The Jam

How to Get MORE Etsy Reviews for Your Shop

Getting more product reviews as an Etsy seller is essential for building trust with potential customers and improving your shop’s overall reputation. Positive Etsy reviews from other customers are also one of the strongest ways to encourage shoppers to make a purchase! But how are you supposed to get more Etsy reviews in the first […]

Etsy SEO

The Best Etsy Keyword Tool for SEO Research in 2024

Save time and money with the best Etsy keyword tool for your SEO research. The wrong tool can lead you down a winding path, feeding you vanity metrics along the way. The right tool will show you keyword data that matters and help you put it into action. In 2024, Marmalead is the right Etsy […]

Etsy How-to

Etsy Valentine’s Day Marketing Guide for Etsy Sellers

Valentine’s Day is a lucrative holiday that you don’t want to miss. Coming right after the busy holiday season in December, your first instinct might be to relax in February. However, with just a bit of targeted marketing and some adjustments to your Etsy SEO, this Valentine’s Day could be your most successful one yet.

Business Life

A Crash Course to Etsy Taxes & Accounting

An Etsy 101 Series wouldn’t be complete without covering Etsy taxes and accounting. It’s an important business task to get right, but it’s not everyone’s favorite topic for sure. Relax, though; we’re not going too deep on these. After all, this is a crash course, and it’s just not feasible to cover the laws and […]