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How to Get a Star Seller Badge on Etsy

Etsy’s Star Seller badge program rewards sellers with exceptional customer service by displaying a prominent purple badge on their listings. This badge tells shoppers they’re a serious seller who meets their customer’s expectations—but it also enhances shop visibility, increases sales potential, and sets sellers apart from competitors. But getting a star seller badge can be […]

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How to Optimize Etsy Listings for Search

To sell more handmade products, you’ll need to learn how to optimize your Etsy listings for search. Etsy is a bustling marketplace with millions of sellers competing for shopper’s attention. So it’s not just about having great products but also how you present them—both to potential customers and Etsy’s algorithm. This guide will help sellers […]

Etsy Product Guides

Top Selling 4th of July Products on Etsy

The top-selling 4th of July products on Etsy capture the attention of shoppers looking for unique and patriotic items to celebrate Independence Day. From custom home decor to festive apparel, this Etsy product guide highlights various items that cater to a broad audience celebrating this quintessential American holiday.

Etsy SEO

Etsy Tags that Sell: Converting Visitors into Customers

Etsy tags that sell are tags that bring in the right buyers who are looking for a product exactly like yours. They match your target audience. They have the right budget in mind. And they jive with your brand. Using Etsy tags that sell gets your listings to the top of search results and converts […]