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Photoshop Alternatives for Etsy

If you’re looking for Photoshop Alternatives for Etsy, then you’re in luck – because the amount of photo editing programs available online is quite literally endless!

There’s a lot to take in with our recent article, 6 Ways to Use Photoshop for Etsy to Get Noticed. That’s because Photoshop has a bit of a steep learning curve even though it’s the standard when it comes to professional photo editing software. If you want to use the tools the pros do, then check out that article before you read on.

Sometimes though, we know Photoshop can get a little confusing with such a wide variety of its features. When all you need is a quick graphic, crop, or filter, there are plenty of other editing programs to look to, many of which are FREE.

So whether you’re brand new to the world of photo editing or a seasoned veteran looking for a new tool to use, here are some of our favorite photo editing tools for Etsy users.  

The best Photoshop alternatives for Etsy users

If you’re an entrepreneur in the digital world, then we don’t need to tell you how important it is to master visual marketing. For Etsy shops, your visual marketing comes mostly in the form of your product listings (however don’t rule out the importance of marketing on your own website and social media). These days, with so many businesses primarily doing business online (mom and pops and even the corporate suits), there’s been an explosion of free online photo editing programs. Some offer a blank canvas for you to start from scratch; others are full of design inspiration to get your creative juices flowing. Here are some of the best:


Canva is probably one of the most popular Photoshop alternatives for Etsy users, and for a good reason!

It’s a graphic design tool that’s entirely online and lets you design straight from within your web browser. No program downloads, no long updates, and no credit cards (there is a Pro version, but we think you can get by with just the free version) It’s not the best tool for editing your photos specifically, but it’s insanely good at offering tools to help you nail that shop aesthetic.

With a wide range of customizable design templates, graphics, and a host of other features, Canva is undoubtedly the first Photoshop alternative that Etsy sellers should check out. 

Check out Canva

Photoshop Express

We know what you’re thinking: “I thought this article was about Photoshop alternatives?” but c’mon, if you’re looking for in-depth photo editing tools at no cost, then Photoshop Express might just be the program for you.

Packed with some of the same great tools you can find in Photoshop but in a more user-friendly package! Photoshop Express you can remove blemishes with the simple click of a mouse, add filters and color corrections, add photo borders, and crop your photos with one simple click. We especially like the ability to instantly crop your photo to the size of an Etsy shop banner.

While it’s true the features are a little basic, it’s a great Photoshop alternative for Etsy.

Get Photoshop Express for PC or Apple


GIMP is a free software product you can download to your computer to edit your Etsy product photos and any other visuals. 

Once it’s installed, it can be a little intimidating but can be broken down into five main sections. GIMP’s tools are rather basic but incredibly powerful. 

If your goal is to edit some images, the color menu will be your best friend. Everything you need to change images, either manually automatically, is located here. 

Want to watch a video about using GIMP for the first time? Check out this video below:

Check out GIMP


Photopea is another online image editor. Visually, it looks quite similar to Photoshop.

Photopea can be used both for graphic design and photo editing. The process for editing images and designing graphics is quite similar, however, Photopea doesn’t offer the same processing power, and it’s not quite as complex. 

There’s no doubt that whatever photos you need to edit, tweak or touch up, Photopea can do it. 

Have a look at PhotoPea


FotoFuze is an online photo editor explicitly designed for touching up images on Etsy, So much so that you can sign up to FotoFuze using your Etsy account. 

Entirely for product photography, Photofuze can remove the background of your photo and turn it to a single color – usually white. That is fantastic for your Etsy store as you should have at least one image of your product with a white background and no distraction. FotoFuze helps you do just that. 

Upload your photo, highlight it, preview it, and hit finish. Your product is on a pristine white background!

Learn more about FotoFuze


Easil, (kinda like, easel – get it?)lis a tool similar to Canva. 

It’s used to create graphics – and for you, the Etsy seller – that’s more than likely going to be store banner images, product collages, or other marketing material to use on social media. It’s free to start, has loads of templates, and you can upload your images and create just about anything you want. 

Take a look at Easil is an open-sourced online photo editor. That means that anyone has access to the code and can create extra tools to help you edit your photos – and there are many! 

It has a wide range of automatic filters, its clone tool is highly praised, and it’s straightforward to navigate. 

Check out

Pixlr editor

Pixlr editor is made by the same people that created AutoDesk – the powerful software to design just about anything that’s 3D. 

There are several versions of Pixlr editor available – Desktop, web, mobile, and tablet, meaning you can edit your Etsy photos just about anywhere. 

With Pixlr editor, you can edit pictures in different tabs to ensure that they all look similar and that you’re keeping things consistent. Pixlr editor is free to use. 

Over to you

With your creativity bursting and several of the best Photoshop alternatives for Etsy users listed above, it’s time to sink your teeth into the world of graphic design. Get your photos looking as best you can, create the most eye-catching graphics, and put them to work for your Etsy business!


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2 replies on “Photoshop Alternatives for Etsy”

I just discovered this week that when using Canva for the preset size of 2000 x 2000 pixels for Etsy listing photo that when you save that it does NOT hold to that size and does not fit correctly for the Etsy listing, it is smaller and does not fill the space.( looks terrible) Their answer to that is that when saving the smaller size the picture is much better, clearer etc. BUT it does NOT look good on Etsy. I have stopped using it.

It is hard to believe that this list does not feature the photo editing tools already included with the Photos App on all MAC’s. It can do nearly everything that is needed for shop photos without having to reload or export my photos to another platform. Also, it is very intuitive and forgiving. I size the image, hit 3 or 4 keys to make it pop, clean up any miscellaneous artifacts and, presto, I am done. Of course, it is imperative to start with a good light box (home made is fine) and good lighting, otherwise, no amount of editing is going to make a product shot presentable.

If I need to do something really complicated (like perspective control) Pixelmator Pro is my backup, but I rarely use it.

I found that Foto Fuze does not work very well and is frustrating, especially when trying to isolate an object (supposedly its strongest attribute). Stitch is overblown and does not live up to its promises. I agree with the above responder regarding Canva’s issues..

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