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What Is a Good Conversion Rate on Etsy? And How to Increase It

Understanding your Etsy conversion rate is crucial if you’re aiming to boost your shop’s overall performance and sales. In this guide, we’ll explore what a good conversion rate looks like on Etsy, how it compares to general eCommerce rates, and share effective strategies to enhance your shop’s conversion rate.

Focusing on improving your conversion rate is crucial to maximizing the value of your shop traffic and enhancing your Etsy listing quality score. Several targeted and effective strategies can, directly and indirectly, boost your conversion rate on the Etsy platform, helping you turn more visitors into valued customers.

Key Takeaways
  • đź”® Gaining a deep understanding of your Etsy shop’s conversion rate is crucial. It measures the effectiveness of your listings in converting visitors into buyers and helps you strategize ways to optimize these interactions for increased sales.
  • 👆 Optimizing listing photos, titles, and prices can improve your click-through rate, directly influencing your shop’s ability to attract potential buyers and increase your overall conversion rate.
  • 📸 Utilizing high-quality photos and comprehensive product descriptions can significantly impact your conversion rates. They help potential buyers visualize the product in their daily lives and understand its value.
  • 🍊 Leveraging SEO tools like Marmalead to enhance listing visibility and attract more targeted traffic can lead to higher conversion rates, reinforcing the importance of tailored content and keyword optimization in your listings.
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What does ‘Conversation Rate’ mean on Etsy?

A conversion rate on Etsy is the percentage of visitors to your shop who complete a purchase. It’s calculated by dividing the number of sales by the number of visits to your shop, then multiplying by 100 to get the percentage. This metric helps you gauge the effectiveness of your Etsy listings and overall shop in converting browsing customers into buyers.

In other words, your Etsy conversion rate is the number of people who see a product listing directly compared to the number of people who buy it.

Example: If 100 people visit your Etsy listing for ‘custom cushion covers’ in a given period and 1 of those 100 people buys your product, that’s a 1% conversion rate.

Conversion Rates vs. Click-Through Rates

Your conversion rate on Etsy measures the percentage of visitors who make a purchase from your shop. However, your click-through rate (CTR) refers to the percentage of people who click on your listing after seeing it.

While your conversion rate tracks how well your shop turns visitors into buyers, your click-through rate indicates how effectively your listings attract potential buyers’ attention.

Example: Imagine you have an Etsy listing for ‘handmade candles.’ Over the month, your listing was viewed 1,000 times. Of those views, 50 people clicked on the listing, giving you a click-through rate (CTR) of 5%. This means 5% of the people who saw the listing were interested enough to learn more. Now, if 5 of those 50 people who clicked actually purchased a candle, your conversion rate would be 10%. This indicates that 10% of the visitors who clicked on the listing ended up buying your product.

Calculating your Etsy Conversion Rate

using smartphone calculator to figure out etsy conversion rate

Your Etsy conversion rate is a key indicator of your shop’s efficiency in turning visits into sales. Here’s a simple formula to calculate it:

  • Go to your Etsy Shop Dashboard.
  • Navigate to Listings and open the listing stats page.
  • Adjust the date range to view your conversation rate for all listings.
  • Or scroll down to individual listings and use the formula: (Orders Ă· Visits) x 100 = Conversion Rate %

This metric helps you understand the effectiveness of your listing in converting visitors into buyers.

What is a Good Conversion Rate on Etsy?

While conversion rates vary widely depending on product categories and market conditions, the average Etsy conversion rate typically ranges between 2-3%. While exceptional shops may see rates as high as 5%.

Understanding these benchmarks can help you set realistic goals for your shop.

Average Conversion Rates in eCommerce

As an Etsy seller, your online store operates within the broader eCommerce landscape, so understanding general eCommerce conversion rates can be beneficial.

The average eCommerce conversion rate in May 2024 was 2.07%, a 13.87% decrease from 1.78% in May 2023.

eCommerce Conversion Rate Data Source: IRP Commerce

Of course, it’s important to remember that conversion rates vary from market to market. So, different products will have a different average conversion rate.

Here are the average eCommerce conversion rates for various product categories as of May 2024, according to IRP Commerce data:

  • Arts & Crafts: 5.00%
  • Baby & Child: 0.88%
  • Fashion, Clothing & Accessories: 1.37%
  • Food & Drink: 1.03%%
  • Health & Wellbeing: 3.02%
  • Pet Care: 2.78%
  • Sports & Recreation: 1.63%
  • Toys, Games & Collectibles: 1.85%

Understanding Etsy Conversion Rates

man and woman shake hands over computer

Understanding your conversion rate on Etsy is important because it represents the relationship between your shop traffic and overall profit. A high conversion rate means more visitors are making purchases, meaning your Etsy listing is optimized for sales.

This also affects the long-term success of your Etsy shop. More sales means more opportunities for positive reviews, the potential for repeat customers, and an increase in your overall listing quality score.

On the other hand, a low conversion rate may indicate a disconnect between the type or quality of traffic visiting your listings and how your product or message is presented. This suggests that your listing page may not effectively communicate your products’ value to your target audience.

Why a High Conversion Rate on Etsy Is Important

Etsy’s algorithm favors listings and shops with high conversion rates, improving their search ranking and exposure over time—ultimately leading to more traffic and sales.

A high conversion rate also indicates that your product offerings and pricing strategies are well-aligned with customer expectations. This can contribute to a better-performing shop and increased customer satisfaction through positive reviews.

Here are some ways a high conversion rate affects your Etsy shop:
Future Shop Success

A high conversion rate suggests that your products meet customer expectations, leading to repeat business and positive reviews—both of which can compound into more sales.

Etsy’s Algorithm

Etsy’s search algorithm favors listings with higher conversion rates. Listings that convert well will likely be ranked higher in search results, making them more visible to potential buyers.

Remember, Etsy’s search algorithm wants to serve customers quality products from reputable sellers. This is where your listing quality score comes into play.

Etsy Listing Quality Score

Conversion rates have a direct impact on your Etsy listing quality score. Listings with higher conversion rates are perceived as more desirable to customers, which can improve their quality score and visibility within the platform.

This enhanced visibility further increases the likelihood of sales, creating a positive feedback loop for successful listings.

Understanding your Etsy Listing Quality Score

When looking at your Etsy conversion rate, it helps to understand which factors determine the quality score of your listings. Etsy gives all listings a quality score.

It’s a secret score Etsy uses to grade your listings.

And its calculation is determined by Etsy’s algorithm, which helps place your listing in search results for any given buyer.

Your Etsy listing quality score is directly and indirectly affected by its:

  • Number of views
  • Time on a listing page
  • Add to cart frequency
  • Click through rate
  • Favorites
  • Completed purchases

As you can see, positive interaction with your listing that leads to favorites and, most importantly sales, will greatly improve your listing quality score.

While frequent clicks with few sales will certainly decrease your listing quality score.

So the more customers that buy your listings, the better your listing quality score will become. This means that your titles, tags, descriptions, listing photos, sales copy, and sales history all affect your listing quality score.

The bottom line: The better your listing quality score, the higher your Etsy conversion rate.

How to Increase Etsy Click-Through Rate

Before increasing your conversion rate, you should instead focus on increasing your click-through rate (CTR). Your CTR is crucial because it measures how effectively your listings attract potential buyers’ attention. A higher CTR means more visitors find your listings interesting enough to click on, suggesting your titles, images, and pricing are all appealing.

This initial engagement is essential for driving more traffic to your listings, which can lead to increased sales. Additionally, a high CTR can positively influence your search ranking on Etsy, as it signals to Etsy’s algorithm that your listings are relevant and engaging to shoppers.

Here are some ways to improve your CTR on Etsy:
  • Use high-quality listing photos: Invest in professional or high-quality images that clearly showcase your product. Select the best one as your primary listing photo.
  • Write relevant, easy-to-understand listing titles: Ensure your listing titles are straightforward and directly related to what buyers are searching for.
  • Offer competitive pricing: Set your prices competitively within your market segment to attract more clicks.
  • Provide special offers: Use discounts, seasonal offers, or limited-time promotions to entice potential buyers.
  • Get positive reviews: Encourage satisfied customers to leave positive reviews, which will boost your shop’s credibility and attract more clicks.
Etsy Conversion Rate - Bath and beauty salt products.

How to Increase Etsy Conversion Rate

Increasing your conversion rate means getting more shop visitors to make a purchase. This not only improves your bottom line but also signals to Etsy’s algorithm that your products are desirable—potentially enhancing your listings’ visibility in search rankings.

Increasing your conversion rate involves several strategic steps to enhance how visitors interact with your listings.

Follow these steps to increase your conversion rate on Etsy:
  • Take listing photos that sell: Your listing photos should draw customers in, speak to their preferred lifestyle, and offer a better look at your product. Try using quality listing photos that you might find on Instagram or Pinterest.
  • Write listing descriptions that sell: Write engaging and compelling listing descriptions to describe your product. Answer questions, emphasize materials and quality, and describe the benefits of using your product.
  • Offer speedy processing times: If your customers can get a similar product faster than someone else, they will. Offer quick processing times to attract buyers who want your product as soon as possible.
  • Provide free shipping: Free shipping is pretty much standard in online shopping. Customers expect it. Offer free shipping options to remove this obstacle from a customer’s purchase decision.
Etsy Conversion Rate - Woman packaging various sized Etsy products.

Take Listing Photos That Sell

Understanding the psychology behind engaging photos can improve your conversion rate by influencing buyer behavior. Here’s how to leverage this with lifestyle shots and high-quality photos:

  • Visualize your products in use: Lifestyle shots showcasing products in real-life scenarios help potential buyers visualize how they could use the item themselves.
  • Better photo quality: High-resolution images are crucial. They convey the quality of your product and enhance the buyer’s browsing experience. Make sure your photos are sharp and clear.
  • Good lighting: Proper lighting can dramatically improve the appeal of your photos. Natural light often works best to bring out the true colors and textures of your products. If natural light isn’t available, use soft artificial lights that mimic daylight.
  • Multiple angles: Offer various angles to give a complete view of your product. Include close-ups to highlight unique features and craftsmanship. This variety not only improves the aesthetic appeal of your listing but also builds trust by providing a thorough visual description of the item.
Etsy Conversion Rate - Women provide a video review for makeup.

Write Listing Descriptions That Sell

The clarity and detail in your product descriptions play a crucial role in converting interest into sales on marketplaces like Etsy. Here’s why and how to optimize your listing descriptions:

  • Be detailed and clear: Descriptions should clearly articulate what the product is, how it’s used, and why it’s unique. Detailed descriptions reassure buyers about what they’re purchasing, reducing uncertainty and increasing trust.
  • Invoke the senses: Use sensory words that emphasize sight, touch, taste, smell, or sound to bring your descriptions to life. For example, describing a candle as having a “warm, woody aroma” or a blanket as “soft as a cloud” can create vivid mental images and emotional responses, making the product more appealing.
  • Highlight the benefits: Beyond technical specifications, focus on how the product improves the buyer’s life. For instance, if you’re selling ‘handmade soap,’ mention how it’s gentler on the skin compared to commercial soaps, or highlight its eco-friendly ingredients.
  • Answer common questions: Anticipate potential questions and answer them within your description. If you’re selling a garment, include not just the size but also washing instructions, fabric details, and fit information to prevent returns and increase customer satisfaction.

Offer Competitive Pricing

Competitive pricing is pivotal in influencing buyer behavior and enhancing conversion rates on platforms like Etsy. The price you set can significantly affect a buyer’s perception of your product’s value. Strategically pricing your items can make them seem more appealing:

  • Understanding perceived value: Pricing affects how customers perceive the quality and exclusiveness of a product. A higher price might suggest a better quality or a luxury status, attracting buyers looking for premium items.
  • Conduct market research: Continually analyze competitor pricing to ensure your prices are aligned with market expectations without undervaluing your products. Marmalead makes this easy by offering a complete price spread breakdown for listings that target the same keywords.
  • Offer tiered pricing: Offer unique products at various price points to cater to different segments of your market. Adjust the materials or value of your product to reflect this price change. This can expand your customer base and increase overall sales volume.

Offer Top Notch Customer Service

By offering the very best in customer service, Etsy sellers can build stronger relationships with their buyers, leading to higher conversion rates, repeat customers, and a solid reputation on the platform. Here are some ways to do this:

  • Respond quickly: Immediate responses to customer messages can significantly enhance the buying experience. Timely replies often convert potential interest into sales by addressing buyer concerns swiftly, which can make the difference in a competitive marketplace.
  • Be personable: Tailoring your messages to address specific customer needs or questions adds a personal touch that can enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty. This personalized approach can make customers feel valued and more likely to commit to a purchase.
  • Handle disputes with grace: Efficiently and diplomatically resolving issues or disputes is crucial. Showing empathy and offering fair solutions can turn potentially negative experiences into positive ones, preserving customer relationships and encouraging repeat business.
  • Follow-up: After a sale, follow-up messages to confirm purchase satisfaction or provide additional support can reinforce a positive shopping experience and encourage repeat visits.

Increase Conversion Rates with Etsy SEO

Increasing your Etsy conversion rate not only boosts your direct sales but significantly enhances your Etsy SEO. A higher conversion rate signals to Etsy’s algorithm that your products are desirable, leading to better search ranking and increased visibility. This helps attract more visitors, potentially raising conversion rates even further.

Marmalead supports this by helping sellers optimize their listings with SEO-focused tools. By identifying high-performing keywords and analyzing market trends, Marmalead ensures that listings are primed to attract targeted traffic, which is more likely to convert.

This targeted approach helps improve both your click-through rates and conversion rates, making your shop more prominent in Etsy search results.

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Over to you

To improve your conversion rate on Etsy, focus on effective strategies like quality listing photos, refining descriptions, and leveraging tools like Marmalead for enhanced SEO.

Remember, every small improvement in your conversion rate boosts your immediate sales and strengthens your shop’s standing on Etsy.

Good luck and happy selling!

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