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How to Write Etsy Thank You Cards for Your Customers

To thrive on Etsy, you need to know how to write impactful thank you cards for your customers. It shows that you appreciate their purchase, sure. But it also gives you an opportunity to gain a positive review and keep them coming back to your shop for more.

Why should you invest in Etsy thank you cards?

Customer service isn’t dead. But sending an automated email to your new customer is no longer good enough.

Etsy sellers who go a step further with a simple card earn more customer trust and loyalty. It’s a small step in your fulfillment process. And it should be repeated for every order.

Finding an authentic way to thank your customers for their purchases can change how your brand is perceived. And good old-fashioned customer service culture proves invaluable in eCommerce – particularly on an artisanal marketplace like Etsy. 

This article will discuss the how and why of Etsy thank-you cards and the simple perks of thanking your customer for their purchase.

Ready to start writing? Skip down to learn how to write Etsy thank you cards.

"Make a customer, not a sale." pinnable quote.

Why should you invest in Etsy thank you cards?

Yes, thank you cards are a kind gesture. You can use it as an opportunity to tell your customer that you genuinely appreciate their purchase. After all, they just supported a small business, and a thank you card is like a virtual hug 🤗

But more importantly, thank you cards can easily get that 5-star review you’ve been hoping for (and maybe even your Star Seller badge).

Long story short, your customer’s loyalty is what’s up for grabs. 

When your customer feels like they’re an essential part of the reason you’re still in business, they can develop an affinity for your brand. Unlike major retail stores, the products and services you provide on Etsy are unique and full of character and charm. When your customers wear or use your products, you want them to think about you and your business.

Believe it or not, a thank you card can help instill a lasting impression with your customers that will help them remember who you are.

The subtle charm of Etsy thank you cards.

Smalltown handmade boutique.

When we were younger, you couldn’t buy anything online. For that matter, the internet didn’t even exist! Back then, you had to go to the local market or boutique to find exciting and unique products, handmade or otherwise.

At these stores, you were often greeted with friendly service. After all, the person behind the cash register probably made the products you were about to buy. Their storefront was their livelihood.

Today with eCommerce, it’s not as easy for customers to see your genuine self behind their computer screen.

But with the charm of a handwritten thank you note, you can put that small-town feel back into the mundane experience of online shopping. The thank you card is the smile you get in the corner store, and it’s the “Say hi to the kids” from your local ma and pa business – it’s how your business can show your customer that you genuinely care.

Etsy thank you cards are a simple marketing strategy

Customers tend to remember things they’re most familiar with and trust the most.

“Let’s just order Uber Eats.”

“Do you wanna watch Netflix tonight?”

And you’ve no doubt heard the following:

“I got it on Etsy!”

No mention of the restaurant that the food comes from. 

No mention of the name of the show that was watched. 

No mention of you, the seller that made and sold the product they bought. 

In a world where brands quickly become verbs (“just Venmo it to me”), there’s an ever-increasing chance that the giants will overshadow your small business. 

And when that happens, you lose the most effective and cheapest marketing tool – word-of-mouth. 

A thank you note for a purchase that reaches your customer’s hands is a showcase for your brand. And it increases the chance that a satisfied buyer will remember it.

First-time vs. recurring buyers

Man wrapping Etsy package with thank you card taped to the outside.

Think about how much time and money you spend on marketing to acquire new customers.

Probably quite a lot – it’s perfectly normal. We usually think of marketing to increase sales by attracting new users to our Etsy store. This, in turn, is expected to translate into more new customers.

But what about increasing sales among the customers you already have?

While you aren’t privy to your customer’s email address when you sell on Etsy, you can go above and beyond to ensure that the next time your customer heads to Etsy, they buy from your store.

Thanking a customer for a purchase in a way they will remember is the first step to making them make another purchase from your store. You contribute to making the customer feel satisfied with their purchase, which, in turn, translates directly into brand loyalty.

Customers who are satisfied with your product and your business are more likely to turn to you again than look for a new brand they need to familiarize themselves with.

How to write Etsy thank you cards.

Writing your own thank you cards doesn’t have to be complicated. In reality, there are two different ways to say “thank you” in the form of a note to your customer.

How to write an Etsy thank you card on parchment paper and brown envelope.

The first is with a handwritten card specially written for each customer. And the second is with a stock “thank you” that you print and send to all your customers.

Which one is right for your business? It depends.

Writing handwritten thank you cards.

In most cases, a handwritten thank you card is your best bet. After all, we’ve already discussed why people shop on Etsy in the first place (to support small businesses and feel like their purchase matters).

As for your small business, every purchase does matter. So why not let your customer know this?

A handwritten note allows you to tailor personalized customer service for every order. Here’s how we would write our Etsy thank you cards:

Step 1: Start with a blank thank you card

You can buy them from the store or print them yourself to save money. Then, take it a step further by branding your cards with a photo that aligns with your aesthetic, or you can include your logo.

Step 2: Write it yourself

Calligraphy for Etsy thank you card.

Even if your handwriting isn’t great, write your own thank you cards. Sure, you can ask your friend or spouse to write it for you. But they might not always be around when it comes time to fulfill an order.

Step 3: Call your customer by their name

The first way to let your customer know that this thank you card was written especially for them is to address it to them.

“Hey, Sally!”

“Hi, John :)”

Step 4: Thank them for their purchase

The whole point of the thank you card is to thank your customer for their purchase. So make sure you say “thank you” in a way that’s meaningful to you.

“Thank you so much for your order!”

Step 5: Make it personal.

You did well by addressing the card to your customer. Now take it a step further and address the product they purchased or the occasion they bought it for. If your customer personalized their product for someone, this is your chance to wish them luck with their gift-giving.

“I hope you enjoy your new mug!”

“I hope John likes this tumbler I personalized for them. I just know they’re going to love it!”

Step 6: Ask them to keep coming back.

Just because your customer is at the end of their purchasing journey doesn’t mean this is the last you’ll hear from them. Ask them to keep in touch by leaving you a review or reaching out to you again in the future.

“If you love your new hat, don’t forget to leave me a review! An excellent review goes a long way for me and my business. Thanks again!”

“I hope to hear from you again in the future! If there’s anything else you need, please reach out :)”

Bonus: Offer them a coupon

If you’re feeling generous (or you’re a savvy marketer), offer your new customer a coupon or discount code for a future order in your shop. Now that your customer is familiar with your brand and your service, there’s a good chance you can get them to shop at your Etsy store again (if they’re satisfied with their original purchase).

Step 7: Put it all together.

“Hey, Sally! Thank you so much for your order. I hope John likes the tumbler I personalized for them. I just know they’re going to love it! If they do, I’d greatly appreciate a positive review — it goes a long way for me and my business. If there’s anything else you need, please reach out!

P.S. If you see something else you like in my shop, use the code 20OFF to get 20% off your next order. I look forward to hearing from you!”

Person holding handwritten Etsy thank you card.

Printing stock thank you cards

If you’re pressed for time or have too many orders to write a special note for everyone, you can print cards in bulk. Of course, this removes most of the charm from a handwritten note, but it’s better than nothing.

You can use a printing service like Canva or Vista Print. Or you can support another Etsy shop by purchasing a template from them.

Just be careful that you don’t sink too much money into your thank you cards that it’s no longer a viable option to earn revenue.

Over to you

Making a customer feel satisfied is relatively easy, considering they’ve already made a purchase. But making them feel valued to the point that they return and buy from you again takes a little more effort. 

A handwritten note accompanied by a quality product with great branding, and you’re well on your way to satisfying your customers and getting them to return time after time or leave that 5-star review you’ve been hoping for.

Good luck!

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