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Critical Insights from the Most Popular Etsy Keywords

As an Etsy seller, part of your success is deeply tied to your ability to understand and leverage buyer behavior through strategic keywords. With our fresh list of the most popular Etsy keywords for 2024, sellers have a powerful tool to help strategize and boost their shop’s visibility in search.

Let’s take a closer look at how you can use this guide for practical SEO strategies with real-world examples.

Key Takeaways:
  • 🍊 Leveraging popular Etsy keywords through tools like Marmalead can significantly boost your shop’s visibility by aligning your product offerings with what shoppers are actively searching for.
  • 📆 Using seasonal trends and descriptive keywords allows sellers to tap into buyer interest during peak times and cater to specific consumer preferences.
  • 🔎 Implementing long tail keywords in your listings helps attract shoppers with specific search intent, leading to higher conversion rates due to the targeted nature of these searches.
Table of Contents:

Why Etsy Keywords Matter

The top Etsy keywords consistently drive more shopper engagement on the platform—and sellers who’ve built up authority around these keywords experience way more traffic in their shop and tons of opportunity to land more sales.

It’s true—some of these product markets are hard to break into. However, crafting a strategy around the best tags for Etsy that align with your products can build authority in those keyword spaces and enhance your shop’s overall performance.

Keep reading to find out how.

Insights from Popular Etsy Keywords

These keywords have proven to be highly engaging and effective in capturing the attention of Etsy shoppers. Incorporating them into your listings can increase your shop’s visibility, attract more traffic, and boost your chances of making a sale.

All it takes is using the strategies surrounding the top Etsy searches. This means understanding the nuances of these keywords, tailoring your products to fit these searches, and optimizing your listings to rank well. By doing so, you align your shop with the exact terms shoppers are using, ensuring your products are seen by the right audience at the right time.

Marmalead’s list of the 500 most popular Etsy keywords from 2024 is an eye-opening look into the habits of Etsy shoppers everywhere.

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Use this Etsy keywords list to:

  • Identify new niches: Discover underserved or emerging product markets where your listings can stand out.
  • Launch new products: Use high-traffic keywords as inspiration for new items that meet current shopper interests.
  • Target seasonal and holiday trends: Plan your product lines and marketing efforts around popular holidays and seasons.
  • Brainstorm long tail keywords: Consider less competitive, more specific keywords that can attract a highly targeted audience.

Most Popular Etsy Product Categories in 2024

These are the most popular product categories for people who shop on Etsy in 2024:

  • Home & Living (16%)
  • Existing IP (16%)
  • Descriptive Keywords (13%)
  • Jewelry & Accessories (11%)
  • Wedding & Gifts (8%)
  • Digital Downloads (6%)
  • Clothing & Shoes (6%)
  • Toys & Electronics (6%)
  • Craft Supplies & Tools (5%)
  • Paper & Party Supplies (5%)
  • Holiday Keywords (5%)
  • Art & Collectibles (2%)
  • Vintage (1%)

One thing is for sure—it’s clear what Etsy shoppers are interested in based on the listings they engage with. After all, that’s how Etsy search works.

Here are some additional insights from the most popular Etsy keywords:

Top Etsy Categories for Success

The most popular Etsy product categories are ‘Home & Living’ and ‘Jewelry & Accessories.’ These include products like home decor, outdoor and gardening supplies, jewelry, accessories, and bath and beauty products. Together, these two categories account for 27% of what shoppers are looking for on Etsy.

Most Popular Etsy Keywords: A yellow chair, white rug, plant, wall art, and other home decor products.

Popularity of Existing Intellectual Property

What’s interesting to note is that ‘Home & Living’ products are just as popular as search terms that include existing intellectual property. Keywords like ‘Disney shirts’ and ‘Harry Potter.’ This means that a large portion of shoppers are looking for products related to their favorite brands, movies, books, and more.

Which, last time we checked, is copyright infringement if the IP owner has an issue with you selling “counterfeit” products—even if it’s just fan art.

Understanding Descriptive Etsy Keywords

Another noteworthy category is what we’re labeling as ‘Descriptive Keywords.’ These keywords don’t fit into one product category because they’re more like descriptors that help buyers narrow in on topics that interest them.

Take ‘dragon,’ for instance—shoppers could be looking for a dragon plushie, a wooden serving tray with dragon insignias, dragon-shaped candle holders, and more.

These descriptive keywords can help sellers brainstorm new product ideas that align with their overall brand—so don’t sleep on this category.

Most Popular Etsy Holidays

According to the number of search terms shoppers engage with, Christmas and Valentine’s Day appear to be the two most popular holidays on Etsy.

Other notable holidays include Easter, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and Halloween. By targeting holiday keywords with specific products designed for the season, sellers can increase their chances of appearing in search results.

Etsy shopper placing wrapped gifts under a Christmas tree.

But don’t slap holiday keywords on your products if they’re irrelevant to what you sell. Instead, spend some time designing new products specific to each holiday. Research trends on Pinterest and social media, noting popular colors, styles, materials, and more. Spend time researching the types of products your target audience might be interested in during the holidays—and you might develop a new product shoppers actually want.

The most popular Etsy products in the holiday category include:

  • Decorations and Home Decor
  • Greeting Cards
  • Ornaments
  • Holiday Shirts
  • Costumes
  • Gifts

Most Popular Season on Etsy

The most popular season on Etsy is undoubtedly fall/autumn. Autumn stands out as a time when the marketplace buzzes with engagement. This season aligns with several key shopping events, making it an ideal time for sellers to capture the attention of would-be customers.

Most Popular Etsy Keywords: Couple sitting on fall-themed bedding while drinking coffee and reading a book.

Autumn is a peak wedding season, with couples searching for unique decor, gifts, and attire to add a personalized touch to their celebrations.

During this time, consumers also start thinking about major holidays like Halloween and Christmas, and we see increased demand for festive decorations, costumes, and gifts. The cooler weather also encourages shoppers to look for cozy home decor, seasonal apparel, and craft supplies for DIY projects.

Sellers can capitalize on this seasonal trend by offering tailored products and targeting keywords that resonate with autumn themes. This can help turn the seasonal surge into an opportunity for increased sales and engagement.

Using Popular Etsy Keyword Descriptors to Your Advantage

By understanding the latest data from the most popular keywords on Etsy, sellers can begin to look directly into buyer behavior.

Among the product categories listed above, ‘Descriptive Keywords’ stand out distinctly. Since these aren’t confined to a single product category, they serve as broad descriptors that guide buyers toward products that resonate with their interests.

Descriptive Keyword Examples

Take ‘Minimalist,’ for example. This keyword doesn’t limit itself to a specific product type but opens avenues across various categories. Shoppers might search for minimalist jewelry, such as sleek, simple necklaces or understated rings, minimalist home decor like clean-lined furniture and unobtrusive wall art, or even minimalist stationery with elegant, subtle designs.

This versatility shows the power of descriptive keywords to inspire product development and innovation.

Most Popular Etsy Keywords: Minimalist style lamp.

How Keyword Descriptors Help Expand Your Product Offerings

These keywords are invaluable for sellers aiming to diversify their offerings. For instance, if your niche is in crystal jewelry, integrating trending descriptive keywords like ‘frogs,’ ‘mushrooms,’ or ‘dragons’ could help you tap into new markets and attract buyers looking for these specific themes.

Leveraging these keywords allows sellers to creatively expand their product lines while staying aligned with consumer interests, thus capturing a broader audience on Etsy.

How Marmalead Can Help

Marmalead is an Etsy SEO tool designed to help sellers learn critical insights from keywords. It helps identify high-traffic keywords and provides insights into search trends, keyword competition, and potential engagement.

By utilizing Marmalead, you can refine your keyword strategy to include terms with the highest potential for engagement, making your Etsy listings more discoverable and attractive to prospective buyers.

Screenshot of Marmalead Etsy SEO tool.

6 Key Takeaways from Etsy’s Most Popular Keywords

#1. Gain Insights into Popular Product Categories

Consider how your products fit into popular categories like ‘Home Decor’ and ‘Jewelry.’ Products like ‘handmade ceramic mugs’ or ‘custom silver necklaces’ can be positioned effectively within these trending markets

If you sell home decor products, the keyword ‘wall art’ suggests a high demand from shoppers. You might create a line of minimalist wall art tailored to popular sub-themes like ‘Scandinavian minimalist art’ which targets a specific buyer niche.

How Marmalead Can Help: Identify the top-performing keywords within your product category. You can see which terms are currently trending in categories like ‘Home & Living’ or ‘Jewelry & Accessories.’ This data helps you understand the current market demand and optimize your Etsy listings to align with these trends.

#2. Create Personalized Gifts That Stand Out
Most Popular Etsy Keywords: Overhead view of personalized stamp.

Take cues from the specific keywords within popular categories. For instance, the prevalence of ‘wedding gifts’ and ‘personalized gifts’ underscores a demand for customized items.

Create a series of personalized wedding gifts, perhaps incorporating trending materials or themes like ‘rustic wooden wedding keepsakes’ or ‘custom wedding vows in calligraphy’ that align with other descriptive keywords such as ‘rustic’ or ‘handwritten.

How Marmalead Can Help: Search for keywords related to personalized and custom items in Marmalead. Check engagement levels and seasonality of these terms to determine the best times to ramp up your listings. Marmalead’s seasonality tool can guide you in scheduling your product launches and marketing efforts.

#3. Implement Seasonal Strategies for Increased Sales

Keywords related to holidays, like ‘Christmas gifts’ and ‘Halloween decorations,’ reveal prime selling opportunities. Tailor your product lines to these trends well ahead of the season to capture early shoppers.

Launch a Halloween-themed campaign in early September with products likeDIY Halloween decor kits or spooky Halloween outdoor banners to tap into the same buyers searching for trends like Halloween shirt orHalloween costumes.

How Marmalead Can Help: Analyze the seasonal fluctuations of various keywords with Marmalead’s seasonality tool. This feature will help you anticipate changes in buyer interest throughout the year, enabling you to prepare your shop with relevant products before the demand spikes.

#4. Leverage Descriptive Keywords for Product Development
Etsy seller stamping leather goods.

Descriptive keywords like ‘vintage,’ ‘artisan,’ or ‘eco-friendly’ are goldmines for attracting a specific customer base. Use these to refine your product descriptions and Etsy tags.

If you sell jewelry and notice high search volumes for ‘vintage’ and ‘gold earrings,’ consider creating a product line like ‘vintage-inspired gold filigree earrings’ to directly target searches within this niche.

How Marmalead Can Help: Use Marmalead to explore the engagement and competition levels of descriptive keywords like ‘minimalist’ or ‘rustic,’ then look for other notable keyword suggestions. This insight allows you to find niche markets within broader categories and tailor your products to meet these buyers’ specific tastes and interests.

#5. Utilize Long Tail Keywords for Niche Targeting

Long tail keywords are crucial for capturing highly targeted traffic. They often have lower competition but higher conversion rates on Etsy because they attract buyers with specific intentions.

Instead of using a broad term like ‘scarves,’ target long tail phrases like ‘handwoven alpaca winter scarf’ to attract buyers looking for specific types of scarves, enhancing your chances of conversion.

How Marmalead Can Help: Identify long tail keywords that are less competitive but have a high conversion potential. Marmalead’s detailed keyword analysis tools can help you pinpoint these gems. Integrating long tail keywords into your Etsy listings can attract more targeted traffic, leading to higher conversion rates.

#6. Analyze and Adapt to Buyer Behavior
Most Popular Etsy Keywords: Etsy sellers  collaborating on laptop to understand their target demographic buyer behavior.

Etsy’s search algorithm considers past buyer behavior when suggesting products. Knowing that buyers refine their searches as they shop can help you structure your listings to capture both broad and specific searches.

Start with a broad keyword like gifts for mom’ and include more specific descriptors as the listing progresses, such as ‘personalized mother’s day jewelry’ or ‘custom engraved silver bracelets for mom,’ catering to users who refine their searches.

How Marmalead Can Help: Use Marmalead’s keyword tracking tool to see how buyer behavior changes over time regarding specific keywords. This information helps you adapt your product offerings and marketing messages to evolving trends, ensuring your shop remains relevant and appealing to Etsy shoppers.

Over to You

Now that you’re armed with insights from the most popular Etsy keywords and understand how to leverage them, it’s time to put this knowledge into action.

Review your current listings and adjust your keywords, consider new product lines that align with high-engagement categories, and use Marmalead to keep your SEO strategies sharp and effective.

Remember, the right keywords can transform the visibility and success of your shop on Etsy. As always, happy selling!

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9 replies on “Critical Insights from the Most Popular Etsy Keywords”

Great, but you are not considering the character number limits when giving examples of long tail keywords. For instance, ‘custom engraved silver bracelets for mom’. How would you break that up?

For this example, you can break that keyword up in your tags so it looks like this: ‘custom engraved silver,’ ‘bracelets for mom.’ Same goes for any other long tail keyword. The key is to find long tail keywords that show promising engagement levels in Marmalead, then break those up in your tags if you have to. Here’s a solid video from Kara Buntin that breaks this down from start to finish:

I think I’m misunderstanding something here about long tail keywords. The field for etsy keywords only allows 20 characters.

If you find a promising long tail keyword in Marmalead but it’s too long for one tag, break up the phrase into two tags and try to keep the same word order match 👍

You are right Nancy, in Dylan example ‘custom engraved silver’ cannot work as it is 22 characters. This was my original point🥴

Doh! If you can count better than me than you’ll have better results 🥸

Here’s a few more examples to help put this into perspective:
-‘sterling silver bracelet watches’ becomes ‘sterling silver’ + ‘bracelet watches’
-‘argentium silver bracelet for mom’ becomes ‘argentium silver’ + ‘bracelet for mom’
– ‘oxidized silver bracelet for men’ becomes ‘oxidized silver’ + ‘bracelet for men’

If you find promising long tail keywords in Marmalead, use that word order match in your titles then break the keyword up in your tag slots like above ☝️

Since ‘custom engraved silver bracelet for mom’ isn’t one you can break up into your tags, you may consider just using that in your title. And your tags could look something like: ‘engraved bracelet,’ ‘custom bracelet,’ ‘sterling silver,’ ‘bracelet for mom,’ and so on. Or you can head back into Marmalead for other long tail alternatives that show better, more relevant results for your products. Again, the key with long tail is looking for keywords with lower competition but still shows shoppers are engaged with the listings. Keeping the word order match in your titles and tag slots could give you that slight edge as being more relevant in search results.

This article is a goldmine of information for Etsy sellers! As someone who frequently writes about optimizing jewelry listings, I can vouch for the importance of strategic keyword use. Understanding and implementing these popular Etsy keywords can indeed transform the visibility of your shop. The tips on leveraging seasonal trends and long tail keywords are particularly valuable. Thank you, Marmalead, for providing such actionable insights!

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