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Post-Holiday Blues & 5 Tips to Overcome Them

Pat yourself on the back, you’ve officially made it through the holidays! Well done! We are truly celebrating with you and hope you are being gentle with yourself as you ease back into a normal schedule after the holiday season. Today we’re tackling some ways you can stay positive and help you stay out of the post-holiday blues. We hope this helps you find “your normal” a bit faster and ultimately leads to more Etsy shop success!

What is normal anyway? 

We honestly don’t believe there’s any such thing as “normal”, especially after the year we had in 2020. Instead, there’s rolling with the punches and trying to stay somewhat sane through ever-changing circumstances to our businesses and lives. After leaving the insanity that are the holidays for a lot of Etsy sellers, it could be that you’re feeling exhaustion and sadness instead of relief and peace. 

The cause of this for many is the intense business the holidays bring. They can serve as a huge distraction from the quiet and stillness you find when the holidays end. This can usher in post-holiday blues, which really are more a sense of loss. It may not be that you’re experiencing this intensely, it could just be slight.

While you’re happy that your Etsy shop is getting back to business as usual, you may feel a sense of loss that the holidays weren’t what they were in years past. You could be missing family that visited and are now gone. Whatever it might be, that feeling of being down is there, however strong or little it may be. Today, we’ll tackle a few ways to help you out of the blues and we truly hope it helps you or someone you know experiencing these feelings.

1. Actually talk to someone.

post-holiday blues talk to someone

No, we’re not talking about texting. Actually picking up the phone and calling or zooming with someone that you truly enjoy being around is key. When you reach out to this person, share what you’re experiencing. But then, instead of only talking about being down, allow them to chat with you about something happy that happened over the holidays. Share a win you had in your shop! Use this as an opportunity to chat through happy experiences and allow those feeling to wash over you. 

2. Get out.

post-holiday blues get outside

Seriously. Do not stay cooped up in your house. If you live somewhere that’s gray and snowy (we totally get that) it’s still very important that you actually get outside! Even if it’s making a run to Hobby Lobby and parking at the back of the parking lot, just make an effort to walk somewhere. Being outside is proven to lift your mood and as an Etsy seller who may work 99% of the time from home, getting outside is something that needs to be part of your daily routine. While simply being in nature can greatly improve your mood, elevate this feeling by practicing mindful meditation while outdoors.

3. Speaking of walking…

post-holiday blues exercise

Exercise is an absolute mood booster and will help combat those post-holiday blues! It definitely doesn’t have to be anything intense, especially if this is something you’re just adding into the new year. Doing some simple stretches first thing in the morning or taking a short afternoon walk will do you a world of good. We’re sure this is definitely nothing new for you, but being reminded of just how important it is to implement this into your daily routine (especially if you’re feeling down) is really important! 

4. Allow yourself time to transition from the post-holiday blues.

post-holiday blues takes time to transition from

If you’re still feeling pretty blue, be gentle and easy on yourself. You are allowed to have time to adjust back into your “normal” routine. Having high expectations that you aren’t allowed to have these feelings after a certain amount of time will only add more stress to your mind and body.

Remember, this last year was super weird. The holidays may not have been what you expected with family. You are allowed to feel this way. While it’s important to take steps that help you to not stay in this place forever, it’s just as important to acknowledge what you’re experiencing and then walk forward with the knowledge that this is ok.

5. Find your meaning after post-holiday blues.

You need to find a reason to continue to move forward in a healthy way. Having purpose and meaning in your life will contribute to lasting happiness.

It could be brainstorming a new product line. Maybe your SEO needs to be revamped. Then, you know you should spend quality time with your family. Or maybe scheduling regular zoom calls with a loved one should be added to the list. Whatever it is, you need to find a reason to continue to move forward in a healthy way. Having purpose and meaning in your life will contribute to lasting happiness. This doesn’t have to be super deep or too lofty. Having simple goals that move you forward is super important. 

Final thoughts on post-holiday blues

What are some ways you’re moving forward in the new year to help with the post-holiday blues? Share them with us below and connect with your Marmalead community! You never know, this might just be one of the ways you connect with someone and find joy in the coming months🧡

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