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How to Calculate Etsy Shipping Prices in 2024

As an Etsy seller, you know that shipping can be a complex puzzle. Whether you’re a seasoned shop owner or just starting, understanding Etsy’s shipping options is crucial for success. Let’s demystify Etsy’s shipping process, focusing on both Fixed Price and Calculated Shipping, ensuring your handmade business thrives.

Understanding Etsy’s Shipping Profile Types

Etsy offers two primary shipping options, each with its unique advantages and challenges. Here’s a quick overview to help you choose the best fit for your shop.

Fixed Price Shipping

This option is ideal for smaller, consistently weighted items like greeting cards. You set a standard shipping rate, and your customer pays it, regardless of their location.

However, if you’re dealing with larger items, fixed pricing could lead to overcharging customers or absorbing excess costs yourself.

snapshot of fixed price etsy shipping

Calculated Shipping

Etsy automatically calculates shipping costs based on the item’s specifics and your chosen shipping methods. It’s a hassle-free way to ensure fair and accurate shipping charges.

→ Use Our Etsy Fee Calculator for Your Shop

Deciding Your Etsy Shipping Method

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Choosing the right shipping method doesn’t have to be daunting. Here are some key considerations:

  • Cost-to-Ship: Know the actual shipping cost to avoid losses, especially if offering discounted rates.
  • Impact on Profit: Free or discounted shipping can affect your bottom line. Our Etsy Fee Calculator helps you understand your profit margins.
  • Customer Appeal: High shipping costs can deter customers. Research competitor shipping prices with tools like Marmalead for market-aligned rates.
etsy shipping analytics as shown inside marmalead

Before you turn away customers due to high shipping prices, you NEED to know what your competitors charge. That’s where Marmalead comes in.

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  • What percentage of Etsy shops offer free shipping for their products?
  • What’s the average processing time for products like yours?
  • How many other Etsy sellers increase their prices to cover the cost of free shipping?

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etsy shipping analytics as shown inside marmalead

Creating Effective Etsy Shipping Profiles

Etsy allows you to save shipping settings through profiles. You can either edit existing profiles or create new ones under ‘Settings > Shipping Settings > Shipping Profile’.

Key Settings in Shipping Profiles:

  • Shipping Prices: Choose between Calculated Shipping and manual Fixed Price.
  • Origin Post/ZIP Code: Determines the shipping starting point.
  • Processing Time: Impacts your dispatch date and customer expectations.
  • Delivery Destinations and Services: Defines where and how you ship.
  • Free Shipping Option: Consider offering free shipping to enhance appeal.
  • Handling Fees: Cover additional packing and handling costs.

Pro Tip: Opt for services with tracking and insurance for peace of mind and customer satisfaction.

Shipping prices

When selecting your Etsy shipping settings, you’ll notice a dropdown menu, with the recommended selection being “Calculate them for me.” It’s this option that makes Calculated Shipping what it is – automatically calculated according to the size and services you’re offering.

If you’d rather use fixed price Etsy shipping for our listings, simply select “I’ll enter fixed prices manually.”

Origin Post/ZIP code

This is the postcode or ZIP of where your packages will be sent from. It’s important to note that this isn’t always your ZIP or postal code. If you go to a postal depot to drop your orders off, the postal code of the depo goes here. If the delivery service comes to you, only then is it your postcode. 

Processing time

How long does it take from the moment an order is placed to the moment it’s sent out? You can change this setting as you need to. Select a custom range if this product has a unique turnaround time. 

NOTE: Processing time will impact the “dispatch by” date and will also be seen by your customers. Therefore, a shorter processing time is advisable to make your product more desirable. 

Where I’ll Deliver

For calculated shipping only: This section is where you specify where you’ll send your item. This is, after all, your choice. By default, the setting will be set in your shop’s country as well as worldwide. Click the pencil icon and change these settings to suit where you will actually send your item. Note that your shop’s country must also be a shipping destination. Remember that you may have to complete other customs declarations on behalf of your customer if sent abroad. 

Delivery Services

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For calculated shipping only: Here is where you pick the shipping methods you’d like to offer. By default, all shipping methods that can be offered are selected. It’s up to you to uncheck the methods you don’t want to provide. Remember that some customers have a preferred postage type, and if you take that away, you decrease your chances of making a sale, especially when deadlines are involved. 

You’ll need to select at least one delivery service for each region that you said you’re going to deliver to. 

Pro Tip: If you only offer services that include tracking and insurance, you know that your customer can always track their item, and the product will be covered, no matter which delivery option they choose. This is great peace of mind for both you and your customer. 

Free shipping

Thanks to Amazon Prime and the modern world of eCommerce, many online consumers now expect free shipping. Even Etsy prioritizes listings in search that offer free shipping. Therefore, if you can afford to offer it, you should.

Handling Fees

For calculated shipping only: Need to cover the extra expenses and time it takes to pack and send your orders? That’s where your handling fee comes in. It’s this fee that covers both time and consumables away from your product – yes, that may include listing fees if you’re so inclined. 

NOTE: The handling fee is calculated per item. Handling fees can be different for domestic or international orders. Just check the “Set separate fees for domestic & international” box, and two different boxes for your separate handling fees will appear. 

Item weight & size

etsy shipping details - item weight and size

Item weight is simply the weight of your item before it’s packed. If you’re offering calculated Etsy shipping, this field is required.

Item size (when packed) is the approximate dimensions of your item before it goes inside a box. This would include any additional wrapping paper, cards, or any “extras” that you include with your product.

Etsy Shipping in a Nutshell

Calculated shipping is the easiest way to calculate your Etsy shipping prices in 2024. After all, it’s in the name. So, when customers place an order, they’ll get an accurate and instant shipping price specific to their location.

Etsy shipping doesn’t have to be a challenge. With the right knowledge and tools, you can streamline your shipping process and focus on what you love – creating. Share your shipping experiences or questions below, and join our newsletter for more Etsy tips and tricks!

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