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Most Popular Clothing & Accessories Keywords on Etsy in 2024

If you’re ready to take your shop to the next level, the most popular clothing and accessories keywords on Etsy will help get you there. To increase traffic to your Etsy shop, you need to optimize your listings with the right keywords. And that’s where Marmaelad comes in. So, if you sell clothing and accessories on Etsy, use this list to brainstorm new keywords to stay ahead of the competition.

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Insights from Popular Keywords on Etsy

We recently compiled a list detailing some of the most popular keywords on Etsy right now. Through our critical insights, these keywords prove to be highly engaging and effective in capturing the attention of Etsy shoppers. These are products that real shoppers actively search for on the marketplace.

By integrating these keywords into your listings, you can significantly enhance your shop’s visibility, draw more traffic, and increase your sales opportunities.

All it takes is using simple strategies surrounding the top Etsy searches. This means understanding the nuances of these keywords, tailoring your products to fit these searches, and optimizing your listings to rank well. By doing so, you align your shop with the exact terms shoppers are using, ensuring your products are seen by the right audience at the right time.

Marmalead’s list of the 500 most popular Etsy keywords from 2024 is an eye-opening look into the habits of Etsy shoppers everywhere.

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What Etsy Sellers Can Gain from Popular Etsy Keywords

Below, you’ll find a selection of the most popular clothing and accessories keywords on Etsy for 2024. These terms reflect current shopper interests and trends on the marketplace.

Not sure how this list applies to your shop? No problem! To help you navigate the entire keyword list relevant to your specific market, we’ve highlighted the most popular Etsy keywords by product category.

This article will cover ‘Clothing & Accessories Keywords,’ all related to fashion. For a breakdown of additional product categories, click through the links below:

Leverage this information to deepen your understanding of engaging product categories on Etsy, ensuring your offerings resonate with what shoppers are actively searching for.

Exploring Clothing and Accessories Keywords on Etsy

Fashion on Etsy encompasses a broad array of products, from apparel for men, women, and children to specialized items like socks, bags, masks, lingerie, shoes, and other stylish accessories.

This diversity offers sellers numerous opportunities to target specific market segments.

Most popular clothing & accessories keywords on Etsy - Fashion listing results from Etsy.

Leveraging Popular Fashion Keywords

While shoppers frequently search with the keywords in this list, their broad nature often places products in highly competitive categories.

It’s crucial for sellers to niche down and carve out specialized market spaces to avoid blending into an ocean of similar listings.

Niche Specialization with Fashion Keywords

Take, for example, the keyword ‘face mask,’ which saw a significant surge in popularity during the pandemic. Entering a market with such a generic keyword now would immerse you in a sea of competition.

To differentiate your offerings and enhance visibility:

  • Consider specializing in ‘kids’ face masks,’ ‘face masks with filters,’ ‘minimalist face masks,’ or ‘animal print face masks.’
  • Positioning yourself as a specialist in a distinct sub-category can help establish your brand as a go-to source for those particular products, thereby attracting a more targeted customer base.

This focused approach not only makes your products more discoverable but also aligns them more closely with the specific needs and preferences of your intended audience, enhancing the likelihood of conversion.

Most Popular Clothing Keywords on Etsy in 2024

Now, let’s explore the most popular clothing & accessories keywords on Etsy for 2024!

Baby Onesies for Boys

Perfect for personalized gifts or trendy designs, baby onesies are a hot item for new parents seeking unique and comfy clothing for their little ones. However, don’t forget that “onesie” is a trademark of Gerber.


From classic styles to daring cuts, bikinis offer endless possibilities for summer fashion lines. Consider eco-friendly materials or reversible designs.

Bridesmaid Robes

Ideal for bridal party gifts, these robes can be customized with monograms or wedding dates, adding a personal touch to wedding day preparations.


Broad and versatile, this category allows for infinite creativity, whether you’re selling vintage finds or launching a line of sustainable apparel.


A fashion statement with historical roots, corsets are back in style, perfect for both costume wear and high-fashion statements.


From casual sundresses to formal gowns, this category invites designs for all occasions, with potential for seasonal themes and bespoke fittings.

Most popular clothing & accessories keywords on Etsy - Flower girl on a swing.

Embroidered Sweatshirt

Blend comfort with style by offering sweatshirts featuring unique embroidery, from subtle logos to bold, artistic expressions.

Funny Shirt

Tap into the market for humor with shirts that feature witty sayings, jokes, or puns, perfect for casual wear or as gifts.


For the niche market of cosplay and costume enthusiasts, fursuits can be customized creatures from popular media or original designs.

Graphic Tees

A staple of casual wear, graphic tees can showcase everything from band logos and slogans to original artwork, appealing to diverse customer interests.

Handmade Clothing

Emphasize the craftsmanship and unique design of clothing that’s made by hand, appealing to those seeking one-of-a-kind wardrobe pieces.


A year-round favorite, hoodies can be marketed for their comfort, utility, and as a canvas for trendy designs and statements.


Traditional or inspired, kimonos offer a unique style that can be both casual and formal, incorporating rich patterns and luxurious fabrics.

Leather Jacket

Classic, cool, and customizable, leather jackets can be tailored to various styles and demographics, including biker, bomber, and fashion-forward designs.


From everyday comfort to luxury pieces, lingerie is a category with broad appeal, focusing on both aesthetics and comfort.

Men’s Clothing

Cater to men’s fashion with a range of products from formal wear to casual streetwear, focusing on quality and contemporary trends.

Prom Dress

A high-stakes fashion item, prom dresses can range from classic to trendy, with opportunities for customization and made-to-measure services.


A versatile category that can include everything from button-downs to casual tees, offering options for workwear, fashion, or promotional items.


Often overlooked, socks can be a creative fashion statement with bold designs, colors, and even custom prints.


Perfect for cooler weather or as a fashion statement, sweaters can feature various knitting patterns, materials, and designs.


Ideal for casual wear or as part of a sports line, sweatshirts can be simple or feature elaborate designs, suitable for all ages.


The ultimate canvas for expression, t-shirts can cater to virtually any interest, age group, or fashion trend.

Woman browsing for shirts to buy.

Vintage Clothing

Travel back in time with unique fashion finds that are in style again.

Vintage T-Shirt

Oversized 90s tees are all the rage.

Women’s Clothing

Focus on women’s fashion needs from maternity to high fashion, providing options that are both trendy and timeless.

Most Popular Accessories Keywords on Etsy in 2024


This broad category invites an endless array of items, from functional pieces like belts and gloves to decorative touches like hair clips and jewelry.

Badge Reel

Essential for professionals who need to display IDs, badge reels can be personalized or designed with fun graphics to add a bit of personality to work attire.

Enamel Pin

Perfect for collectors and fashionistas alike, enamel pins can feature anything from pop culture references to original artwork, making them great small gifts or personal statements.

Most popular clothing & accessories keywords on Etsy - Enamel pin listing results on Etsy.


Whether it’s stylish fedoras, cozy beanies, or trendy caps, hats are a great accessory that can be designed for all seasons and reasons.

Iron on patch

Iron on patches aren’t just for bikers. A simple Etsy search will show you that there are many revolve around music, artwork, star signs, and more. 


Functional and decorative, keychains can be crafted from various materials and feature charms, monograms, or functional tools.


Ideal for events, workplaces, or personal use, lanyards can be customized with logos, patterns, or even integrated with ID holders.

Most popular clothing & accessories keywords on Etsy - Close up of iron on patches.


With health and fashion combined, masks have become essential accessories that offer an opportunity for expressive and creative designs.

Masque Lavable

Reusable masks that cater to eco-conscious consumers looking for style, comfort, and sustainability in their protective wear.


Patches are perfect for personalizing denim jackets, backpacks, or jeans, featuring everything from band logos to quirky sayings.


Similar to a single patch but often collected and used by enthusiasts to create themed designs on apparel or accessories.


Like enamel pins, these can be used for personal adornment or to make a statement, often collected or traded among groups.


Scarves are versatile accessories that can be marketed seasonally, from lightweight summer scarves to warm, chunky winter knits.


For the collectibles market, decorative swords can be sold as cosplay accessories, wall decor, or part of historical reenactment kits.

Sunhats Women

Keep the sun at bay while looking effortlessly glamorous, even if you’re just lounging by the pool with a book you may or may not read.


Beyond leather, wallets can include materials like vegan leather, fabrics, and even recycled materials, tailored to various customer preferences.


From classic analogs to fashionable digital designs, watches remain a popular accessory that combines functionality with style, offering potential for personalization and luxury.

Most Popular Bags & Purses Keywords on Etsy in 2024


Ideal for students, travelers, and professionals, backpacks offer functionality and style. They can be customized with unique prints, durable materials, and special features like laptop compartments or waterproof fabrics.


This general category can include everything from small clutches to large duffel bags, allowing for a wide range of materials, designs, and uses, catering to diverse customer needs.

Ita Bag

Popular in the fandom community, Ita bags feature transparent panels where collectors can display pins, charms, and other memorabilia, making them highly customizable and personal.

Leather Bag

A staple in luxury fashion, leather bags can range from sleek professional briefcases to boho-chic crossbody bags, offering durability and timeless style.

Makeup Bag

Essential for beauty enthusiasts, makeup bags can be designed in various sizes and with compartments to organize cosmetics, brushes, and skincare products, perfect for travel or daily use.

Tote Bag

Versatile and spacious, tote bags are perfect for shopping, work, or as an everyday handbag. They can be made from canvas, leather, or recycled materials and decorated with artful designs or motivational quotes.

Close up of tote bags hanging on rack.

Most Popular Keywords for Shoes on Etsy

Air Force 1

A classic sneaker that has stood the test of time, Air Force 1s are a popular canvas for custom artwork, unique colorways, and personalized details that appeal to sneaker enthusiasts.

Croc Charms

Add personality to Crocs with custom charms. These can range from cartoon characters and logos to bespoke designs that express individual style or commemorate special events.


This broad category encompasses everything from formal wear to casual comfort. Sellers can focus on niche markets like vegan shoes, hand-painted footwear, or specialty sports shoes.


Perfect for home use, slippers can be crafted for comfort and style with luxurious materials, fun designs, and even therapeutic features for extra relaxation.


A staple in almost everyone’s wardrobe, sneakers can be customized to fit any style. Offer limited-edition prints, collaborations with artists, or eco-friendly materials to attract different customer segments.

Long Tail Clothing & Accessories Keywords on Etsy in 2024

To effectively leverage long tail keywords in your Etsy shop, consider these expanded suggestions based on popular clothing and accessories categories.

These examples demonstrate how to specify product offerings to attract more targeted customer interests:

Keep in mind that these long tail keywords may not have high search and engagement, but they offer valuable insights on how to focus on specific subcategories within clothing and accessories.

Antique Corset: Embrace vintage fashion with antique corsets, perfect for historical reenactments, themed events, or fashion-forward vintage enthusiasts.

Silk Face Mask: Offer luxury and comfort with silk face masks, appealing to customers looking for stylish, skin-friendly options that combine protection with elegance.

Vintage Iron-On Patch: Tap into nostalgia with vintage iron-on patches, ideal for personalizing denim jackets, backpacks, and more with retro flair.

Lingerie Costume: Explore playful and intimate apparel with lingerie costumes, catering to special occasions like Halloween, Valentine’s Day, or themed parties.

Masquerade Masks for Women: Create masquerade masks designed specifically for women, focusing on elegant designs for balls, parties, and theatrical productions.

Final Thoughts

The fashion market segment on Etsy—spanning clothing, accessories, and vintage pieces—presents vast opportunities for profit. Developing a strategic approach to keywords, particularly through the use of niche-specific terms, is crucial for maximizing visibility and success.

You can significantly enhance your shop’s performance on this bustling platform by refining your focus and becoming an authority within specific product categories.

As always, happy selling!

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