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Most Popular Descriptive Keywords on Etsy in 2022

The most popular descriptive keywords on Etsy gives you a glimpse into popular trends among Etsy shoppers around the world. Because if you know what Etsy shoppers are searching for, you can make something they’ll want to buy.

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Recently, we published a comprehensive article on some of the most popular keywords on Etsy in 2022. The idea was to help you, the savvy eCommerce entrepreneur, get an idea of popular topics, themes, and niches on Etsy.

After looking at the complete list of popular Etsy keywords, we found that many Etsy shoppers search the marketplace for products related to certain animals, colors, hobbies, and styles of all variety.

So we broke them off into their own category we’re calling descriptive keywords on Etsy.

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Let’s take a closer look.

What are popular ‘descriptive’ keywords on Etsy?

Popular descriptive keywords on Etsy - Woman standing at clothing rack.

Descriptive keywords on Etsy are keywords that shoppers use in Etsy search but they’re not exactly narrowing their search down to a specific product.

They could be searching for a specific color. Or their favorite animal. But do they want their favorite animal on a t-shirt? Or on a poster? Do they want the shirt or poster to be a certain color?

Who’s to say?

Shoppers that use these keywords in their Etsy searches are looking for a product that includes something specific, but they’re not looking for a specific product.

Shoppers that use these keywords in their Etsy searches are looking for a product that includes something specific, but they’re not looking for a specific product. They know that they want to buy something that includes their favorite animal, like a frog. But they’re not sure if they want a ‘frog coffee mug,’ or a ‘frog necklace,’ or any other type of frog product out there.

Usually, this means one of two things:

  1. Shoppers that use these descriptive Etsy keywords are just browsing for products that include certain design elements.
  2. Or they’re searching for a gift using these descriptive keywords since that’s all they know about the person they’re buying the gift for.

Either way, these shoppers will browse through a variety of products that appear in Etsy search results before they decide to narrow down their search to a certain product.

How to use these popular descriptive keywords for your Etsy business

Popular descriptive keywords on Etsy - Man using typewriter.

What’s great about this list of descriptive Etsy keywords is that any Etsy seller can take advantage them. By offering new product lines that include design elements from these keywords, you open up your shop to more traffic.

Take a look at the descriptive Etsy keywords in this list to see if there are any new product offerings you can create for your shop.

Most Popular Descriptive Keywords on Etsy in 2022

3D printed

Nowadays, you can 3D print anything. If you sell 3D printed products on Etsy, take a look at our previous popular Etsy keyword lists to find new product ideas.


Etsy shoppers looking for anime products might want posters, manga, t-shirts, stickers, pins, journals, you name it.


From ‘baby clothing’ to ‘baby room decor,’ the market for baby products on Etsy is vast.

Baby wearing knitted hat and diaper.


Everybody want’s to save the bees. Popular bee products include clothing, accessories, drinkware, and even thirst-aid kits.


Blue is the world’s most favorite color. If you offer various color options for your products, include this one.


Butterfly’s are great! Consider making Etsy products that include designs and styles with this insect in mind.


Who doesn’t like cats? Sure, you can sell cat toys and scratching posts, but many Etsy shoppers want to deck out their lives with everything cat-related. Socks, blankets, hats, you name it.


The most wonderful time of the year. You could sell Christmas decor or the perfect Christmas gift. The choice is yours.


Cottagecore is an aesthetic inspired by an old-fashioned, rural lifestyle. Etsy products with this keyword could be cottagecore home decor, dresses, and craft supplies, to name a few.

Woman in field wearing a cottagecore dress.

Dark academia

Steampunk meets study hall, this keyword comes with an endless number of product ideas. Clothing, furniture, home decor, wall art, you name it.

Do it yourself

Why make and sell a product that you’ve already put together, when you can sell the pieces and your customer puts it together? DIY kits aren’t just fun, people feel accomplished when it’s done.


Man’s (and woman’s) best friend. Sometimes dog lovers want everybody else to know that they’re a dog lover. That means t-shirts, bumper stickers, picture frames, hats, accessories, and pretty much anything else.


Whether you’re big into fantasy or you want to decorate your house to remind you of Wales, dragon products from Etsy could be your next money maker.

Dried flowers

Dried flowers can be pressed into bookmarks, sandwiched between stained glass, or used as graphics for stickers and clothing.

Popular descriptive keywords on Etsy - Dried flowers next to photograph.


Fall is the biggest season for product sales, not only because of the holidays, but because people love fall decor.


Earrings, necklaces, dream catchers, stickers… the list goes on.

Female power

Etsy is a marketplace led predominantly by women-owned businesses, selling to a majority of consumers that are also women. Support your fellow women with products that inspire female power.


Apparently, everybody loves frogs.


Gothic fashion includes black clothing and accessories that are mysterious and antiquated.


Whether it’s green in color or green for the Earth.

popular descriptive keywords on Etsy -Aerial photo of green forest and stream.


A perfect holiday for an Etsy seller. Try selling Halloween decor, clothing, costumes, and DIY kits.


Even though Etsy does allow non-handmade items to be sold on their platform, most of what you find on Etsy will be handmade anyway…


These laughing, dog-like animals are carving out their own popular niche for merchandise.

Popular descriptive keywords on Etsy - Hyena in wilderness.


Simplistic by design, minimalism is a very popular sub-genre for home decor.


Earthy, nature-inspired, and psychedelic.


Outdoor products include products you use outdoors or products you put inside your house to remind you of the outdoors.


If you can sell it on Etsy you can probably personalize it in some way. This is one of the biggest reasons consumers come to Etsy; to find customizable items, personalized just for them or a loved-one.


Flags, clothing, accessories, and anything else you can think of.


Retro-futuristic clothing and accessories that are reminiscent of the industrial revolution, with a healthy blend of science fiction.


Fitting nicely into the ‘fall’ category, you couldn’t browse through Thanksgiving product ideas without seeing turkeys, autumn leaves, and pumpkin spice.


Traveling pillows, handbags, cases for electronics, headphones, and anything else you might take with you on the go.

Popular descriptive keywords on Etsy - Luxury tent on the beach.


At the start of the Russian invasion into Ukraine, Etsy supported humanitarian efforts for Ukraine by waiving outstanding balances for Ukrainian sellers. Other Etsy sellers around the world showed their support by selling Ukrainian products with proceeds going towards additional humanitarian aid.


Wine drinking is a hobby. And wine enthusiasts aren’t afraid to show it by purchasing various Etsy products that showcase their love for life’s simple pleasures.


A Halloween-inspired genre of home decor, clothing, and accessories.


The 2000s could be the last great decade for nostalgia-infused clothing, styles, and accessories.

Wrappinp up the most popular electronics & accessories keywords on Etsy

So there you have it. These are some of the most popular descriptive keywords on Etsy in 2022.

So, how can you use this list of keywords to your advantage? If you’re looking for a niche to expand your shop, you may have just found it.


With new consumers using the Esty marketplace everyday, the most popular descriptive keywords for Etsy are sure to shift over time. Take advantage of these keywords today by introducing a new product line in your shop.

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