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6 Things To Never Do With Your Etsy Listing

Your Etsy listing stands at the forefront of your shop, playing a pivotal role in attracting potential customers. However, when creating Etsy listings, it’s surprisingly easy to slip up—whether it’s a minor oversight or a common error. Some mistakes can significantly impact your visibility and sales, while others may lead to your listing being deactivated […]

Etsy How-to

How to Use Marmalead’s Storm Tool | Keyword Research for Etsy

Keyword research for Etsy doesn’t have to be hard. And with Marmalead’s Storm tool, it isn’t. So if you want to flood your listings with new and improved keywords, it all starts with Storm. Let’s jump in and figure out how. SharePinTweetShare3 Shares

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How to Get MORE Etsy Reviews for Your Shop

Getting more product reviews as an Etsy seller is essential for building trust with potential customers and improving your shop’s overall reputation. Positive Etsy reviews from other customers are also one of the strongest ways to encourage shoppers to make a purchase! But how are you supposed to get more Etsy reviews in the first […]

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The Best Etsy Keyword Tool for SEO Research in 2024

Save time and money with the best Etsy keyword tool for your SEO research. The wrong tool can lead you down a winding path, feeding you vanity metrics along the way. The right tool will show you keyword data that matters and help you put it into action. In 2024, Marmalead is the right Etsy […]