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How to Convince Shoppers to Purchase

The market is saturated with products, so you must do your best to set yourself apart from your competition. You have to give shoppers something valuable that fills a need, so they will choose to purchase from your store instead of your competitors. What can you do to stand out and convince shoppers to buy from your store?

Use Outstanding Cover Photos

Invest in good quality photos because this is what your clients will see first when they search your product offerings. There is truth to the saying that first impressions matter, so make sure you make a good one with your photographs. Take several angles to showcase your product in all its glory.

If you have the budget, invest in a photographer. Those with limited funds can use their camera phones, but the trick is to take outdoor shots with great lighting. Make sure there is no messy stuff in the background. You will have a chance to make that sale if you catch your shoppers’ eyes and pique their curiosity with amazing photos that highlight your products.

Accompany with Good Descriptions

Photos can only do so much, so you must come up with product descriptions to inform shoppers what your items can do. Be intentional with your choice of words because people have a limited attention span.

No one has time to read a novel. Be descriptive, but be straight to the point as well. This is the only way you can sustain your clients’ interest. Include product size, benefits, tips for use, and warranty coverage (if any). When people message you questions, edit your descriptions to include those questions and answers ahead of time for the next shopper.

Display Reviews From Satisfied Clients

People are usually reluctant to buy online, or even in-store if they don’t know how the products work. No one wants to waste their hard-earned money. By highlighting your best reviews, you can show the people searching for your items that you have a long list of happy clients.

With these stellar reviews, it is clear that you are not making empty promises because many have had a great experience with your company. Referrals are one of the best and cheapest marketing methods, so be sure to leverage this to grow your business and expand your client base. Include your favorite reviews at the bottom of some of your descriptions so that shoppers don’t need to scroll through your Etsy reviews to find them.

Provide Variety

It is human nature to love choosing products. Offer your clients a broad range of selections in terms of prints, patterns, or color choices. People love buying things that reflect their style and personality. It is also a great strategy to offer personalization to your products if you are able to.

Apart from words and star-ratings, encourage your customers to upload pictures of themselves using your various products. These real-life shots build desire for those who are perusing your shop. They also give you added credibility.

Bottom Line

If you want to capture the market, be sure to offer indispensable products that make people feel like they can’t live without these items. Showcase your products/services well so that shoppers will be enticed to buy from your shop. Give them the ultimate shopping experience so they won’t be tempted to look elsewhere!

What has convinced YOU to make a purchase? Share your thoughts in the comments!


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4 replies on “How to Convince Shoppers to Purchase”

A good article to refresh the description of the product to attract attention to it. I like the part of answering questions you receive from others and adding it to the description as well. For me personally when making online purchases I want to have complete faith in the seller before purchasing. As a seller you need to bring that confidence in your product photos and description. Do you believe that a social media persona help to gain that confidence?

Lots of good tips here! As for the comment above, yes I do believe that a social media persona helps to gain confidence. It is just one more little piece of proof of who you are and what makes you tick.

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