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Most Popular Beauty & Jewelry Keywords on Etsy in 2024

The most popular beauty & jewelry keywords on Etsy can boost your Etsy shop’s visibility and drive more sales. With huge competition on Etsy, pinpointing the most effective keywords for your products can be challenging. That’s why we’ve leveraged Marmalead’s powerful Etsy SEO tools to identify and present the most popular beauty and jewelry keywords for 2024. It’s time to optimize your listings and connect with more customers. Let’s get started!

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Marmalead: Your Key to Discovering Relevant Etsy Keywords

Marmalead serves as an invaluable tool for identifying the best and most relevant keywords for your product and competition. It simplifies the process, empowering you to make informed decisions that drive your Etsy business forward.

Using Marmalead, we recently compiled a list detailing some of the most popular keywords on Etsy right now. Through our critical insights, these keywords prove to be highly engaging and effective in capturing the attention of Etsy shoppers. These are products that real shoppers actively search for on the marketplace.

By integrating these keywords into your listings, you can significantly enhance your shop’s visibility, draw more traffic, and increase your sales opportunities.

All it takes is using simple strategies surrounding the top Etsy searches. This means understanding the nuances of these keywords, tailoring your products to fit these searches, and optimizing your listings to rank well. By doing so, you align your shop with the exact terms shoppers are using, ensuring your products are seen by the right audience at the right time.

Marmalead’s list of the 500 most popular Etsy keywords from 2024 is an eye-opening look into the habits of Etsy shoppers everywhere.

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What Etsy Sellers Can Gain from Popular Etsy Keywords

Below, you’ll find a selection of the most popular beauty and jewelry keywords on Etsy for 2024. These terms reflect current shopper interests and trends on the marketplace.

Not sure how this list applies to your shop? No problem! To help you navigate the entire keyword list relevant to your specific market, we’ve highlighted the most popular Etsy keywords by product category.

This article will cover ‘Bath & Beauty Products’ and ‘Jewelry.’ For a breakdown of additional product categories, click through the links below:

Leverage this information to deepen your understanding of engaging product categories on Etsy, ensuring your offerings resonate with what shoppers are actively searching for.

Exploring Popular Beauty & Jewelry Keywords on Etsy

In a comprehensive article recently published, we dove into some of the most popular keywords on Etsy in 2024. However, it became evident that the categories of beauty and jewelry deserved a closer look due to their abundance of popular keywords. Undoubtedly, beauty products and jewelry reign supreme on the Etsy marketplace, and for good reason.

There is a notable demand for handcrafted, one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces and consciously sourced beauty products that prioritize the well-being of animals and the environment.

Before diving into the details of these keywords, it is essential to understand how Etsy defines “beauty” and “jewelry.”

What Are Beauty & Jewelry Products on Etsy?

Jewelry and beauty products on Etsy cater to a diverse audience, but there is a notable focus on items designed for women, reflecting the high demand in these categories.

Jewelry ranges from handmade necklaces and bespoke rings to vintage treasures, offering something unique for every taste.

Beauty products might include natural skincare, artisanal soaps, and custom makeup, often emphasizing organic and cruelty-free ingredients.

Together, these categories provide a wealth of options for personal adornment and care, appealing to buyers looking for distinctive, quality products that stand out from mainstream offerings.

Jewelry products on Etsy

Jewelry products on Etsy encompass a wide range of handmade and vintage items, including necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings, and more.

Sellers offer everything from custom-made fine jewelry to artisan-crafted costume pieces, often using unique materials and personalization options.

This category is particularly popular for its diversity in styles and the ability to find one-of-a-kind pieces that cater to various tastes and occasions, making it a go-to destination for those seeking something special and tailor-made.

Close up of women's hand wearing a gold ring.

Beauty products on Etsy

Beauty products on Etsy include a variety of handmade and artisanal items tailored to personal care and cosmetics. This category ranges from natural skincare products, organic makeup, and custom fragrance oils to handmade soaps, bath bombs, and more.

Sellers often emphasize eco-friendly and cruelty-free ingredients, catering to consumers looking for ethical and personalized beauty solutions.

This sector of Etsy allows buyers to discover unique beauty items that aren’t available in mainstream stores, often crafted with specialized ingredients or techniques that focus on sustainability and individual wellness.

The Most Popular Jewelry Keywords on Etsy in 2024


Whether boho bead or sleek sterling, bracelets are all about personal style. Consider adding charm or healing crystal options to cater to different tastes.


Charms are a delightful way for shoppers to personalize bracelets and necklaces. Offer an array of options from minimalist designs to intricate, themed charms like zodiac signs or vintage lockets. Perfect for creating custom charm bracelets or as thoughtful, personalized gifts.


Tight and trendy, chokers make a bold statement. Explore materials from velvet to lace or add pendants for a personalized touch.

Crystal Necklace

Perfect for those drawn to spiritual or healing properties. Offer customization with different crystals to match birthstones or energy needs.

Ear Cuff

For those who want the edge without the commitment. Design ear cuffs that require no piercings but pack a punch in style.


From dainty studs to dramatic drops, earrings are a must-have accessory. Consider seasonal themes or matching sets.

Engagement Ring

The cornerstone of a jewelry shop. Offer custom designs or unique gemstones to stand out in a crowded market.

Gold Earrings

Timeless and elegant. Create collections that range from simple gold hoops to intricate filigree designs for special occasions.

Most popular beauty and jewelry keywords on Etsy - 'Gold Earrings; keyword statistics on Marmalead.

Gold Necklace

A classic piece. Offer layered options or personalized pendants to increase appeal.

Gold Ring

Not just for engagements. Think stackable rings or minimalist designs that cater to everyday luxury.

Most popular beauty and jewelry keywords on Etsy - Close up of a gold ring with a small diamond.

Handmade Jewelry

Celebrate craftsmanship with one-of-a-kind pieces. Highlight the story behind your artistry in each piece.

Hoop Earrings

A wardrobe staple. Experiment with different sizes and textures, like hammered or twisted hoops.

Initial Necklace

Perfect for gifts and personalization. Offer different fonts and materials to cater to diverse styles.


Broad category calling for broad creativity! Feature collections from bridal to bohemian to capture various audiences.

Most popular beauty and jewelry keywords on Etsy - Close up of a silver necklace with a feather charm.

Jewelry Box

Essential for aficionados. Craft options with compartments or travel-friendly cases.


Keep loved ones close with lockets. Offer engraving services for a personal touch.

Men’s Bracelet

Expand your market with men’s jewelry. Think rugged materials like leather or stainless steel.

Men’s Rings

From sleek bands to statement pieces, design rings that appeal to modern men.

Name Necklace

Always popular. Offer different chain lengths and script styles for customization.

Necklaces For Women

Versatile and varied. Design everything from delicate chains to chunky statement pieces.

Nose Ring

Tap into the trend for facial piercings. Offer a range from subtle studs to decorative hoops.

Opal Ring

Play with color! Opals offer a spectrum of hues that can be marketed for their unique properties.

Pearl Necklace

Reinvent a classic. Mix pearls with modern elements or offer customization for brides.

Personalized Jewelry

Capitalize on the desire for unique, meaningful pieces. Offer engraving or birthstones.


An extensive category that allows for endless creativity. Feature everything from minimalist designs to elaborate cocktail rings.

Rings For Women

Focus on variety and customization. Offer options for stacking, statement pieces, or everyday wear.

Silver Rings

Highlight the cool tones of silver with sleek designs or vintage-inspired pieces.

Most popular beauty and jewelry keywords on Etsy - Snapshot of Marmalead statistics.

Sterling Silver Ring

Market the quality and durability of sterling silver. Ideal for those who value longevity in their jewelry.

Stud Earrings

Small but mighty. Offer a range of options from simple metal studs to colorful gemstones.

Most Popular Bath & Beauty Keywords on Etsy in 2024

Aloe Vera

Known for its soothing properties, aloe vera products are a hit in skincare. Offer pure aloe gels, or incorporate it into lotions, face masks, or after-sun care products.

Hair Accessories

From elegant bridal hairpins to fun, everyday scrunchies, hair accessories can brighten any ensemble. Consider seasonal collections or themed sets for children.


Cater to the DIY beauty enthusiast with supplies for nail art, such as polishes, decals, and tools. Or, focus on care with cuticle oils and strengthening treatments.

Most popular beauty and jewelry keywords on Etsy - Close up of a green painted finger nails holding a black coffee cup.

Press On Nails

A fantastic option for those who want a salon look without the time or expense. Offer a variety of designs, from understated French tips to bold, graphic patterns.


Homemade soaps can range from basic cleansing bars to luxury items with exotic oils and fragrances. Experiment with shapes, colors, and ingredients like charcoal or goat milk for added appeal.

Close up of a bath bomb and a loofa. 'Self care' is one of the most popular beauty & jewelry keywords on Etsy.

7 Ways to Leverage Beauty & Jewelry Keywords on Etsy

Leveraging beauty and jewelry keywords effectively can significantly enhance an Etsy seller’s visibility and sales.

Here are some strategies to consider:

#1. Target Niche Markets

Utilize specific keywords that cater to niche interests within the broader categories of beauty and jewelry.

For example, keywords like ‘vegan lipstick’ or ‘eco-friendly engagement rings’ can attract customers who are searching for these attributes.

#2. Bundle Products

Create bundles or sets that incorporate popular keywords.

Offering a set of ‘gold stackable rings’ or a ‘bridal hair accessory set’ can increase the perceived value and encourage more sales.

#3. Target Seasonal & Holiday Keywords

Incorporate keywords related to seasons, holidays, or events.

For example, ‘Christmas earrings’ or ‘boho body glitter’ can tap into seasonal shopping trends.

#4. Offer Personalization Options

Offer personalized options in your listings, such as engraved jewelry or custom-blended beauty products.

Use keywords like ‘custom birthstone’ or ‘personal foundation’ to attract customers looking for unique, tailored items.

#5. Curate DIY Kits

For crafty beauty enthusiasts, offer DIY kits with keywords such as ‘DIY lipstick kit’ or ‘make your own jewelry.’

These can appeal to shoppers interested in creating their own products and can be a unique selling point.

#6. Highlight Unique Features

If your products have unique features, make sure to highlight these in your keywords.

For example, if your jewelry is made from recycled materials, use keywords like ‘recycled silver’ to attract environmentally conscious shoppers.

#7. Optimize for Search and Visibility

Use keyword-rich titles, descriptions, and tags to improve your listings’ SEO.

For example, accurately describe a product as a ‘boho gold choker’ or ‘hydrating aloe vera’ to improve search relevance and attract targeted traffic.

Long Tail Alternatives for Popular Beauty & Jewelry Keywords

Now, let’s take a closer look at some long tail alternatives to spark your creativity and help you find your niche using the most popular beauty and jewelry search terms on Etsy.

Please note, the list below isn’t based on specific popularity data. These suggestions are meant to inspire and provide a starting point for effectively utilizing sought-after beauty and jewelry keywords.

  • Andara pendants
  • Mushroom earrings
  • Frog dangle earrings
  • Birthstone necklace
  • 3D geometric earrings
  • Pizza keychain
  • Sushi earrings
  • Moldavite necklace
  • Ombre press-on nails
  • Silver dreadlock rings
  • Titanium rings set
  • Self-care notebook

Pro Tip: Use Marmalead’s keyword research tool to discover more unique long tail alternatives for these in-demand keywords.

Final Thoughts

Etsy has always been known as a place for artisanal makers who craft unique, handmade jewelry and beauty items. As the marketplace has grown, so too has the competition within these categories.

However, with detailed insights from Marmalead, you have the tools to assess the viability of specific keywords and discover niche opportunities.

We trust this guide has inspired fresh ideas and expanded your product possibilities. Remember, the true potential for success on Etsy lies in your creativity and the innovative use of these keywords. Embrace your unique vision, harness the power of strategic keyword usage, and carve out your own success in the bustling Etsy marketplace.

And as always, happy selling!

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