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Why Good Etsy Keywords Should Be Your First Focus

Etsy presents an opportunity for business owners of all sizes and types to build their storefronts by selling and marketing their products online. But like all commercial endeavors, it’s important to remember there are likely others interested in bolstering their brand as well. So how do you capture the largest part of your market and […]

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How to Cash in on Organic Search on Etsy

For people looking for ways to make money online from selling crafts and vintage items, Etsy offers an excellent opportunity to turn the collectibles in your closet or the other handicrafts in your hobby room into some excess spending cash. If you’re focused and disciplined, you can turn that side hustle into a full time […]

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10 Things The Most Successful Etsy Sellers Refuse to Do

Etsy is a godsend for the creative entrepreneur who dreams of monetizing their passion projects. However, like any other type of business, crafters have to be strategic in order to reap the financial benefits of their hard work and creative efforts. If you desire to make Etsy more than just another hobby, here are 10 […]

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Is Etsy Going to Make a Prime Day?

Online shoppers have more access to deals than ever before. So successful eCommerce platforms understand the importance of remaining competitive to appeal to the broadest range of buyers. SharePinTweetShare3 Shares