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Most Popular Home Decor Keywords on Etsy in 2024

The most popular home decor keywords on Etsy provide a valuable window into the latest trends shaping the marketplace. By understanding what home goods Etsy shoppers are actively searching for, sellers can fine-tune their offerings to better align with their target audience’s evolving tastes and preferences.

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Insights from Popular Home Decor Keywords on Etsy

We recently compiled a list detailing some of the most popular keywords on Etsy right now. Through our critical insights, these keywords prove to be highly engaging and effective in capturing the attention of Etsy shoppers. These are products that real shoppers actively search for on the marketplace.

By integrating these keywords into your listings, you can significantly enhance your shop’s visibility, draw more traffic, and increase your sales opportunities.

All it takes is using simple strategies surrounding the top Etsy searches. This means understanding the nuances of these keywords, tailoring your products to fit these searches, and optimizing your listings to rank well. By doing so, you align your shop with the exact terms shoppers are using, ensuring your products are seen by the right audience at the right time.

Marmalead’s list of the 500 most popular Etsy keywords from 2024 is an eye-opening look into the habits of Etsy shoppers everywhere.

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What Etsy Sellers Can Gain from Popular Etsy Keywords

Below, you’ll find a selection of the most popular home decor keywords on Etsy in 2024. These terms reflect current shopper interests and trends on the marketplace.

Not sure how this list applies to your shop? No problem! To help you navigate the entire keyword list relevant to your specific market, we’ve highlighted the most popular Etsy keywords by product category.

This article will cover ‘Home & Living’ keywords as a whole. For a breakdown of additional product categories, click through the links below:

Leverage this information to deepen your understanding of engaging product categories on Etsy, ensuring your offerings resonate with what shoppers are actively searching for.

What are ‘Home & Living’ keywords on Etsy?

Home and living keywords on Etsy are specific search terms that potential buyers use to find and purchase items that contribute to the aesthetic and ambiance of their living spaces. These keywords include various products, including furniture, wall hangings, art pieces, rugs, outdoor, gardening, and more.

Understanding home decor keywords is crucial because they directly correspond to what customers are actively searching for to enhance or transform their home spaces. Whether it’s creating a cozy nook, designing a vibrant play area, or achieving a minimalist aesthetic, these keywords help connect your products with shoppers’ specific decorating goals and styles.

Effective use of these keywords in your product titles, descriptions, and tags can significantly improve the visibility of your listings, drawing more traffic and buyers to your shop.

Popular home decor products from Etsy hanging on a blank white wall.

Most Popular Home Decor Keywords on Etsy in 2024


Not just for the kitchen anymore! Think about crafting aprons with artful designs or funny quotes that can be used for gardening, art projects, or barbecuing.

Baby Blanket

Soft, snuggly, and a staple for new parents. Explore eco-friendly materials or personalize with baby names and birth dates for a unique touch.

Screenshot of baby blanket home decor products on Etsy.

Bed Frame Queen

Big in size, bigger in potential. Offer custom paint jobs or built-in storage solutions to stand out in a saturated market.


From sheets to comforters, focus on sustainable materials or themed bedding sets that cater to niche interests like space or ocean life.

Via SoftFrameDesigns

Bedside Tables

A staple for any bedroom, where else will you charge your phone and stack books you’ll never read?


Everyone loves a cozy throw! Consider seasonal designs or integrate innovative technology like weighted materials for anxiety relief.


Make them fun, not just functional! Design bookends that double as statement art pieces, perhaps shaped like famous landmarks or abstract sculptures.

Via urbancraftStyle


Ideal for saving space and fun designs. Think themed beds, such as treehouse or spaceship designs, that can transform a child’s bedroom.


Beyond scents, play with shapes and colors, or offer candles that reveal hidden gemstones or messages as they burn.

Ceramic Mug

Handmade ceramic mugs offer a rustic touch. Experiment with glazes that react uniquely in the kiln, making each piece one-of-a-kind.


From sleek marble with gold trim to rustic wood with personalized engravings, coasters can be both practical and stylish.

Coffee mug

Launch a series where each mug features different coffee-related puns or illustrations that cater to both caffeine addicts and design lovers.

Coffee table

Design multifunctional coffee tables with hidden storage, or tables that convert into seats or display stands.

Via StellaWoodArt

Copper Kitchen Molds

Introduce a line of copper molds or source vintage ones found at the local flea market. These products double as kitchen decor when not in use, perfect for the culinary artist.


Tap into the smart home trend with curtains that offer light filtering or thermal insulation properties in stylish designs.

Custom Neon Sign

Perfect for personal or business spaces, create custom signs that resonate with pop culture, inspirational quotes, or classic neon art.

Custom Portrait

Offer custom portraits not just of people but also of beloved family pets, homes, or even favorite cars.

Cutting Board

Go beyond rectangular boards by offering cutting boards in the shapes of states, animals, or custom designs that serve as conversation starters.


Craft desks that fit into small spaces or that can be easily adjusted for standing or sitting to appeal to the home office market.

Desk Mat

Produce mats that not only protect the desk but also include smart features like wireless charging pads or calendar reminders.

Dining Chairs

Create a line of easily customizable chairs where customers can choose from different fabrics, woods, or even engraving options.


Dining Room Table

Offer extendable or fold-down options to cater to small spaces, or tables with artistic, hand-painted tops.

Dining Set

Design dining sets that cater to balcony sizes for urban dwellers, or incorporate unconventional materials like reinforced glass or bamboo.

Dining Table

Incorporate puzzle piece sections for large gatherings or hidden compartments for storing dining essentials.

Entryway Bench

Include features like shoe racks or umbrella stands, or design them to fit into unusually shaped entryways.

Via KSkyStudio

Entryway Table

Offer customizable options where buyers can select the color, finish, and even the number of drawers or shelves.

Floating Shelves

Design them to be reconfigurable or include built-in lighting to highlight displayed items.


Focus on convertible furniture that can change as the buyer’s needs do, like sofa-beds or coffee tables that turn into dining tables.

Handmade Furniture

Emphasize the craftsmanship and story behind each piece, offering buyers a chance to own something truly unique.

Home Decor

Package collections of decor that adhere to specific interior design trends, like Mid-century Modern or Scandinavian.

All white home decor in living room.


Offer knives with handles made from unique materials like recycled composites or customized engravings for chefs.


Design lamps with adjustable color temperatures or that incorporate natural elements like wood or stone.


Introduce smart lighting solutions that change colors with the time of day or sync with music or movies.

Map of Florida

Local love sells. Design artistic renditions of Florida maps, perhaps highlighting tourist hotspots or historical trails.

Map of USA

From educational tools to artistic expressions, consider creating laser-cut wood maps or interactive push pin maps for travelers.


Mirrors are a decor staple. Edge into the market with uniquely shaped mirrors, like hexagons or waves, or mirrors framed with reclaimed wood or mosaic tiles.


Everyone’s morning favorite. Branch out with mugs featuring 3D designs, local cityscapes, or heat-changing colors that reveal messages.

Neon Sign

Light up any room with custom neon signs. Offer personalized options for weddings, home bars, or motivational quotes for home offices.


Hand-stitched quilts scream comfort. Create custom quilt patterns or offer a service to make quilts from customers’ old clothes or linens.

Room Decor

Target specific decor styles like minimalist, industrial, or bohemian with coordinated decor items that simplify buyer decisions.


Focus on sustainable materials or create rugs that feature city maps, famous paintings, or personalized family names.

Via RugThisWay

Solid Wood Desk

Offer customization in size and finishes, or integrate tech-friendly features like built-in charging stations or adjustable heights.

Stained glass

Make it yourself, or source your local flea markets and estate sales for vintage pieces.

Popular home decor keywords on Etsy - Stained Glass products on Etsy.


Offer tapestries that double as acoustic panels for studio apartments or modern designs that can be used as beach or picnic blankets.


Design tumblers that cater to specific hobbies or interests, like photography lens tumblers or ones that include tools for sports or outdoor activities.


Think outside the traditional shapes and explore materials like recycled glass or ceramics with unusual, textured finishes.

Wall Clock

Incorporate unexpected materials like vinyl records or illustrated fabrics to turn functional wall clocks into art pieces.

Via JohnnyAndJeanne

Wall Decor

Create modular pieces that buyers can rearrange according to mood or season, offering flexibility in interior design.


Develop removable wallpaper for renters, featuring bold graphics or textures that make any space feel like home.

Water Bottle

Offer bottles with smart features, such as hydration reminders or temperature retention, coupled with stylish designs.

Wicker Chair

Update the classic wicker chair with modern twists in color or design, making it suitable for indoor and outdoor use.


Offer seasonal variations or wreaths that double as year-round wall decor with interchangeable decorations.

Popular home decor keywords on Etsy - Wreath products on Etsy.

Most Popular Outdoor & Gardening Keywords on Etsy in 2024

These home decor products happen to decorate the outside of your house:


Not just for victors but for gardeners too. Consider crafting laurel wreath crowns for garden parties or designing decorative plant stakes that bring a touch of ancient elegance to modern gardens.


Break the mold with planters that double as art. Think geometric designs, self-watering features, or planters that hang from the ceiling to save space in small urban balconies.

Popular home decor keywords on Etsy - House plant products sitting in living room.


Illuminate gardens with solar-powered lights that need no plug. Design lights in shapes of fairy lanterns or integrate them into garden sculptures that charge by day and glow by night.


These hardy little plants are perfect for creative displays. Sell them in unconventional containers like miniature teacups, magnetic planters for fridges, or embedded in handcrafted driftwood pieces.


Create mini ecosystems in unique glass containers, which can range from simple globes to intricate geometric shapes. Offer DIY terrarium kits with step-by-step guides to attract customers looking for a hands-on gardening project.

Via RiverRocksTerrariums

Most Popular Pet Supplies Keywords on Etsy in 2024

Here are product ideas for Etsy sellers based on popular pet supplies keywords:

Cat Collar

Fashion meets function with cat collars. Offer a range that includes glow-in-the-dark for night prowlers, collars with jingle bells, or personalized with a space for the cat’s name and your contact info in stylish fonts.

Dog Collar

Stand out in the dog park with custom dog collars. Think durable materials with trendy prints, or collars featuring GPS trackers. Offer matching leash and collar sets for the style-conscious pet owner.

Dog with an orange collar holding a stick in its mouth.

Dog Tag

Essential for every pup, dog tags can be both practical and stylish. Create tags shaped like bones, hearts, or even in the silhouette of the dog breed, engraved with essential contact information.

Pet Portrait

Turn pet love into art. Offer custom pet portraits in styles ranging from classical oil paintings to modern digital art or quirky caricatures that capture the pet’s personality perfectly.

Most Popular Spirituality & Religion Keywords on Etsy in 2024

Here are some product ideas for Etsy sellers focusing on Spirituality & Religion keywords:

Bloodstone Cabochon

These healing stones can decorate your home or be used to create unique, handcrafted jewelry, such as pendants or rings, that look stunning and claim to boost vitality and cleanse negative energy.


Offer a range of crystals in various forms such as raw, polished, or incorporated into decorative items. Consider creating crystal sets for specific intentions like love, protection, or healing, with descriptions explaining each crystal’s properties.


Design custom tarot cloths or tarot-themed decor, such as tables, tapestries, rugs, vases, candleholders, and more.

Tarot Cards

Create custom tarot decks with unique artwork that resonates with different themes such as mythical creatures, natural elements, or modern minimalist styles. Include a guidebook with interpretations and layouts.

Tarot Decks

Along with your custom tarot cards, offer complete tarot decks packaged in handmade, decorative boxes. Consider adding themed tarot decks like celestial, forest, or ocean to attract different customer preferences.

4 Ways to Leverage Popular Home Decor Keywords

Etsy sellers discussing different ways to leverage popular home decor keywords.

To maximize the use of popular home decor keywords in your Etsy listings, consider the following strategies:

#1. Understanding Keyword Competition

Popular keywords such as ‘wall art’ draw significant search traffic on Etsy, indicating a strong buyer interest in these items. However, this popularity also results in a highly competitive market, where some keywords may have tens of thousands of existing listings vying for attention. Often, the best Etsy tags balance competition with engagement.

Understanding this competitive landscape is crucial for sellers aiming to enter these markets. It helps them assess the challenges of standing out among the competition and the potential rewards of capturing interest in a high-demand category.

For Etsy sellers, this means using a strategic approach, such as niche targeting or offering highly unique products, to differentiate their listings and attract a specific target audience.

#2. Identifying Niche Opportunities

Popular keywords on Etsy can be competitive, but they also reveal deeper market trends and opportunities to find less crowded niches.

For instance, while the general category of ‘candles’ sees a high volume of search and competition, focusing on a unique niche, such as ‘goat milk candles,’ could serve as a strategic differentiation. This specialization not only helps set your products apart but also targets a specific audience interested in unique, niche products.

Exploring sub-niches within a product market allows sellers to capitalize on the broader popularity of a category while minimizing direct competition, potentially tapping into a dedicated customer base eager for distinct and specialized offerings.

Most Popular Home Decor Keywords on Etsy: Etsy seller creating custom flower arrangements for niche shoppers.

#3. Conducting In-Depth Market Research

The popularity of Etsy tags that sell—those with high engagement indicates strong demand. However, thriving in a competitive market demands a deep understanding of that demand and unique approaches to differentiate your offerings.

It’s crucial to meticulously research competitors to see what they offer while identifying gaps in the market. Consider how you can improve your products—maybe by using superior-quality materials, introducing innovative designs, or aligning with emerging trends like sustainability.

By focusing on aspects that can make your products stand out—like eco-friendly practices or exclusive, custom designs—you position your Etsy shop to draw interest from discerning shoppers looking for something beyond the ordinary.

#4. Leverage Long Tail Keywords

Targeting long tail keywords is a strategic approach to sidestepping the intense competition of broader terms. While less searched, these keywords often have higher conversion rates because they cater to more specific consumer interests.

For example, rather than using the saturated keyword ‘candles,’ focusing on specific candle types like ‘organic beeswax candles’ narrows your competition and appeals directly to eco-conscious consumers who prioritize natural products.

Long tail keywords help increase your visibility among a dedicated niche and enhance your chances of attracting buyers who are further along in the decision-making process and ready to purchase based on specific preferences.

Key Takeaways from Popular Home Decor Keywords

Most Popular Home Decor Keywords on Etsy: Etsy sellers packaging home decorations to be sent to their buyers.

Now that you’ve seen the list of popular home decor keywords, you may be tempted to start using some of these keywords in your Etsy listings.

However, before you do, consider the following insights:

High Search Volume: Keywords like ‘wall art’ and ‘candles’ are frequently searched, indicating strong consumer interest in these home decor categories.

Competitive Markets: These popular keywords are often highly competitive, with thousands of listings vying for visibility on Etsy.

Niche Potential: The popularity of broad categories provides an opportunity for sellers to carve out a niche by offering unique or specialized products that differentiate from the mass market.

Market Research is Crucial: To succeed with these keywords, sellers must understand the competitive landscape, including current trends, customer preferences, and market gaps.

Leverage Long Tail Keywords: To sidestep heavy competition, sellers should target long tail keywords that are more specific and less contested, attracting a more targeted audience.

Innovative Product Ideas: The demand for popular items can inspire creative new product offerings, such as goat milk candles or eco-friendly home decor, helping sellers to capture niche market segments.

Final Thoughts

While the allure of popular home decor keywords on Etsy is undeniable, successfully leveraging these terms requires more than just incorporating them into your listings.

By understanding the competitive landscape, focusing on niche markets, and using long tail keywords, you can effectively attract a targeted audience and stand out in a crowded marketplace.

Remember, the key to success on Etsy lies not just in following trends but in innovatively responding to them. Embrace the insights these popular keywords provide, and use them to craft a thoughtful, strategic approach to your Etsy shop.

With the right strategy and a bit of creativity, you can transform popular demand into profitable opportunities. As always, happy selling!

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