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How to Get a Star Seller Badge on Etsy

Etsy’s Star Seller badge program rewards sellers with exceptional customer service by displaying a prominent purple badge on their listings. This badge tells shoppers they’re a serious seller who meets their customer’s expectations—but it also enhances shop visibility, increases sales potential, and sets sellers apart from competitors. But getting a star seller badge can be tough. Here’s everything you need to know.

How to Achieve the Star Seller Badge on Etsy

To earn the Star Seller badge on Etsy, sellers must meet the following customer service standards:

  • Respond to messages quickly: Maintain a 95% response rate for first messages within 24 hours.
  • Ship fast and on time: Ensure 95% of orders are shipped on time with tracking or an Etsy shipping label.
  • Get outstanding reviews: Achieve an average rating of 4.8 or higher.
  • Sell more: Complete at least 5 orders totaling a minimum of $300 over a three-month period.

Etsy helps sellers understand where they stand by keeping track of these metrics in the Star Seller dashboard. If you fail to meet the criteria for any one category, you’ll forgo your badge for the next three months.

Screenshot of Etsy shop dashboard that shows how to get a Star Seller badge on Etsy.

Here’s a more detailed look at what sellers need to do in order to get a Star Seller badge on Etsy:

Respond to messages quickly

To qualify as a Star Seller, it’s crucial to maintain a high level of responsiveness. Etsy requires sellers to have a 95% or higher message response rate for the first message received in any thread within 24 hours.

  • This applies to messages from buyer and seller accounts, but messages from Etsy and messages you mark as spam don’t count.
  • If you have trouble responding on time, we recommend you set up an auto-reply to all incoming messages.

Ship fast and on time

Efficient processing and shipping are key to achieving Star Seller status. Sellers must ensure that at least 95% of their orders are shipped on time according to the processing times they have set. Additionally, these orders must include a tracking number or be shipped with a shipping label purchased from Etsy.

  • If a seller marks an order as complete without adding tracking details, it doesn’t count towards Star Seller.
  • If you’re a seller who uses stamps to send small products, Etsy has partnered with Pitney Bowes to make tracking possible for letters.
Etsy seller writing hand drawn letters to ship fast and get her star seller badge on Etsy.

Get outstanding reviews

Maintaining high customer satisfaction is crucial for any small business—especially when it comes to public reviews. Etsy expects Star Sellers to have an average customer rating of 4.8 or higher. This rating reflects the quality of both the products and the customer service provided, and it is calculated based on the reviews left by buyers.

  • To find your current average, Etsy takes the ratings within the last three months divided by the number of reviews you received.
  • Your twelve-month average is public to shoppers. Don’t confuse this with your current three-month average.

Sell more

In order to get the Star Seller badge on Etsy, sellers must meet a minimum sales requirement. Within the three-month review period, a seller must complete at least 5 orders with a combined total of at least $300.

  • This can be difficult for sellers of lower-priced items. Try bundling some of your most popular listings to increase your average order value.
  • Take advantage of holidays and sales periods to get more products out the door and increase your total number of orders.
Etsy seller getting help from a friend to fulfill packages to customers.

The Benefits of a Star Seller Badge on Etsy

While Etsy claims that Star Seller doesn’t improve ranking in search (that’s just not how Etsy search works), the badges do offer some other nice benefits for Etsy sellers:

  • Increased Marketing Exposure: Star Sellers are more likely to be featured in Etsy’s marketing campaigns, enhancing your shop’s visibility.
  • Enhanced Buyer Trust: The badge acts as a trust signal to Etsy shoppers, potentially influencing buyer decisions and increasing sales.
  • Boost in Sales and Views: Star Sellers often see higher sales and more listing views.
  • Positive Feedback Loop: Star Seller recognition typically leads to better reviews and sales, reinforcing the seller’s top-tier status.

Increased Visibility in Marketing Materials

One of the standout benefits of being a Star Seller is the increased chance of being featured in Etsy’s marketing materials. This can include everything from email marketing campaigns to social media features and even prominent placements on the Etsy website.

This is a pretty nice perk since it positions the seller in front of a larger, engaged audience—potentially leading to increased traffic to their shop and higher sales volumes.

Screenshot of Etsy Birthday promo that Star Sellers can take advantage of for increased visibility in Etsy marketing.
Via Etsy

Enhanced Buyer Trust and Confidence

The Star Seller badge serves as a trust signal to potential buyers. You’ve earned Etsy’s trust by hitting the target customer service metrics—so shoppers can rest easy knowing they’re purchasing from a “top-tier” seller.

With a purple star identified on your listings, this badge tells buyers at a glance that you’re recognized for outstanding service and reliability. It assures buyers of the quality and dependability they can expect when ordering from your shop.

While it’s not always the case, hesitant shoppers may be more likely to buy from a Star Seller than competitors without a badge. For shoppers who prioritize this, they may even filter Etsy search results to see only Star Seller’s listings.

Boost in Sales and Listing Views

Etsy’s data suggests that Star Sellers tend to achieve more sales and attract more listing views than their counterparts who don’t have the badge. While this could be correlation, not causation—the metrics needed to reach Star Seller status will undoubtedly help improve your overall shop performance, whether or not you retain your badge over time.

However, an uptick in shopper engagement, whether it’s directly caused by the badge or not, makes the criteria for Star Seller an attractive goal to strive for.

Positive Feedback Loop

Achieving Star Seller status can create a positive feedback loop. What this means is the badge enhances an Etsy seller’s reputation, which in turn can lead to more sales and better customer reviews, further solidifying their status as a “top-tier” seller on Etsy.

This ongoing cycle not only helps sustain high performance in terms of sales and customer satisfaction but also motivates sellers to continually improve their service and offerings.

Handmade seller on the phone with friends and family to receive feedback on her products.

Challenges of Reaching Star Seller on Etsy

While achieving Star Seller status is a notable accomplishment on Etsy, it’s important to recognize that not every seller will meet the criteria immediately—or even at all.

Various challenges can affect a seller’s ability to qualify, such as fluctuating sales volume, operational hurdles, or simply the competitive nature of the marketplace.

However, Etsy offers numerous paths to success, and sellers can thrive on the platform even without the Star Seller badge.

Challenges in Achieving Star Seller Status

  • Volume Requirements: Newer sellers or those in niche markets might find it challenging to meet the sales and order minimums required for Star Seller status.
  • Operational Demands: Maintaining a response rate of 95% within 24 hours and ensuring that 95% of orders ship on time with tracking can be demanding, especially for small-scale or part-time sellers.
  • Market Variability: Factors such as seasonal demand fluctuations can affect both sales and customer interaction rates, impacting a seller’s ability to consistently meet Star Seller criteria.

Alternative Strategies for Non-Star Sellers

Handmade seller searching on her laptop to find out how to get a Star Seller badge on Etsy.

Despite the challenges of achieving Star Seller status on Etsy, sellers can adopt various strategies to build a successful shop:

Focus on Quality and Unique Etsy Products

  • Be different than anyone else: Stand out by offering unique products that are not widely available on Etsy. This could be through innovative designs, customizations, or exceptional craftsmanship.
  • Offer quality with every product: Ensure that every product shipped is of the highest quality, reducing the likelihood of negative reviews and increasing the chance of repeat customers.

Optimize Etsy Listings for SEO

  • Keywords: Use Etsy tags that sell—relevant and highly searched keywords in product titles, descriptions, and tags to improve visibility in Etsy search results.
  • Photography: Invest in high-quality photos that showcase products effectively, as visually appealing listings tend to attract more buyers.
  • Descriptions: Craft detailed, engaging, and informative product descriptions that answer potential buyers’ questions and highlight the benefits of the product.

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Engage with the Etsy Community and Build Customer Relationships

  • Put your customer forward: Provide excellent customer service by responding quickly to questions and resolving issues swiftly and fairly (even if it falls outside 24 hours).
  • Engage with the community: Participate in Etsy forums, teams, and community events to network and learn from other successful sellers.
  • Implement feedback: Actively seek customer feedback to continually improve products and services. Bad reviews can be your greatest opportunity for improvement.
How to get a Star Seller badge on Etsy: Seller using Etsy forums to network with other sellers in his niche.

Utilize Etsy’s Marketing and Promotional Tools

  • Try paid ads: Consider using Etsy’s ad platform or even Pinterest ads to increase visibility for your listings.
  • Offer sales and promotions: Run periodic promotions or offer discounts to attract new customers and encourage repeat business.

By focusing on these alternative strategies, Etsy sellers can build a strong, successful shop that attracts and retains customers, regardless of Star Seller status. The key is consistently delivering value and exceptional experiences to buyers—fostering a loyal customer base and a solid reputation on the platform.

How to Keep Star Seller While on Vacation Mode

Vacation mode impacts Star Seller eligibility by halting new orders and reducing message interactions. Sellers can manage this by:

  • Planning ahead: Adjust processing times and notify existing customers before you go on vacation.
  • Maintaining responsiveness: Ensure auto-responses are turned on, and periodically check messages so your current customers aren’t left high and dry.
  • Monitoring performance: Regularly check the Star Seller dashboard to gauge the impact and adjust strategies accordingly.

Pro Tip: Stressing about Star Seller status while on vacation can be detrimental to your mental health. If you don’t want to worry about this, spend time with your family instead. When your own mental health is at stake, is becoming an Etsy Star Seller worth it?

Over to you

While the Star Seller badge enhances visibility and appeal, the most important thing for Etsy sellers is to deliver quality products and excellent customer service.

When you strive to reach the minimums required for Star Seller, you’ll focus more on creating greater customer experiences. Whether or not you actually achieve Star Seller status—these goals will guide you toward lasting success and fulfillment as an Etsy seller.

If you have trouble reaching Star Seller status, drop us a comment below and share your story. And as always, happy selling!

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