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Etsy Vacation Mode | What to Do Before You Go & When You Return

Everyone needs a break from time to time. Maybe it’s a month off after the busy holiday season, or maybe it’s a week at the beach during the summer. A little R&R can go a long way for your mental sanity when it comes to running your own Etsy business. By now, you’ve heard the good and the bad about Etsy vacation mode, and after the holidays this year, you’re going to do it! But what should you do when you return from Vacation Mode? Let’s find out!

Today, Lisa and Jade are hosting their very own show, With a Twist! If you want to know more about the ins and outs of selling on Etsy, don’t mind kicking your feet up with a cold drink after a long day of Etsy selling, and want your personal Etsy questions answered by our team, then this is the show for you! Check out the full episode up above or on the Marmalead YouTube channel.

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This week, we’re talking about what Etsy sellers should do before they go and after they come back from Etsy vacation mode. What’s the best way to get back on track with sales? Let’s take a closer look!

Before you leave for vacation mode

An alternative to Etsy vacation mode

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There is one main alternative to Etsy vacation mode that we always talk through with sellers, so let’s go ahead and cover that first. We can’t tell you a hard and fast yes or no. That’s got to be a decision that you’ll make for you and your shop.

But the alternative would be for you to extend your processing times. Let’s just say you’re going on a long weekend, or maybe a quick week trip, and your processing times are already a little bit longer. Extending your processing time isn’t going to really mess things up for you. Keep in mind that this is always an option. Obviously, you always want to let your customers know what you’re doing. Add a note to the shop banner, do whatever you need to do. But to extend your processing time rather than going on vacation mode is an alternative.

Communication is key

Let your buyers know that you’re heading into a vacation with your shop banner. Communication, communication, communication. You want to let your buyers know (especially if you’re getting ready to basically pull all your listings off the market for your vacation) what’s going to happen. Also, if you’ve got stuff in process, you want to make sure that you’re taking care of that. Basically, it’s super important to communicate with your customers when you head into Etsy vacation mode and also when you come back out of it.

A couple side notes

hands editing photo on laptop

Please be sure that when you put that banner up, it’s not pixelated!
Make sure it’s sized right and everything’s good to go there. Also, don’t forget to set your auto-reply. You don’t want customers emailing in, feeling like they’ll hear right back from you if you’re away. You want to make it crystal clear what’s going on for your customers through every avenue.

Don’t forget your current buyers while on Etsy vacation mode

Don’t leave your current buyers hanging if you’re in conversation with them. Give them a heads up that you’ll be away and don’t unplug from them completely.

Don’t unplug completely (unless you need to, then 100% do it!)

Now, there are some different schools of thought on this. Sometimes it’s important for our mental health to unplug completely. We have a whole blog post about that. Don’t hear us sitting here saying to never step away because there are times when you absolutely need to.

You know yourself better than anybody. If you’ve hit a place where you need to seriously step away, then please do that. Mental health is important. We have done a million blog posts on this topic in general. But if you have an opportunity to connect back in a healthy way, think about it.

Prepare draft listings

Another great idea is to get some listings ready in your drafts so that when you come back you’re hitting the ground running. You give it the old one-two punch, you throw some new listings into the shop that gives you that little SEO boost. You get some of that traction back because obviously, as we know, when you put your shop into vacation mode, it pulls the listings from search and you lose some traction there.

It’s never a bad idea to have a strategy that helps you hit the ground running, and having some listings in draft mode can be that strategy for you. Also, don’t forget that you can work on your Etsy SEO in Marmalead while your listings are in draft form.

Set listings to manual renew while on Etsy vacation mode

etsy vacation mode - woman adding up listing fees

Turn your listings to manual renew so you’re not charged any listing fees while you’re away. Everybody knows those listing fees add up. Yes, they are a necessary part of selling on the platform, 100%, but you might just buy yourself a cocktail out of the fees that you saved.

Get some ads ready

One other thing that you want to do is prep some ads so that they’re ready to launch when you get back. That way, when you come back, things are ready to go and you don’t need a vacation from your vacation! You can also run some promos on listings.

After you get back from Etsy vacation mode

We feel like sellers are more concerned about what to do once they get back from vacation. The going on vacation is easy, but coming BACK from vacation can be a little scary and daunting in your shop.

The run down

hands scrolling through social media

Those listing drafts that you created, go ahead and list them.
Renew any listings that expired and then don’t forget to turn them back to auto-renew. Go ahead and publish those ads we mentioned earlier.

Hit up your social media pages. Start pushing your new listings out there. Basically, just get stuff on your stories on Instagram or to whichever platform you use the most. Make some Insta Reels or TikToks, just get as much out there as you can!

Email your community once you’re back from vacation mode

etsy vacation mode - woman sending an email to her customer list now that she's back form vacation

Another thing you can do is put out an email to your community. Just like a, “Hey, we’re back. Everything’s functioning as normal now.” A big part of being a boutique seller is the idea of letting your customers in on your process. And a lot of times, in on your life in general (obviously, not every piece of it). And going on vacation and taking a break from the creative process is indeed a part of the creative process.

Basically, you’re letting them know you’re going to go rejuvenate (let them in on a little bit of that whole process, if you want to). Then when you’re back, you’re letting them know, “Hey, we’re back. We’re back to the grind. We’re here for all of your questions and concerns and needs.”

Important side note

If you’re plugged in, do not try to do the following. If you have unplugged and decided to step away, but if you’re checking in, you might consider turning vacation mode off a couple of days before you’re actually back.

Final thoughts on Etsy Vacation Mode

So these are our tips for before and after you take a vacation from your shop! We hope you found them helpful.

Also, we love to hear from you guys! Be sure to send your questions to us, let us grab a drink and sit down with you on the next With a Twist and chat through those questions. Just like you guys, we’re doing the same grind, and really enjoy interacting with our community. So if you have questions send yours in, and who knows, you’ll probably get featured on the next show!

Also, be sure to check out our full video to see all of the back and forth between Lisa & Jade! We may or may not be having a fun drink, have a cute guest cameo, all while dealing with our temperamental dishwasher!

Happy selling, everyone!

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