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Most Popular Keywords for Etsy Craft Supplies in 2024

Etsy is the go-to place for unique handmade items—but it’s also a great place to buy craft supplies and materials to create your own products. Whether you cater to DIY enthusiasts or sell craft supplies to other Etsy sellers, optimizing your listings for search is important. Here’s how the most popular craft supply keywords can help.

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Insights from Popular Craft Supply Keywords on Etsy

Using Marmalead, we compiled a list detailing some of the most popular keywords on Etsy right now. Through our critical insights, these keywords prove to be highly engaging and effective in capturing the attention of Etsy shoppers. These are products that real shoppers actively search for on the marketplace.

By integrating these keywords into your listings, you can significantly enhance your shop’s visibility, draw more traffic, and increase your sales opportunities.

All it takes is using simple strategies surrounding the top Etsy searches. This means understanding the nuances of these keywords, tailoring your products to fit these searches, and optimizing your listings to rank well. By doing so, you align your shop with the exact terms shoppers are using, ensuring your products are seen by the right audience at the right time.

Marmalead’s list of the 500 most popular Etsy keywords from 2024 is an eye-opening look into the habits of Etsy shoppers everywhere.

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What Etsy Sellers Can Gain from Popular Etsy Keywords

Below, you’ll find a selection of the most popular craft supply keywords on Etsy for 2024. These terms reflect current shopper interests and trends on the marketplace.

Not sure how this list applies to your shop? No problem! To help you navigate the entire keyword list relevant to your specific market, we’ve highlighted the most popular Etsy keywords by product category.

This article will cover ‘Craft Supplies & Paper Products’ For a breakdown of additional product categories, click through the links below:

Leverage this information to deepen your understanding of engaging product categories on Etsy, ensuring your offerings resonate with what shoppers are actively searching for.

What Are Etsy Craft Supplies?

Etsy craft supplies sitting on a table

Craft supplies at its core is a broad topic to condense into one category. From scrapbooking and stamping to flower arranging and sewing, Etsy craft supplies can offer a pretty comprehensive list of products. 

Generally, though, craft supplies are about creating something physical. Etsy became very popular when it first launched as it was a marketplace that sold crafts made by others. So, you could argue that the Etsy marketplace was built on crafts. 

Today, Etsy showcases a diverse array of crafts, including craft kits, storage solutions, craft-themed gifts, and craft supplies. You can seamlessly shop for materials directly from the marketplace and use them to create more merchandise for your own Etsy shop. Sellers supporting sellers. It’s a major reason why this product category is popular on the Etsy marketplace.

What Are Paper & Party Supplies on Etsy?

Paper and party supply keywords on Etsy refer to search terms that shoppers use when looking for specific products within the paper goods and party accessories category. This category includes various items aimed at crafting, decorating, and organizing events.

These keywords help sellers target customers looking for specific paper products and party supplies, allowing them to better align their listings with customer searches and increase visibility on Etsy.

The Reality of Popular Keywords for Etsy Craft Supplies

Etsy craft supplies on a shelf

Many keywords on this list are quite broad and boast a high competition volume. However, this vagueness is exactly what makes them so popular in Etsy search. When people begin their searches on Etsy, they often start broad and refine their search as they go.

By analyzing this list, sellers can identify opportunities to specialize by focusing on less crowded niches within these broad categories.

For instance, rather than simply offering generic ‘party decorations,’ a seller might find success with niches like ‘eco-friendly party decorations’ or ‘custom birthday banners for kids.’ This targeted approach allows sellers to cater to specific customer needs, potentially reducing the competition faced in Etsy search.

By leveraging detailed keywords that speak directly to these niches, sellers can attract shoppers who are looking for precisely what they offer, enhancing the likelihood of landing more sales.

Most Popular Keywords for Etsy Craft Supplies in 2024


These adorable crochet or knitted stuffed toys are a hit with all ages. Create unique patterns or sell DIY kits for those looking to craft their own cute creatures.

Via MaclaOrganic on Etsy


Offer beads of various materials and colors for jewelry making or decoration. Consider niche markets like vintage beads or eco-friendly beads made from recycled materials.


Sell blank canvases for artists or create pre-sketched canvases for beginners. You could also offer personalized canvases with custom images or text.


Design unique charms for bracelets, necklaces, and more. Explore niches like charms for pet lovers, sports enthusiasts, or personalized family charms.


Provide everything from crochet hooks and supplies to complete kits for making scarves, hats, or afghans. Consider offering guides or patterns.

Crochet Pattern

Create and sell your own unique crochet patterns digitally. Offer a range from beginner to advanced to attract a wide audience.

Cross Stitch Pattern

Design and sell downloadable cross-stitch patterns, from modern quotes to classic landscapes. Kits with all necessary supplies could be a big hit.

DIY Crafts

Compile and sell kits with all materials and instructions needed for a craft project, such as candle-making or home decor items.


Offer precision-cut paper designs, possibly incorporating pop culture themes or personalized messages for special occasions.

Embroidery Designs

Try selling unique digital embroidery designs or offer custom embroidery templates.

Embroidery Kit

Package and sell kits that include everything one needs to start embroidering, including threads, needles, fabric, a hoop, and a beautiful pattern.


Offer a variety of fabrics by the yard. Consider specialties like organic fabrics, rare patterns, or culturally specific textiles.

Laser Engraving Bundle

Sell bundles of materials that are popular for laser engraving, such as wood, acrylic, or leather, along with pattern ideas or templates.


Market specialty wood pieces for woodworking projects, furniture making, or craft projects. Highlight the origin or type of wood to attract enthusiasts.


Sell supplies like cords and beads, or offer complete macrame kits for making wall hangings, plant hangers, or jewelry.

Magnifying Glass

Offer magnifying glasses as tools for detailed crafts like model building or jewelry making, or even as part of craft kits for children.


Create and sell your own unique sewing, knitting, or craft patterns. Consider offering themed collections based on seasons or trends.


Supply kits for resin art projects, including molds, dyes, and bases. You can also offer molds or help guides for beginners.

Etsy craft supplies - pouring resin

Sewing Patterns

Design and sell patterns for clothing, accessories, or home decor items. Offer patterns for different skill levels and include video tutorials.


Sell downloadable STL files for 3D printing enthusiasts. Offer a variety of models from home decor items to toys and tools.


Provide templates for a variety of crafts, from scrapbooking to sandblasting. Include templates for both digital and physical projects.

Washi Tape

Offer a wide variety of washi tapes with different patterns and colors. Consider creating themed sets or personalized options.


Sell specialty wood for crafting, such as balsa, birch, or exotic woods. Highlight the suitability of each type for different craft projects.


Provide yarns of different thicknesses, materials, and colors. Bundle them with knitting or crochet needles as starter packs or offer luxury yarns for advanced projects.

Most Popular Etsy Keywords for Paper & Party Supplies

2024 Calendar

Design and sell unique calendars featuring themes like wildlife, motivational quotes, or local landscapes. Consider adding personalized dates or family photos for custom orders.

Advent Calendar

Create and market advent calendars with a twist—think DIY craft projects, gourmet treats, or beauty samples behind each door.

Birthday Card

Offer a range of birthday cards, from humorous to heartfelt. Personalization options like adding names or specific messages could attract buyers looking for that extra special touch.


Self-publish niche books or create hand-bound journals and notebooks. Consider special editions like cookbooks with family recipes or DIY guides for crafting.


Design bookmarks using a variety of materials such as leather, fabric, or heavy paper. Offer personalized engravings or charms that appeal to avid readers.

Bridesmaid Proposal

Sell custom kits or cards designed to ask friends to be bridesmaids in a unique and memorable way. Include small gifts like personalized jewelry or a mini champagne bottle.

Bullet Journal

Offer bullet journals with customizable pages for tracking habits, moods, or daily activities. Include guides or stickers to help users get started.


Business Cards

Design unique business cards incorporating innovative materials or shapes. Offer bundled services that include logo design and branding consultation.


Provide calendars that cater to specific hobbies or interests, such as gardening phases or workout trackers. Interactive elements like stickers or marks could enhance usability.


Create a line of cards for all occasions, using various art techniques like watercolor, calligraphy, or digital designs. Eco-friendly materials can attract environmentally conscious consumers.

Coloring Book

Create a line of cards for all occasions, using various art techniques like watercolor, calligraphy, or digital designs. Eco-friendly materials can attract environmentally conscious consumers.

Coloring Pages

Sell downloadable coloring pages, offering a wide range of themes and complexity levels. Seasonal themes can keep your offerings fresh and timely.


Market journals that cater to specific uses, like travel journals, gratitude journals, or pregnancy journals. High-quality materials and customization options can set your products apart.

Laptop Stickers

Design durable and stylish laptop stickers. Offer bundles based on interests like tech, music, or pop culture references.


Create decorative mail sets with themed stationery, envelopes, and seals.


Sell notebooks with unique covers, such as hand-painted designs or recycled materials. Offer options for lined, blank, or dot-grid pages.


Provide high-quality parchment paper suitable for calligraphy or certificate printing. Offer aging or weathering customization for an antique look.

Via Rileyprint on Etsy


Design planners with specific layouts like weekly, daily, or goal-oriented. Include add-ons like pockets, tabs, and inspirational quotes.

Planner Stickers

Create and sell stickers that help with planner organization—categories might include chores, appointments, or fitness tracking.


Offer stickers for all purposes, from scrapbooking to laptop decoration. Consider waterproof or UV-resistant options for more durability.

Thank You Cards

Provide a range of thank-you cards, from simple and elegant to elaborate designs. Custom printing services aimed at weddings or businesses can also be a lucrative niche.


Create customized timelines for events such as weddings or project plans. Offer digital or printed versions that customers can fill in with specific milestones.

4 Ways to Leverage Popular Craft Supply Keywords

Leveraging popular craft supply keywords on Etsy involves thoughtful strategy and creativity to ensure your products stand out in a competitive marketplace.

Here are some different ways to use these keywords effectively:

#1. Explore Niche Products

Dive deep into specific niches within broad categories. For example, if ‘yarn’ is a popular keyword, you might specialize in hand-dyed yarns or eco-friendly fibers like bamboo or hemp.

This specialization can help you attract a dedicated customer base looking for unique or sustainable options.

#2. Offer Product Bundles

Create bundles that combine related craft supplies, such as a ‘DIY Crochet Kit’ that includes yarn, crochet hooks, and a simple pattern.

Bundles can attract beginners looking for an easy way to start a new hobby or seasoned crafters looking for a convenient package.

#3. Seasonal & Themed Products

Align your product offerings with seasonal events or current trends.

For example, offer special holiday-themed embroidery kits or patterns around Christmas, or capitalize on trending styles like boho or minimalist in your craft supplies.

#4. SEO Optimization

Use the best Etsy tags strategically in your product titles, descriptions, and tag slots. This will not only help your products rank better in Etsy search but also make them more likely to be discovered by the right audience.

Woman searching for Etsy craft supplies on laptop

9 Steps to Brainstorm Long Tail Alternatives for Etsy Craft Supplies

Creating long tail keyword alternatives based on popular craft supply keywords can significantly enhance your visibility on Etsy by targeting specific niches. This strategy can help you stand out in a crowded market and attract buyers looking for exactly what you offer.

Here’s how to develop long tail keywords that can lead to niche product ideas:

Step 1: Identify the Base Keywords

Start with the broad, popular keywords you already have, like ‘yarn,’ ‘beads,’ or ‘fabric.’ These will serve as the foundation for generating more specific, long tail keywords.

Step 2: Specify Product Attributes

Add descriptors that specify the attributes of the products. This could include the material, color, size, or technique involved. For example:

  • Instead of just ‘yarn,’ use ‘red silk yarn.’
  • Transform ‘beads’ into ‘recycled glass beads.’
  • Expand ‘fabric’ to ‘retro floral fabric.’
Step 3: Focus on Usage or Application

Consider how the craft supplies are used, which can guide you to more precise keywords. For instance:

  • ‘Macrame’ becomes ‘macrame wall art.’
  • ‘Resin’ can be specified as ‘resin for jewelry.’
  • ‘Patterns’ could be detailed as ‘cross stitch patterns’
Step 4: Target the Audience

Include terms that specify who the product is for, which can help attract more targeted traffic. Examples include:

  • ‘Crafts kit for kids.’
  • ‘Wedding embroidery kit.’
  • ‘Baby blanket fabric.’
Step 5: Geographical or Thematic Tags

Adding geographical or thematic tags can further refine your keywords, especially if you’re targeting a specific cultural aspect or local trend:

  • “Southwestern beads.”
  • “Scandinavian yarn.”
  • “Art deco patterns.”
Step 6: Combine Keywords

Combine two or more related keywords to form a compound long tail keyword that captures a very specific niche. For example:

  • Merge “washi tape” and “planner” to create “washi tape planners.”
  • Combine “macrame” and “templates” into “DIY macrame template.”
Step 7: Use Tools and Research

Use Marmalead to find out what specific phrases people use when they search for products similar to yours. Marmalead’s storm tool provides keyword suggestions with insights into search volume and competition levels—helping you choose effective long tail keywords.

Step 8: Test and Iterate

After selecting your long tail keywords, integrate them into your product listings and monitor their performance. Use Etsy’s traffic stats to see which keywords drive traffic and sales, and adjust your strategy accordingly.

Step 9: Create Content Around Keywords

Consider creating blog posts, tutorials, or social media content centered around these long tail keywords. This content can drive offsite traffic to your listings and help establish your brand as a niche authority.

By effectively utilizing long tail keywords, you tap into a market of customers who know exactly what they want and are more likely to make a purchase. This approach not only improves your search rankings on Etsy but also enhances customer satisfaction by matching them with the perfect products.

green yarn on board

Final Thoughts

Popular product categories like craft supplies and paper/party supplies offer a wealth of potential for Etsy sellers. You can stand out in this bustling marketplace by utilizing the power of popular keywords and exploring niches with limited competition.

Use these strategies to carve your niche and connect with customers searching for unique offerings.

Until next time, happy selling!

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