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How to Cash in on Organic Search on Etsy

For people looking for ways to make money online from selling crafts and vintage items, Etsy offers an excellent opportunity to turn the collectibles in your closet or the other handicrafts in your hobby room into some excess spending cash. If you’re focused and disciplined, you can turn that side hustle into a full time job. One of the biggest keys is understanding the important points of organic search on Etsy.

Optimizing Your Listings for Best Results

Etsy has over 40 million active buyers, and 70% of all listing visits come from search. Savvy Etsy sellers understand the importance of optimizing their listings. Optimized Etsy listings have a good chance to gain higher visibility in relevant keyword searches.

High rankings in organic search on Etsy help to increase sales and conversions. So anytime you’re adding a listing, you should take your time. Be intentional with the tags, keywords, and the sales copy you use to market your products. The more precision you put into your keywords, the better.

When selecting keywords, it’s essential to use phrases and words that accurately describe your product. It isn’t enough to find a keyword with great search traffic if it doesn’t apply to the product you’re selling. If your listings show up in a shopper’s search but have nothing to do with the actual keywords they’re looking for, this reduces relevancy and will have adverse effects on not only the product you’re selling but your entire shop.

Misleading information or completely wrong data never helps to create a strong selling point. This is actually the polar opposite of the desired outcome of a product sale.

Be Descriptive and Accurate

To help entice and attract buyers to purchase from your store, it’s important to have accurate product titles and well thought out tags.

Think about someone who is searching for a wedding dress. Chances are good they aren’t going to step into a housewares store in search of the bridal gown of their dreams. Houseware stores and bridal gowns are not a match, so labeling a houseware store as a place to find bridal gowns is misleading and non-productive. Anyone who stops into the store isn’t going to be happy when they can’t find the exact product they thought they were going in there to see.

This same theory applies to Etsy sellers. Even though you might be able to get high visibility and search results from lower competition keywords, if they don’t match your product, you’re wasting time, listing fees, and potentially even your Etsy seller reputation. There is no reason to put yourself in a vulnerable position by putting inaccurate information out there when you can do the right thing from the beginning. This isn’t always as obvious as a wedding dress in a houseware store. Sometimes it helps to do a search in Marmalead or on Etsy to double check that the products match what you’d expect.

As your listings perform well for certain keywords (get sales). Etsy will remember this and reward you with better placement in future searches for those phrases. When working on SEO for your listings, keep this in mind and don’t start by changing keywords that are currently working. Keep that Etsy keyword cred!

Deliver an Outstanding Product

Okay so this one isn’t directly related to organic search on Etsy but it can still affect your placement in search results. Positive feedback from previous buyers is another way to boost your shops’ credibility. Keep customers happy by providing an item that is as-described. Additionally, making sure the items are shipped and get delivered promptly helps to keep customers coming back for more. Etsy obviously loves customers that come back for more so they’ll reward you with better placement in search.

If you’re making products that require lead time, always make sure your shipping policies are up to date. Failure to do so can lead to unhappy customers, particularly if they need the products ahead of a deadline. Especially as the holidays approach, it’s important to keep your shipping times in a location where customers will see them. For example, shoppers don’t know to check your shop updates – so don’t rely on that spot.

Get Ready to Grow!

Organic traffic on Etsy is a valuable commodity. Treat this gift with respect by selecting the right words to help your shop grow. With some grit and discipline, you’ll be on your way to financial freedom.


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