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Top Etsy Searches in 2021 with Popular Keywords

The top Etsy searches in 2021 prove to be filled with some of the most popular keywords on Etsy right now. From ‘wedding gifts’ to ‘car accessories,’ these keywords are some of the most searched Etsy terms out there. Today, we’re taking a look at some of the most popular Etsy search terms to help you strategize your Etsy SEO.

Editor’s Note: We recently published an updated list of the top 500 Etsy keywords from 2021. Gain access to this updated list through the link below!

Marmalead’s list of the 500 most popular Etsy keywords from 2021 is an eye-opening look into the habits of Etsy shoppers everywhere.

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Over the past several weeks, we’ve put together a comprehensive list of the top Etsy searches in 2021. What started as some of the most popular Etsy search terms for holidays and celebrations, has turned into a list of the most popular keywords, separated by their category on Etsy. Throughout all the lists we put together, they all have one thing in common: the top Etsy searches are vast and vague. Let’s take a look at our final list then talk about why the most searched Etsy tags are as vague as they are.

top etsy searches vast and vague

Before we begin, a look back at the top Etsy searches in 2021 so far:

Remember, the top Etsy searches are full of competition. Plug in just about any of these keywords into Marmalead and you’ll see some pretty competitive numbers. Why? Popular keywords have a lot of competition because they’re the top searches on Etsy. And they’re the top searches because everyone’s using them in search.

It’s easy to see how the simplicity of this can seem complicated. But luckily, we have some pretty in-depth keyword stats available to you in Marmalead.

Top Etsy searches - car accessories in Marmalead
‘Car accessories’ is one of the top Etsy searches in 2021, but there’s just way too much competition for this keyword to be very helpful. Consider using a long-tail alternative instead.

Marmalead can show you exactly how well a keyword will perform by showing you a 30-day snapshot of the number of searches, engagement, and the amount of competition you’ll be up against. So, before you use one of the keywords from the list of top Etsy searches, make sure you use Marmalead to see how well these keywords will perform in your Etsy shop.

In most cases, using a long tail alternative instead of the exact most popular Etsy search tag will be more beneficial to you in the long run. More on that down below.  

How to use the top Etsy searches for your Etsy shop

The keywords in this list are quite broad. 

You’ll see, for example, the keyword ‘coffee mug.’ It’s on the list because a lot of people search for coffee mugs. But there are also tons of people selling coffee mugs, meaning this keyword has a lot of competition.

top Etsy searches - two coffee mugs

So what’s the point of this list?

Using this list, you’ll be able to get a more thorough understanding of random keywords on Etsy that bring a lot of traffic. Rather than opening a store selling ‘coffee mugs,’ you can use this popular Etsy keyword (and others on the list) to give you an idea of different products you can sell.

  • ‘Steampunk coffee mugs’
  • ‘Dinosaur coffee mugs’
  • ‘Vintage coffee mugs’

These are examples of niche products that stand out from the vagueness of just plain ‘coffee mug.’ By narrowing down and being more specific in selling popular products, you’ll quickly become the dominant (and go-to) store for that niche.

Top Etsy Searches in 2021

Without further ado, here’s our final list that includes more of the most popular keywords on Etsy in 2021. These popular keywords are some of the most popular and top Etsy searches right now. These keywords don’t fit into any particular category, so things get a bit weird… still, they are some of the most popular top Etsy search tags out there right now. Use this list, along with the lists we linked to up above ↑, to help with your Etsy SEO strategy.

Car accessories

People are continually modifying cars. And while Etsy isn’t the go-to place to buy a muffler or manifold, it’s certainly a place that more basic car modifications are prevalent. Natural air fresheners, stickers, driving aids, and car comfort accessories. 

Coffee mugs

What a product to sell. There are probably more coffee mugs on earth than there are people. But they keep selling! If you sell coffee mugs, niche down by picking a theme that resonates with you.

Customized tumbler glitter

Customization has long been the key to getting good, consistent sales for a product on Etsy. This product just so happens to be a drink tumbler (ideal for coffee on the go) that’s full of glitter. 

Dog collar

This is an interesting one – at first glance, it seems like a pet accessory. But when you dig deeper, there’s the possibility of this keyword being associated with a type of costume, some sort of fetish, or also a kind of memorial for a passed pet. Find a way to niche down in a way that suits your existing business. 

Dog tag

Again, this keyword can be relevant to pet accessories, but it’s also more likely associated with Army dog tags in the form of a fashion accessory for men. 

Horse fabric

Horse fabric is simply fabric with prints of horses on it. Searching this keyword will show you all the types of designs – from abstract and colorful to minimalist and basic. 

These keywords don’t fit into any particular category, so things get a bit weird… still, they are some of the most popular top Etsy search tags out there right now.


Keycaps are keys for a computer keyboard that can replace the standard keys. For example, replacing the traditional white keys with pink keys. There are also more novel and aesthetic ones, like cartoon characters and animal paws. 

close up of peach key caps

Neon sign

Neon signs are popular on Etsy, primarily USB-powered ones, as they’re much safer – and don’t always involve neon, but rather LEDs. A perfect keyword to niche down on – vintage sign, biker bar, wine bar, customizable, and so on. 


It’s very hard to narrow this one down. Why are so many people searching for it? Peach is a very popular shade right now, arguably one of the most popular colors on Etsy due to its inclusion in this list of top Etsy searches. If you can sell a color variant of an existing product, consider using this color. 


In a list of top Etsy searches in 2021, this one is the most random. Hard to narrow down, it can refer to a smoking pipe (either for tobacco, cannabis, or just decoration), clothes racks, or wood and metalworking tools (iron pipe furniture has been extremely popular over the last several years).

top Etsy searches - man smoking pipe


A favorite toy of many kids, slime is easy to make and available on Etsy in many colors – not just the classic ‘toxic’ green. 

Starbucks cup

Seattle and America’s favorite coffee house has found popularity on Etsy. It comes in the form of fridge magnets, reusable cups, novelty items, and more. If you decide to leverage this keyword, remember about copyright infringement


If you thought that ‘coffee mugs’ was a broad keyword, this one is a step above. Consider using Marmalead to help you niche down by finding ideas and inspiration for selling stickers. 

There you have it. This list wraps up some of the top Etsy searches in 2021 and the most popular keywords so far.

So how can this list help you? Use the top Etsy search tags to create your own long tail alternative keywords for your Etsy listings. Not sure where to start? Use Marmalead to give you a list of long tail alternatives!

Long tail alternatives for top Etsy searches

You’ve just read some of the top Etsy searches in 2021. 

Each one has come with a bit of description of ways that you can niche down, but if you’re still struggling, here are a few more ideas.

Note: The list below isn’t popular keywords but rather examples of using the above popular Etsy tags and focusing specifically on a niche. Here’s how you can niche-down:

  • jdm car accessories
  • couples coffee mugs
  • Aztec dog collar
  • funny dog tag
  • horse print fabric
  • custom keycaps for girls
  • led pink neon sign
  • peach sapphire engagement ring
  • Gandalf pipe
  • icee slime
  • dnd stickers
  • college planner stickers


There are some deep dark depths of Etsy with some weird products that are in high demand. This list of random top Etsy searches may be a gateway into that dimension. 

If that’s a direction that you want to take your business, and you have the means to do so, we encourage you to do it! 

Find a way to cater to these top search terms on Etsy with a product that you know searchers will like. Use these high search volumes to grow your Etsy shop traffic, and increase your sales in the process! Do you already sell any variations of the products included above? Let us know down in the comments below!

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