Etsy How-to

How to Spookify Your Shop for an Etsy Halloween

Halloween is one of those holidays on Etsy where almost anything goes. People all over the world will be piecing together their costumes and decorations by shopping online, thrifting, crafting, looking to Pinterest for inspiration, and (of course) browsing through Etsy. It’s a special holiday on Etsy where virtually any shop can thrive. All you […]

Monthly Checklists

September Etsy Shop Checklist 2021

Here at Marmalead, we strive to give you tools that help with your Etsy SEO. But we also want to provide helpful tools for your shop in general, especially ones that help you dial in your Etsy shop goals! That’s why we’re excited to release the 2021 September Etsy shop checklist, and as always, we […]

The Jam

How to Get Featured on Etsy and Get Your Listings Noticed

With over four million sellers on Etsy, it can be challenging to get your listings noticed by shoppers. A fantastic way to get noticed is to get featured on Etsy in their own marketing materials! But how in the world do you make that happen? Well, today on The Jam, that’s exactly what we’re going […]

Marmalife Posts

Why Having a Hobby Outside of Etsy is Important

Owning and operating an Etsy shop can be all-consuming. In general, being an entrepreneur often feels this way. Because of how consuming our work can be, it’s important to maintain a healthy work-life balance. It is SO easy to work around the clock, answering DMs, packaging products, creating new products, and working on your Etsy […]