Monthly Checklists

A New Year, A New Monthly Etsy Shop Checklist

Here at Marmalead, we’re always striving to give you tools that will help you with your Etsy SEO. We also want to provide helpful tools for your shop in general as well! For the last few years, we’ve released monthly desktop and smartphone calendars. In the coming year, we have something new for you to […]

Marmalife Posts

New Year’s Resolutions for Etsy Shop Owners in 2021

As an Etsy shop owner, we sincerely hope that you’re currently winding down from the craziness that was the 2020 holiday season. For that matter, we hope you’re able to take a deep breath and look ahead with positivity after the absolutely insane year we’ve all just come through together. Today, we’re going to chat […]

The Jam

Top 5 Etsy Questions From 2020

Exactly how accurate are Marmalead’s predictive numbers? Why are longtail keywords so important? I’ve been using Marmalead and my sales are still down! What do I do? Is it possible and HOW do I get an A in Marmalead? What do I do with keywords that are longer than Etsy’s 20 character tag limit? We’re […]

Etsy How-to

How To Price On Etsy For Those With No Idea Where To Start

If you’re struggling to figure out how to price on Etsy, that’s understandable.  Finding the right price isn’t as easy as crunching a few numbers. In fact, finding the right price for your product can not only make your product sink or swim, but it can also (and, in fact, should) have a bearing on […]