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Most Popular Beauty & Jewelry Keywords on Etsy in 2021

Using the right keywords in your Etsy shop is vital to get the growth and success you deserve. But it requires a little research to find them, so what better place to start than Marmalead? Well, we did the research so you didn’t have to and pulled some of the most popular beauty and jewelry keywords on Etsy in 2021. Here they are!

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Recently, we published a comprehensive article on some of the most popular keywords on Etsy in 2021. But there were a few categories that had more than just a couple popular keywords. And hands down, beauty products and jewelry are two of the most popular keywords on the Etsy marketplace, and for a good reason. There’s a high demand for handcrafted, one-of-a-kind jewelry, and smartly sourced beauty products that are kind to animals and the Earth.

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Now, before we take a deep dive into these keywords, it’s crucial to understand precisely what Etsy defines as ‘beauty’ and ‘jewelry.’

Defining “beauty & jewelry” on Etsy

It’s safe to say that quite a lot (but not all) of the products in the beauty and jewelry categories on Etsy are targeted at women. 

For beauty, this means things like scrubs, cosmetics, face masks, moisturizers, bath accessories, and so on. This category also includes cosmetics for men, including beard oils and waxes, too. 

The Etsy marketplace is famous for low-volume, high quality, and handmade goods, and the beauty section is ideal for products like that. 

Etsy is also home to many jewelry brands for the same reason; jewelry is one of the most popular product categories on Etsy. And high-quality, handmade pieces made by life-long artisans are common. 

Nowadays, handmade jewelry on Etsy encompasses necklaces, rings, earrings, bracelets, piercing jewelry – pretty much everything. 

How to use these beauty & jewelry keywords for your Etsy shop

The keywords on this list are popular because lots of people search for them

That, however, doesn’t mean they’re the best keywords for you to focus on when starting or growing your brand. For example, ‘keychain’ is such a popular keyword because of the number of buyers searching for it – which means there’s a lot of competition. On the surface though, you can understand why ‘keychain’ would be so competitive – the keyword is too broad.

That’s why it’s best to use the most popular beauty & jewelry keywords on Etsy as indicators of a good niche to start or expand into. Rather than concentrating on products using the ‘keychain’ keyword, a better keyword would be ‘leather keychain,’ ‘cute keychain for kids,’ or ‘keychain for dads.’ 

In other words, use these popular keywords as a guide to where you should further niche down. 

Some of the Most Popular Beauty & Jewelry Keywords on Etsy

Here are your keywords!


Crystals are a popular search term on Etsy for a variety of reasons. Crystal jewelry, crystals for healing, crystal vases – many final products feature crystal. 

Therefore, before racing out to sell ‘crystal,’ it’s best to do some deeper research yourself. 

Whether you believe in their healing properties or not, there’s been a recent surge in the popularity of crystals for healing, relaxation, and spiritual purposes. 

Crystal jewelry, incredibly minimalist in design, is always a popular niche. 

This is one of those crossover keywords that can be used in multiple categories. Crystal home decor, like vases, decanters, and whiskey bottles, is also popular, selling both new, used, and vintage products. Again, this demonstrates the importance of niching down as opposed to using keywords that are extremely vague.


Small and relatively affordable, it’s easy to see why ‘earrings’ is a popular Etsy keyword. Again, spend the time to figure out what type of earrings present your business the most opportunity – earrings for babies, drop earrings, fake gold earrings, and so on. 

Gold ring

The classic gold ring. 

Close up of a gold ring with a small diamond. 'Gold ring' is one of the popular beauty & jewelry keywords on Etsy.

An engagement ring, a wedding band, male, female – it’s simple to see why this search is popular, and it’s not hard to find a way to narrow down on this idea—gold ring for men, gold ring for a friend, gold thumb ring.


Very broad with absolutely no clear definition. But, this is the type of keyword your average buyer will type into Etsy search. This presents a great opportunity to really niche down into something specific. 


Yup, it made the list. Keychains, like earrings, are usually small and inexpensive and make an ideal gift. Niche down by creating keychains that make excellent gifts. Easy to create (depending on the material), customers can customize them, perhaps with a supplied image, like a monogram or initials, or something similar. 


This keyword is somewhat of an exception since we’re getting a little more specific. It’s one of the most popular beauty & jewelry keywords on Etsy, but it’s not as broad as ‘crystal.’ Moldavite is a greenish type of rock that’s slightly transparent that’s created from a meteor impact. It all comes from a specific area in the Czech Republic, increasing its rarity. 

Close up of a clear/purple moldavite necklace. 'Moldavite' is one of the popular beauty & jewelry keywords on Etsy.

Unless you’re able to get your hands on genuine Moldavite from this region and possibly even certify it, you may have to stick to selling ‘Moldavite-like’ jewelry if you want to get in on this keyword. 


Just as broad as the ‘jewelry’ keyword, it will require a lot of research and niching down to take advantage of this keyword’s popularity. 

Close up of a silver necklace with a feather charm. "Necklace' is one of the popular beauty & jewelry keywords on Etsy.


A very broad topic again, but the following keyword helps you niche down further:

Rings for women

Rings for men are a common product on Etsy, but it should come as no shock that ‘rings for women’ is one of the more popular keywords in this category. 

Niche down by selling rings of a specific material (gold, wood, stone), of a particular design (classic, minimalist), or for a particular occasion (wedding, friendship, graduation).

Self care

With lockdown and restrictions thanks to the pandemic happening, it’s no surprise that ‘self-care’ has increased in popularity. In fact, it’s not just grown in popularity on Etsy but also on Google. 

Close up of a bath bomb and a loofa. 'Self care' is one of the popular beauty & jewelry keywords on Etsy.

However, this phrase on Etsy is a request for products to help someone take care and ‘pamper’ themself. Self-care boxes and kits are popular, and many include products like massage oils, bath bombs, facemasks, and other products that can help a customer indulge and relax a little. 

Press on nails

Press on nails is an interesting keyword, as they’re not the type of product you’d expect to find on Etsy. That should be an indicator of how you can take advantage of this niche. 

Close up of a green painted finger nails holding a black coffee cup. 'Press on nails' is one of the popular beauty & jewelry keywords on Etsy.

Rather than mass-produced press on nails, consider selling press on hand-painted nails. If you’ve got a talent for painting nails, you’ll be able to send your talent to customers all over the world without needing them to come into your store to get their nails done. 

Niche down with long tail alternatives for popular beauty & jewelry keywords on Etsy

Throughout the list of keywords above, we expanded on each one with a few ideas to help you niche down and sell a specific product while also taking advantage of the popular search term. 

Disclaimer: The list of long tail keywords below isn’t backed by data saying these terms are the most popular. Rather, these long tails should help give you an idea of how to take advantage of the most popular beauty & jewelry keywords.

  • andara crystals
  • mushroom earrings
  • breastmilk jewelry
  • 3D printed jewelry
  • food keychain
  • moldavite necklace
  • moldavite crystal
  • ombre press on nails
  • hair rings
  • his and her promise rings
  • self care planner

Protip: You can use the keyword research tool in Marmalead to find your own long tail alternatives to these popular keywords.

Over to you

Etsy grew in popularity when it first started because it was home to many artisan makers that created and sold handmade, low-volume jewelry and beauty products. 

While Etsy has grown and expanded over the years, these two categories remain popular and flooded with competition. However, with the data that Marmalead provides, you’re able to check if the keywords you’ve got in mind are worth being a part of, and if not, some really great alternatives. This article should have given you a few ideas, but it’s up to you to get creative and find ways to put the above keywords into use.

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