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Most Popular Etsy Keywords for Digital Downloads & Art in 2022

Using the right Etsy keywords for digital downloads will help get your products in front of more interested shoppers. But more importantly, the right keywords will increasing your bottom line.

Selling digital downloads on Etsy is a business venture that’s exploded in popularity over the last several years. With virtually everything online, cheaper access to digital design tools has given the most aspirational designers an outlet to monetize their skills.

And because of Etsy’s growing popularity among consumers, paired with how easy it is to design something on a computer, selling digital downloads is only becoming more popular.

But if you’re thinking about heading down this path as a way to monetize your passion for graphic design, it helps to know which keywords are the most popular with Etsy shoppers.

Using the right keywords for your digital downloads

Now, there’s no doubt that Marmalead is a great Etsy SEO tool to help you find effective keywords. But, we’d like to take it a step further to help you find the right keywords by sharing some of the most popular keywords in 2022. In this article, we’re taking a closer look at keywords related to Etsy digital downloads and art.

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When we sat down to find the most popular keywords on Etsy in 2022, we knew we’d find tons of popular keywords for Etsy digital downloads and art. So we’ve compiled the top keywords in this category to give you a better understanding of the overall market.

If you sell digital downloads on Etsy, use these keywords to help you niche down into a new market for your products.

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But before you start selling digital downloads on Etsy, here’s how these keywords will help:

How to use keywords for Etsy digital downloads in your shop

In this list you’ll find keywords like ‘SVG’ which stands for Scalable Vector Graphics. It’s a digital filetype that can be used with your Cricut machine to print and cut custom designs. And when you sell SVGs, the possibilities are basically endless. Well, this keyword is on the list because a lot of people search for SVG files, but more importantly for you, there are tons of other Etsy shops selling SVG files.

So how can you stand out from the crowd?

How can I use this list to my advantage?

By using the keyword list below to get an understanding of popular Etsy keywords in digital downloads, you’ll be able to identify popular markets then squeeze your way into a profitable niche of your own. Rather than putting all your eggs in one vague basket such as ‘SVG,’ consider becoming a specialist in selling ‘dinosaur SVG for kids,’ or ‘rainbow SVG for girls’, or ‘forest animals SVG.’

You get the point. Get specific.

Without further ado, here are the most popular Etsy keywords for digital downloads:

Most Popular Keywords for Etsy Digital Downloads in 2022

Digital art

Artwork created by graphic artists, then sold as a digital file on Etsy.

Etsy keywords for digital downloads - woman using ipad to create digital artwork.

Digital download

This is a very diverse category, ranging from birthday cards and invitations, to SVG and other vector graphics, to digital art and posters.

Digital prints

These digital art files are meant to be printed on canvas and paper materials.

Funny fathers day SVG

SVGs are scalable vector graphics used to create high quality digital art for printing on shirts, tumblers, stickers, you name it. These SVGs will include funny graphics and quips for Father’s Day.

Glowforge SVG files

Glowforge is a brand of 3D laser printers. SVG files for glowforge printers are used to etch and cut into wood, metal, glass, and other materials.

Instagram template

For social media influencers that don’t want to spend their own time creating graphic designs, enter Etsy sellers that sell “Instagram templates.”

Etsy keywords for digital downloads - woman scrolling through Instagram.

Plantillas para sublimar taza

Spanish for templates to sublimate mug. These are sublimation designs used for coffee mugs, tumblers, etc.


Portable Network Graphics, PNGs are digital picture files for logos, photos, art, etc.


Printables can really be anything. Daily planners, stickers, templates, you name it. If it can be printed, it can be a printable.

Resume template

Building your own resume is tough. It’s no wonder so many jobseekers choose to start their resume with a template; maybe one purchased from Etsy.

Etsy keywords for digital downloads - Potential employee interviewing for a job opportunity.

Spiderman SVG

SVGs graphics for your friendly copyrighted superhero.


STL, also known as Standard Triangle Language, is a filetype used for CAD software and 3D printers.

Sublimation designs

Sublimation uses heat to print ink designs onto fabric (or tumblers). These designs are great for Etsy sellers that want to print and sell their own clothing but don’t want to create their own artwork. Purchase a roll on Etsy or just buy the digital file and print your own.

Sublimation designs downloads

Sublimation designs in a digital download.

SVG files

SVGs are scalable vector graphics used to create high quality digital art for printing on shirts, tumblers, stickers, you name it.

SVG files for cricut

Since most Etsy sellers will be using their SVG files to print and cut designs with their Cricut printing machine, it makes sense that this is a keyword they typically type into Etsy search.

Remember, Etsy is a great place to purchase craft supplies for your own products, including digital products like SVGs.

Teacher SVG

SVGs that include graphics meant for teachers.

Twitch emote

For gamers that stream on Twitch (or YouTube or Discord), emotes help add your own brand to your stream. These digital files take basic emojis to the next level.

Twitch overlay

Every good streamer needs their own digital overlay that adds an additional level of professionalism to their videos. Overlays can include frames, graphics, transitions, etc.

Etsy keywords for digital downloads - woman playing video games.

Vtuber commission

Vtuber stand for virtual YouTuber. Essentially, it’s a virtual avatar that represents yourself on YouTube, Twitch, or anywhere you want to stream yourself. A Vtuber commission will work with the commissioner to create a unique digital avatar, exactly how they want it.

Vtuber model

Anime, animals, robots, aliens, you name it. Rather than stream as yourself, some people choose represent themselves as a virtual YouTuber.

Most Popular Art Keywords on Etsy in 2022

3D wall art

Wall art that extends off the wall, adding some depth to your decorations. While this type of wall art isn’t necessarily from 3D printing, Etsy results are bound to include these types of products as well.

Abstract art

Abstract art uses colors, shapes, lines, and visuals that offer no real distinction to something physical within the real world. Alas, what is art?

Abstract art created by Steve Johnson.


French for posters, affiches are advertisement, typically drawn by artists for art openings, exhibitions, cinema, theater, etc.

Art prints

Art prints vary from canvas art, art on paper, or digital art that you print yourself. It’s a basic keyword to use for ‘wall art’ used to decorate your home, office, or any wall.

Large wall art

Sometimes, small wall art just doesn’t cut it. When you want a large piece that makes a statement, you’ll likely be looking for large wall art on Etsy.

Metal wall sculpture

Creating sculptures from metal is a fun and meditative way to showcase your artistic mind. While sculptors typically visualize their art from within the slab of marble before them, metal sculptors must visualize their art from nothing, then arrange the metal how they see fit.

Metal art in the shape of a motorcycle.


While you’re probably not going to find MP3s from your favorite artist on Etsy, you could find vintage records. For this keyword though, shoppers are probably looking for products that are music related, like those plaques of your significant other’s favorite song.


Somewhere between prehistoric cave paintings and digital art, there were paintings on canvas.

Paper doll art

These figurines are cut from paper, with paper clothing, accessories, and so on. Paper doll art can sometimes be referred to paper dolls that are not intentionally made for kids to play with, rather to be put on display.


From landscapes to street photography, if you have an eye for it, you can sell high quality prints on Etsy.

Etsy keywords for digital downloads - Black and white photography with dog sitting in front of shop corner.

Printable wall art

Printable wall art is pretty much a digital download. It’s art that you’ve created yourself or you’re licenses to sell, but rather then selling the original, you sell a digital copy.


Like art prints, prints is a basic keyword that means any kind of art printed on canvas, paper, metal, wood, etc.

Wall prints

Prints meant to be displayed on a wall.

There you have it.

With that, these are some of the most popular keywords for Etsy digital downloads in 2022. If you sell products with any of these keywords, then keep reading to learn how to niche down into a new product idea for your Etsy business.

Long tail keywords for Etsy digital downloads and art

So, these are some of Etsy’s most popular digital download keywords right now. 

But this list of popular keywords wouldn’t be complete without a handful of examples to help you niche down from these very vague keywords.

So we’ve put together a list of long tail keyword ideas to help inspire you. 

Note: The list below isn’t popular keywords but rather examples of using the above popular keywords and focusing specifically on a niche. 

  • fashion digital prints
  • nautical digital prints
  • watercolor flowers png
  • horoscope png
  • layered svg files
  • custom sublimation transfers
  • avocado svg
  • frog svg

Plug these long tails into Marmalead to see how they would perform for you. Then check out our storm tool for more keyword ideas.


Art has always been a popular category on Etsy, but digital downloads is continuing to grow in popularity.

This article has given you a look into some of the most popular keywords for Etsy digital downloads and art. Use the most popular keywords on this list to niche down to a product with very little competition, and own the market. Good luck!

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