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Most Popular Keywords for Etsy Craft Supplies in 2022

Etsy is the go-to online marketplace for hand-crafted items, but it’s also a great resource for purchasing the Etsy craft supplies you use daily in your shop. And whether you’re selling craft supplies to the everyday DIYer or other professional makers, it helps to use the right keywords for your listings.

Now, there’s no doubt that Marmalead is a great Etsy SEO tool to help you find effective keywords. But, we’d like to take it a step further to help you find the right keywords by sharing some of the most popular keywords in 2022. In this article, we’re taking a closer look at keywords related to Etsy craft supplies, as well as paper and party supplies.

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When we sat down to find the most popular keywords on Etsy in 2022, we knew we’d find tons of popular keywords for Etsy craft supplies and paper and party supplies. So we’ve compiled the top keywords in this category to give you a better understanding of the overall market.

If you sell craft supplies on Etsy, use these keywords to help you niche down into a new market for your products.

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But before we dive in, let’s define the keywords in Etsy craft supplies and paper and party supplies.

What are Etsy craft supplies?

Etsy craft supplies sitting on a table

Craft supplies at its core is a broad topic to condense into one category. From scrapbooking and stamping to flower arranging and sewing, Etsy craft supplies can offer a pretty comprehensive list of products. 

Generally, though, craft supplies are about creating something physical. Etsy became very popular when it first launched as it was a marketplace that sold crafts made by others. So you could argue that the Etsy marketplace was pretty much built on crafts. 

Today, Etsy is home to a wide range of crafts. Craft kits, craft storage, craft gifts – and you guessed it – craft supplies. You can buy your Etsy craft supplies right from the marketplace, then use them to create more products to sell in your own shop!

The vague reality of popular keywords for Etsy craft supplies

Etsy craft supplies on a shelf

A lot of the keywords in the following list are pretty broad, but that’s exactly why they’re so popular.

When people look for items on Etsy, they rarely know what they’re looking for when they start searching. That’s why the most popular keywords are so vague.

And that’s one of the reasons why Etsy recently changed the way its search algorithm works (you can learn more about this in another article we wrote last year: How to Thrive With the Latest Etsy Search Change).

But if your niche is selling craft supplies on Etsy, this list may prove helpful for your keyword research.

How to use keywords for Etsy craft supplies in your shop

In this list you’ll find keywords like ‘SVG’ which stands for Scalable Vector Graphics. It’s a digital filetype that can be used with your Cricut machine to print and cut custom designs. And when you sell SVGs, the possibilities are basically endless. Well, this keyword is on the list because a lot of people search for SVG files, but more importantly for you, there are tons of other Etsy shops selling SVG files.

So how can you stand out from the crowd?

How can I use this list to my advantage?

By using the keyword list below to get an understanding of popular keywords in the Etsy craft category, you’ll be able to identify popular markets then squeeze your way into a profitable niche of your own. Rather than putting all your eggs in one vague basket such as ‘SVG,’ consider becoming a specialist in selling ‘dinosaur SVG for kids,’ or ‘rainbow SVG for girls’, or ‘forest animals SVG.’

You get the point. Get specific.

Woman searching for Etsy craft supplies on laptop

By narrowing down and being more specific in what you sell, you’ll become the go-to seller for the small number of people searching for your particular type of SVG files.

And so, without further ado…

Most Popular Keywords for Etsy Craft Supplies in 2022:

Here they are:

Craft kits

Craft kits are all-in-one kits for kids and adults. They typically include all of the materials you’ll need to create holiday decorations, party favors, or anything really.


Crocheting is a form of knitting or sewing that can create just about anything. Dolls, blankets, ornaments, clothing, the list goes on.

Crochet pattern

Crochet patterns and guides can be used to create more complex designs and are popular in the crafting scene.

Cross Stitch Pattern

Cross stitch patterns are guides that aid in cross-stitching certain designs, landscapes, characters, and more.


Embroidery is becoming more popular with younger groups of people because it’s a simple way to start creating something and expressing yourself. It takes time, and you’ll prick your fingers along the way, but the finished product can be a fun and elegant way to decorate your life.

Embroidery designs

Design templates for embroidery.

Embroidery kit

While not all embroidery designs stay framed in these small wooden hoops, it’s a great way to display your finished design. Embroidery kits typically come with everything you need to create a finished design. This includes the needle and thread, fabric, hoop, and template. These kits are great for the beginning embroiderer.


The basic material behind most clothing, accessory, blanket, etc.

Jewelry making

Jewelry making is a very non-descriptive keyword that typically includes beads and jewelry kits. Serious jewelry makers will be looking for gold and silver materials, charms, stones, crystals, and the like.

Knitting patterns

Knitting patterns are simple templates to follow along and help you knit clothing, accessories, blankets, and anything else. These guides help you go from a pile of yarn to a work of art.


If you can sell a product on Etsy, you can be sure that another Etsy seller will be selling the materials you need to create that product. Resin is a good example of an Etsy craft supply that isn’t necessarily “handmade” unless you own a production facility specializing in creating this commercial product.

Etsy craft supplies - pouring resin

Resin molds

Typically, silicon molds for jewelry, magnets, dice, and just about anything that can be molded. Resin molds is an excellent example of a popular keyword amongst Etsy sellers that create craft supply products. 


Scrapbooking is the art and hobby of documenting everyday life and activity. It’s a great way to collect memories, keepsakes, and produce tangible mementos from your past experiences. Scrapbookers need a whole host of supplies, including notebooks, paper, templates, stickers, picture holders, etc.


German for silk fabric. If you sell authentic German fabric or want to target your products specifically for a German market, you may want to consider incorporating keywords in the native language of your ideal target market.

Sewing patterns

Sewing patterns, like knitting patterns, are instructional guides that show you how to create clothing from simple fabric and materials. Its most basic form is a template for seamsters to aid in creating clothing and garments.

Sewing patterns for women

Sewing patterns for women are typical pattern and cut styles that would be popular among women. If you sell these types of patterns, consider niching down into sewing patterns for women’s tops, sewing patterns for women’s dresses, sewing patterns for women’s pdf, and so on. 

Silicone mold

Silicone molds are like ice trays but for resin. These handy silicone trays can take on the shape of pretty much anything you want them to, making them a popular must-have for any Etsy seller that specializes in resin products.

Vogue patterns

Vogue Patterns are licensed couture patterns that are classic and elegant, making them popular with the fashion-forward crowd.

Woll leinen stoff

German for wool linen fabric. If you sell authentic German wool or want to target your products specifically for a German market, you may want to consider incorporating keywords in the native language of your ideal target market.


Cats love it, and so do Etsy sellers that specialize in knitting. Yarn comes in many different lengths, colors, and materials. From alpaca to cashmere, yarn is the basis of many handmade Etsy products since knitting is easy to start and fun to do.

Most Popular Paper & Party Supplies Keywords on Etsy

Birthday cards

While big businesses like Hallmark and Postable stake their entire livelihood on creating and sending personalized birthday cards, sometimes it’s nice to buy these sweet nothings from mom and pops. On Etsy, there are tons of digital designs, templates, and even personalized cardstock to help you find the perfect birthday card.

Budget binder

Budgeting is hard. Not everyone can control themselves, and that’s why budget binders exist. If you’ve heard of budgeting using the envelope method, then the budget binder is basically the same principle. You divide up your living expenses into a few categories and then fill a pouch of each category with as much money as you need for the month. When you run out of money, you can’t spend any more in that category.

Bumper stickers

Stickers make up a huge market on Etsy. Almost anyone can make stickers, as long as you have some experience with digital design and know how to use a printer. And bumper stickers (for your car) let everyone on the road know exactly what you stand for.

Honk if you sell these.

Business cards

The perfect business card will have everyone in the conference room envious of your cardstock and choice of font. On Etsy, you can find templates, designers, and digital downloads.

Coloring pages

Coloring is awesome. It’s probably everyone’s first introduction to “art.” And it’s now popular with kids and adults, making it a great way to relieve stress and just zen out. Coloring pages on Etsy are created by designers and come in any topic and design you can think of.

Digital planner

Digital planners are like eCalendars and journals to help you keep track of everything going on in your life. They’re specifically designed for iPads, tablets, and even eink devices.


Handmade journals that you’d find on Etsy are typically leatherbound or personalized. While the world is becoming techier, there are still tons of people out there that want to write with pen and paper.


You know what a pen is. And you can buy many different kinds of pens on Etsy.


Like a digital planner, but on plain ol’ fashioned paper.

Planner stickers

These stickers help you check-off tasks, keep track of important dates and meetings, and add a little flair and personality to your planner.


Billions and billions sold.

Thank you cards

Like birthday cards, thank you cards are a hot market on Etsy. If you can come up with new and creative ways to say “thank you,” then this Etsy category might be the perfect product for you.

Car decal

Like bumper stickers, car decals help add some personality to your vehicle. These “stickers” are designed to stick to your back window, like those stick figure families you see on the road.

Mystery box

Mystery boxes are interesting. While these aren’t technically paper products, they could fall into the “gift box” category. Essentially, mystery boxes are non-descript boxes that could be anything. They’ll usually have a specific theme or product in mind, but who knows what you’ll get.

There you have it.

With that, these are some of the most popular keywords for Etsy craft supplies in 2022, also including paper and party supplies. If you sell products that use any of these craft supplies, consider purchasing from another Etsy seller (if it makes sense for your business and they’re not just resellers).

Long tail keywords for Etsy craft supplies and paper and party supplies

So, these are some of Etsy’s most popular craft keywords right now. 

But this list of popular keywords wouldn’t be complete without a handful of examples to help you niche down from these very vague keywords.

So we’ve put together a list of long tail keyword ideas to help inspire you. 

green yarn on board

Note: The list below isn’t popular keywords but rather examples of using the above popular keywords and focusing specifically on a niche. 

  • crochet patterns blankets
  • plus size sewing patterns for women
  • Japanese sewing patterns
  • sublimation printer
  • custom sublimation transfers
  • avocado SVG
  • frog SVG

Plug these long tails into Marmalead to see how they would perform for you. Then check out our storm tool for more keyword ideas.


Crafts have always been a popular category on Etsy. And since Etsy allowed the sale of craft supplies several years ago, it’s only started to grow in popularity, with more people selling craft supplies but also more people looking to buy them.

This article has given you a look into some of the most popular keywords for Etsy crafting supplies and paper and party supplies. Use the most popular keywords on this list to niche down to a product with very little competition, and own the market. Good luck!

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