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Most Popular Beauty & Jewelry Keywords on Etsy in 2023

Harnessing the potential of keywords in your Etsy shop is a crucial step towards achieving the growth and success you deserve. However, finding the right keywords requires diligent research. That’s where Marmalead comes in. We have conducted the research on your behalf and curated a selection of the most popular beauty and jewelry keywords on Etsy in 2023. Let’s take a look!

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So, what can you learn from this article?

The keywords listed below are some of the most popular beauty & jewelry keywords on Etsy in 2023.

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Use this list of the most popular keywords on Etsy to get a better understanding of engaging product categories on the Etsy marketplace.

Exploring Popular Beauty & Jewelry Keywords on Etsy

In a comprehensive article recently published, we dove into some of the most popular keywords on Etsy in 2023. However, it became evident that the categories of beauty and jewelry deserved a closer look due to their abundance of popular keywords. Undoubtedly, beauty products and jewelry reign supreme on the Etsy marketplace, and for good reason.

There is a notable demand for handcrafted, one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces and consciously sourced beauty products that prioritize the well-being of animals and the environment.

Before diving into the details of these keywords, it is essential to understand how Etsy defines “beauty” and “jewelry.”

What are jewelry and beauty products on Etsy?

While it is not an absolute rule, it is safe to say that a significant portion of the products in the beauty and jewelry categories on Etsy are targeted toward women. And that’s largely because the demand for these products is simply higher for the female demographic.

Beauty products on Etsy

In the realm of beauty, this encompasses items such as scrubs, cosmetics, face masks, moisturizers, bath accessories, and more.

However, it is also worth noting that Etsy’s beauty section includes cosmetics tailored for men, such as beard oils and waxes (as well as a growing number of other men’s beauty products).

The Etsy marketplace, renowned for its low-volume and high-quality handmade goods, proves ideal for showcasing such beauty products.

Jewelry products on Etsy

Similarly, Etsy boasts a myriad of jewelry brands for the same reasons.

Jewelry stands as one of the most popular product categories on Etsy, offering high-quality, handmade pieces crafted by lifelong artisans.

In today’s market, handmade jewelry on Etsy encompasses an extensive range of options, including necklaces, rings, earrings, bracelets, and piercing jewelry.

Close up of women's hand wearing a gold ring.

Leveraging Beauty & Jewelry Keywords for Your Etsy Shop

The keywords featured in this list have gained popularity due to their high search volume.

However, it is crucial to note that these may not necessarily be the best keywords to focus on when establishing or expanding your brand.

For instance, ‘keychain’ may be a highly popular keyword due to the number of buyers searching for it, resulting in fierce competition.

Nevertheless, at first glance, it becomes apparent that ‘keychain’ is overly broad.

Most popular beauty and jewelry keywords on Etsy - 'Keychain' keyword statistics from Etsy.

To optimize your keyword strategy, consider utilizing the popular beauty and jewelry keywords on Etsy as indicators of potential niches to explore.

Instead of solely concentrating on ‘keychain,’ you can further narrow your focus by incorporating more specific keywords, such as ‘leather keychain,’ ‘cute keychain for kids,’ or ‘keychain for dads.’

In other words, by utilizing niche-specific keywords, you can better align your products with the needs and preferences of your target audience.

Presenting the Most Popular Beauty & Jewelry Keywords on Etsy in 2023:

Here they are:

Aloe vera

The cure-all plant, aloe vera can be used for a variety of skin care techniques. And it also looks great in a pot on your shelf.


Chunky or dainty, bracelets keep your wrists looking fashionable. A basic keyword that offers room for a specific niche.


Before Pandora expanded on the infinite world or charms, these were most popular with kids in the schoolyard. Nowadays, charms vary from inexpensive trinkets to diamond-laced anything. Every good chain or bracelet could use a charm.


Popular in the 20s, then again in the 40s, then in the 2000s… Everything old is new again.

Crystal necklace

The allure of crystals on Etsy is undeniable, attracting attention for various reasons. Whether it’s crystal jewelry, crystals for healing, or crystal vases, these captivating gemstones find their way into a multitude of final products.

However, before hastily venturing into selling “crystals,” it is crucial to delve deeper and conduct thorough research on your own.

Regardless of one’s beliefs in their healing properties, there has been a remarkable upsurge in the popularity of crystals for healing, relaxation, and spiritual purposes. The demand for crystal jewelry, known for its minimalist designs, remains consistently high and offers a captivating niche for sellers to explore.

Interestingly, crystals serve as a crossover keyword, applicable to multiple categories. Crystal home decor items, including vases, decanters, and whiskey bottles, have also gained significant popularity, with new, used, and vintage products being sought after.

This again underscores the importance of narrowing down your focus by diving into specific niches rather than relying on overly vague keywords.

Ear cuff

A circular band that clips over the edge of your ear.


Small and relatively affordable, it’s easy to see why ‘earrings’ is a popular Etsy keyword. Again, spend the time to figure out what type of earrings present your business the most opportunity — earrings for babies, drop earrings, fake gold earrings, and so on. 

Emerald ring

A standard ring with an emerald stone.

Engagement ring

The biggest money maker in the ring market.

Gold earrings

Like most of the keywords on this list, ‘gold earrings’ is extremely competitive. While there are thousands of shoppers searching and engaging with listings that use this keyword, there are thousands more listings using this tag.

This means you’ll have a rather hard time ranking for this keyword.

Most popular beauty and jewelry keywords on Etsy - 'Gold Earrings; keyword statistics on Marmalead.

Gold necklace

Could also be considered a chain.

Gold ring

The classic gold ring. 

An engagement ring, a wedding band, male, female – it’s simple to see why this search is popular, and it’s not hard to find a way to narrow down on this idea—gold ring for men, gold ring for a friend, gold thumb ring.

Most popular beauty and jewelry keywords on Etsy - Close up of a gold ring with a small diamond.

Handmade jewelry

Realistically, most of the jewelry sold on Etsy should be considered “handmade jewelry.” This is a keyword shoppers may type into search, but they’ll quickly narrow their search to something more specific.

Hoop earrings

Statement earrings.

Initial necklace

Customized necklaces featuring the wearer’s initials.


Very broad with absolutely no clear definition. But this is the type of keyword your average buyer will type into Etsy search. This obviously presents an opportunity to really niche down into something specific. 

Jewelry box

A simple or ornate box to store your jewelry.

Men’s bracelet

Gold and silver chain bracelets are back in style for men.

Men’s ring

Jewelry on Etsy isn’t just for women. Engagement rings, promise rings, and standard jewelry for men can be found aplenty.

Moonstone ring

A ring featuring the opalescent moonstone.

Name necklace

Like the name suggests, this necklace includes the wearer’s name or the name of a loved one.


Just as broad as ‘jewelry,’ this keyword will require a lot of research and niching down to take advantage of its popularity with shoppers.

Most popular beauty and jewelry keywords on Etsy - Close up of a silver necklace with a feather charm.

Necklaces for women

Features styles that would be desirable for the female wearer.

Nose ring

For pierced noses, or clip-on for fashion.

Opal ring

Precious opal is iridescent, while common opal may not be.

Pearl necklace

Typically, small, round, white earrings.

Personalized jewelry

A wide category of jewelry that can be customized in some fashion, making the final piece personal and one-of-a-kind for the wearer.

Press on nails

Press on nails is an interesting keyword, as they’re not the type of product you’d expect to find on Etsy. That should indicate how you can take advantage of this niche. 

Rather than mass-produced press on nails, consider selling press on hand-painted nails. If you’ve got a talent for painting nails, you’ll be able to send your talent to customers worldwide without needing them to come into your store to get their nails done. 

Most popular beauty and jewelry keywords on Etsy - Close up of a green painted finger nails holding a black coffee cup.

Ring box

A jewelry box made specifically for rings.


A very broad topic again, but the following keyword helps you niche down further:

Rings for women

Rings for men is a common enough product on Etsy, sure. But it should come as no shock that “rings for women” is one of the more popular keywords in this category. 

Niche down by selling rings of a specific material (gold, wood, stone), of a particular design (classic, minimalist), or for a particular occasion (wedding, friendship, graduation).

Silver rings

While the search term ‘silver ring’ isn’t as popular as ‘gold ring,’ shoppers are more likely to click through product listings. Of course, both have their fair share of competition.

Most popular beauty and jewelry keywords on Etsy - Snapshot of Marmalead statistics.


It’s about time you really take care of yourself. You deserve a treat.

This phrase on Etsy is a request for products to help someone take care of and ‘pamper’ themself. Self-care boxes and kits are popular, and many include products like massage oils, bath bombs, facemasks, and other products that can help a customer indulge and relax a little.

Close up of a bath bomb and a loofa. 'Self care' is one of the most popular beauty & jewelry keywords on Etsy.


Handmade soap is easy and fun to make. It’s a popular starting place for handmade sellers.

Sterling silver ring

Popular silver in the form of a ring.

Stud earrings

Studed stone, jewels, and diamonds alike.

Expand Your Etsy Potential: Long Tail Alternatives for Popular Beauty & Jewelry Keywords

Within the aforementioned list of keywords, we’re taking a closer look to offer innovative ideas to help you carve your own niche and capitalize on these popular search terms.

Please note that the following list of long tail keywords is not based on specific data stating their popularity. Rather, these suggestions aim to inspire you and provide a starting point for leveraging the most sought-after beauty & jewelry keywords effectively.

  • andara crystal pendants
  • mushroom stud earrings
  • enamel frog dangle earrings
  • birthstone keepsake necklace
  • geometric 3D printed earrings
  • pizza slice keychain
  • sushi roll stud earrings
  • moldavite necklace
  • ombre coffin-shaped press-on nails
  • silver hair rings for dreadlocks
  • matching titanium promise rings set
  • self-care tracker and reflection notebook

Pro Tip: Utilize the keyword research tool in Marmalead to discover your own unique long tail alternatives for these popular keywords.

Over to you

Etsy’s initial rise to popularity stemmed from its commitment to supporting artisan makers who crafted and sold handmade, low-volume jewelry and beauty products. And while Etsy has evolved and expanded over the years, these two categories continue to thrive, albeit with increased competition.

However, armed with the insightful data provided by Marmalead, you can evaluate the potential of your chosen keywords and explore compelling alternatives.

We hope this article has sparked your imagination and offered several new product ideas, but the real magic lies in your creativity and ability to bring these keywords to life. Embrace the challenge, think outside the box, and let the above keywords pave the way to your Etsy success.

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