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New Year’s Resolutions for Etsy Shop Owners in 2021

As an Etsy shop owner, we sincerely hope that you’re currently winding down from the craziness that was the 2020 holiday season. For that matter, we hope you’re able to take a deep breath and look ahead with positivity after the absolutely insane year we’ve all just come through together. Today, we’re going to chat through some New Year’s resolutions that will help you find Etsy shop success in the coming year. We also hope that this last post of 2020 will serve as encouragement for you moving forward into the new year. 

Four days out

Woman holding a gold star over a cake with 2021 on top

Today marks four days until 2021. Your inventory has probably shrunk quite a bit the last few weeks. Your boxes were packed and sent off to your customers with care and love. Despite the insanity that was the USPS (and honestly, you’re probably still dealing with this) you have fulfilled your orders. All of them. Woot!

No matter how the last few weeks went for you, you’re sitting here right now, reading these words. You made it through. We’re sending you the biggest virtual hug right now…or if hugs just aren’t your thing, major virtual high five! Basically, what we’re trying to say is, you did it. Well done! 

Looking ahead

Person pushing a zero off the edge of a cliff

We know we’re not alone in being really glad we’re about to leave 2020 behind. Yeah, things probably won’t change over night. We know there’s no magical 2021 wand that will make all our personal problems and world problems vanish. But, my gosh, we’re just really happy we’re here and about to walk into a new year together.

Looking back

Woman making products with fresh flowers

As you look back over 2020 in your Etsy shop, we hope that no matter how much you sold, you know that you succeeded in so many ways by simply making it through. This is no small feat in a normal year as an Etsy seller, let alone with all we just went through this year. 

Now that we’ve made it here, it’s time to start thinking ahead to what you’d like to accomplish in your shop in 2021! What would you do differently, now that you’re looking back? Are you planning to get more creative with your products? Are you pivoting to offer new products for the year ahead? Has this changed because of 2020? Are you hoping to expand in the coming year or are you happy with where you’re currently at? What will define success in your shop for 2021? 

Don’t let the numbers trip you

Numbers on a red background

So often, we define our success by the surface numbers we see on a screen. Who has the most sales? The most followers? How about the largest amount of email subscribers? Not that this is bad thing in and of itself, but focusing on these sorts of numbers can lead to comparison and disappointment. Instead of getting caught up in the numbers, define what success looks like for you personally and in your Etsy shop. Make goals for 2021 that will move you toward your personal and shop goals for success!

Moving into 2021 with confidence

Magic please

Have you got some new ideas and plans for January? Are you stuck and know you need to have a plan, but aren’t sure where to get started? Here are some easy things to get you moving in the right direction come the new year in your shop:

1. Get social

Be more active with your cyber followers so they will want to come in with you to see all the new and exciting things you have going on!

2. Use those shop updates

Show pictures you’ve taken behind the scenes while you’re creating all those fantastic products! The more you personally connect with your buyers, the better!

3. Your pricing

Consider where you’re at price-wise and decide if you’d like to add variety to your pricing or if a change all together needs to happen. Deciding this at the very beginning of the year ensures you’re on the right foot and not being paid less than you deserve. If you’re really unsure about where to start with your pricing, we have an entire blog post dedicated to this subject!  

4. How’s that SEO?

As always make sure you’re up on your SEO in your shop! There are so many resources available for you, from the Etsy Seller Handbook to Marmalead and making sure you’re utilizing them is one of the smartest decisions you’ll make for 2021. 

5. Refresh those images

Have you been stalling on hiring a photographer to take product pictures for you? Or have you been procrastinating taking them for yourself? Whichever avenue you choose to take, make sure it gets done sooner than later!

Professional and cohesive images can make a world of difference in an Etsy shop and there’s no time like the present to get started. If you’re struggling with getting started on your photography, check out this post for some helpful hints and this post for even more awesome ideas!

6. Update your about section

Does it have old info and an outdated story about you and where you’re at as a seller? Now is the time to get that taken care of before the new year gets into full swing. 

7. Start planning now

Start planning for the next upcoming holiday…Valentines anyone?

8. Learn from your mistakes

While the 2020 holiday season is still fresh in your mind, sit down and write a list of things you’d do differently. Did you run into shipping issues that weren’t directly related to COVID? Was there something you could change on your end to make the process easier for you and your buyers? Customer issues? How will you tackle those next year in order to have a smoother season?

These are simply a few ideas to help you get started with your new year, but we’d love to hear your ideas for 2021! What are you dreaming up for your shop? Do you have any New Year’s resolutions for your shop? Are you planning on doing something different altogether? Whatever it is, let us know about your plans and dreams in the comments below!

Fight burnout with balance

Self care isn't selfish

We know first hand that being an Etsy shop owner often means you work WAY more than you would in an office. Now that the holiday season is over and you can look back, can you see ways you might avoid burnout for the 2021 holiday season? Are there areas in your business you can source out or automate? If so, now is the time to look into those. Taking care of your mental and emotional well being is the top priority for every Etsy seller in order to have a healthy Etsy shop.

What would you like to see from us in 2021? 

We’ve got great things in the works for 2021! But we would also love to know what you’d like to read more of on this Marmalead blog of yours. We have a variety of things we cover here from Etsy SEO and how to use Marmalead, to design and positivity posts. So what are you wanting more of in the upcoming year? If you have something specific, drop your ideas in the comments below because we’re all ears! 

From our Marmalead team to you

Happy new year with oranges

While 2020 was not the easiest of years, we will cherish the great memories we made with you here. Thank you for being part of our community and our Marmalead family! From our team to yours, we hope you had a happy Hanukkah, a Merry Christmas, a happy Boxing Day and a joyful Kwanzaa! And to each and every one of you, a very, very happy New Year! 

Happy selling, everyone!


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