and shipping costs. You don’t need to worry yourself about complicated formulas, long division, or “carrying the one.” Instead, let our Etsy calculator do it for you!

Etsy Fee Calculator

As a bonus, we’ve integrated additional features into our Etsy fee calculator to tell you exactly how many units you need to sell if you want to make a certain profit each month. So, if you’re a serious Etsy seller that always has your profit margin in mind, our Etsy calculator is the tool for you!

How our Etsy fee calculator works

When you visit the Google Sheet for the first time, you’ll need to make a copy of the Etsy calculator and save it to your own computer or Google Drive. Simply go up to the top menu and select ‘File’ then ‘Make a copy.’ Save it wherever you want, then come back any time you need to crunch some numbers.

Don’t forget, Etsy fees change from time to time. So make sure you bookmark this page and come back for an updated Etsy calculator if the Etsy fees change in the future.

Breaking it down for you

Alright, so here’s what the numbers mean in our Etsy fee calculator. In our example, we’re listing our product for sale at $25 a pop, which gives us a 31% profit margin, which is pretty darn good. It cost us $6 to make our product, and we’re selling it at 4x that because we value our work and creativity. We’re also only charging $5 for standard shipping, even though it actually costs us $11.95 to ship it.

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Let our Etsy calculator do the work to crunch the numbers and tabulate the total fees. We’re then left with a gross profit of $9.20 for each item sold. So, if we know we want to make about $2,000 every month, we need to be selling about 217 of these items on a monthly basis. Sounds like we need to stop what we’re doing right now and start working on more sales!

What’s great about our Etsy fee calculator is you can play with these numbers to find your sweet spot. Of course, everyone’s profit margin will be a little different, so make sure you’re setting realistic goals for yourself. Once you have your numbers down, it’s time to make sure everything else in your shop is in tip-top shape.

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Etsy fee calculator price spread on Marmalead
With Marmalead and our Etsy fee calculator, use the best tools available to maximize your profits as an Etsy seller.

Our Etsy fee calculator crunches these numbers so you don’t have to

So, what Etsy fees are included in our Etsy fee calculator? Great question!

01. Etsy Listing & Transaction Fees

Of the various Etsy fees you can find yourself charged with, every item you sell will receive a listing fee and a transaction fee. Etsy charges sellers $0.20 USD when you list an item for sale, thus the listing fee. Etsy also charges a transaction fee of 6.5% of the final price of your product, including shipping fees. These fees are non-negotiable with Etsy. It’s simply the price of doing business on the Etsy marketplace.

02. Payment Processing Fees

Additional Etsy fees include a payment processing fee for each item sold. The exact fee can vary from region to region and depends on conversion rates for different currencies, but essentially all shops now use Etsy Payments.

Etsy fee calculator monthly statement
This is what your Etsy monthly statement looks like with two listings and one $5 sale. You’ll need to switch over to your Payment account to see all of your Etsy fees deducted.

Etsy Payments is Ety’s in-house payment processing and is subject to a fee of 3% + $0.25 USD. Visa, Mastercard, Discover, PayPal, whatever payment method is used, you’ll pay this fee in addition to the listing and transaction fees listed above. When a payment is processed, these fees are deducted before the rest is deposited into your Payment account. To see how this Etsy fee differs by region, make sure you view Etsy’s House Rules.

As of May 15, 2019, Etsy switched all of its sellers in eligible countries over to Etsy Payments, doing away with standalone PayPal accounts. This isn’t such a bad thing considering PayPal recently increased their processing fees to 3.49% + $0.49 USD per transaction.

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Using our Etsy fee calculator to hit your goals

We know you’re a serious Etsy seller that runs a tight ship. We also understand it’s important you know exactly how many units you need to sell each month. And that’s exactly what our Etsy calculator helps you find out.

Simply enter the desired amount of money you wish to make each month. Then we’ll let you know exactly how many units you need to sell to hit your goals!

Now over to you

Use our Etsy fee calculator to determine exactly how much Etsy charges you to run your shop. Etsy seller fees are an inevitable part of running a business on the Etsy marketplace. But, once you know exactly what percentage Etsy takes, you can price your products accordingly. Thank you for downloading our Etsy calculator, and happy selling!

Legal stuff

Our Etsy fee calculator is not a substitute for a professional accountant. As a business owner, you should work with a pro when seeking tax or legal advice.

The term ‘Etsy’ is a trademark of Etsy, Inc. This application is not endorsed or certified by Etsy, Inc.

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To complete the line for “what the item cost you” do we just put iin the cost of the materials or do we also calculate the cost of labour (we are making the products ourself so our own labour?)

Great question! If you have your cost of labor dialed in so you know exactly how long it takes you to make one item and the additional costs involved, you can definitely include it! This will help give you an even more accurate picture of your profit margin 👍 You can even work backward to see how much you’re making on an hourly basis. If it takes us 1 hour to make the product in our example, then we know that we’re only making $9.20 an hour.

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