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How to Research Etsy Keywords

To find the best and most relevant keywords for your shop, you must first know how to research Etsy keywords. With a little thoughtful research and the right set of tools, you can be sure that you’ll grow your business, get more sales, and simply make more profit. SharePinTweetShare0 Shares

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How to Thrive With the Latest Etsy Search Change

There’s a new search algorithm in town. Is your shop still set up to win? Etsy has been making changes to how they present search results and it could have an impact on your stats, listings, and sales. Stick around to find out what you need to be doing in your shop to take advantage […]

Etsy SEO

How To Improve Your Etsy SEO in 2021

Well, It’s February. Are you still sticking with your resolutions? As we continue into the new year, it’s important to remember the goals you set for yourself in January. If improve your Etsy SEO in 2021 is on your list, then we’re here to help! SharePinTweetShare1 Shares

Etsy How-to Etsy SEO

Your Top 6 Beginner Etsy SEO Questions Answered

If you’re thinking about opening a new Etsy store, or you are in the beginning stages of opening your store, it is a smart idea to educate yourself about the best practices for getting views and sales on this growing platform. To help you kickstart your new Etsy business venture, here are some of the […]