Monthly Checklists

June 2021 Etsy Shop Checklist

Here at Marmalead, we’re always striving to give you tools to help you with your Etsy SEO. But we also want to provide helpful tools for your shop in general, especially ones that help you dial in your Etsy shop goals! That’s why we’re excited to release the June 2021 Etsy shop checklist, and as […]

Business Life

A Crash Course to Etsy Taxes & Accounting

An Etsy 101 Series wouldn’t be complete without covering Etsy taxes and accounting. It’s an important business task to get right, but not everyone’s favorite topic for sure. Relax though, we’re not going too deep on these. After all, this is a crash course, and it’s just not feasible to cover the laws and idiosyncrasies […]

The Jam

Copying Etsy Tags and Titles Gone Wrong

It may seem like a fantastic shortcut to copy the tags and titles from a competitor’s listings, but today we’re going to talk about why copying Etsy tags is a terrible idea. Stick around and save yourself some pain on this episode of the Jam. 

Etsy How-to

How to Price Products on Etsy to Beat the Competition

It’s not always easy to price products on Etsy. On one hand, you need to make a profit. On the other hand, if you’re the most expensive in your niche, you won’t get far.