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Most Popular Etsy Keywords for Digital Downloads & Art in 2023

As the trend of selling digital downloads on Etsy continues to grow in 2023, leveraging the right keywords has become crucial for gaining visibility and boosting your bottom line. With the rise of online platforms and accessible design tools, talented creators now have an opportunity to monetize their skills like never before.

Discovering the Best Keywords for Etsy Digital Downloads

While Marmalead proves to be an excellent Etsy SEO tool for finding effective keywords, we want to go the extra mile by sharing some of the most popular keywords in 2023 related to Etsy digital downloads and art.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look into these two categories to provide valuable insights into the ever-evolving market.

As we examined product trends for Etsy in 2023, it became evident that digital downloads and art were in high demand. To help you gain a competitive edge, we’ve compiled a list of the most sought-after keywords in this category, empowering you to find a unique niche for your products.

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So, what can you learn from this article?

The keywords listed below are some of the most popular digital downloads and art keywords on Etsy in 2023.

If this category doesn’t apply to your shop, don’t worry! Over the next several weeks, we’ll be taking a deep dive into all of the most popular keywords on Etsy in 2023.

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Use this list of the most popular keywords on Etsy to get a better understanding of engaging product categories on the Etsy marketplace.

How to Use Etsy Digital Download Keywords Strategically

We understand that standing out amidst fierce competition is essential for your success. So, we’ll explore how you can leverage this list to your advantage and differentiate yourself in the market.

For instance, instead of solely offering generic ‘SVG’ files, consider becoming a specialist in crafting ‘dinosaur SVG for kids,’ ‘rainbow SVG for girls,’ or ‘forest animals SVG.’

By getting specific with your keywords, you’ll tap into popular markets and carve out your profitable niche. This strategic approach will ensure that your shop stands out and attracts a more targeted and engaged audience.

Most Popular Keywords for Etsy Digital Downloads in 2023

Without further ado, here are the most popular Etsy keywords for digital downloads:


Before emojis and memes, we had clip art. And while Microsoft no longer supports clip art in its Office products, techies can buy their own custom icons from digital creators on Etsy.

Digital art

Artwork created by graphic artists, then sold as a digital file on Etsy.

Etsy keywords for digital downloads - woman using ipad to create digital artwork.

Digital download

This is a very diverse category, ranging from birthday cards and invitations to SVG and other vector graphics, to digital art and posters.

Digital planner

In the digital age, fewer people prefer to carry around a physical planner, which opens up a new market for custom digital planner templates. What designs can you come up with?

Digital prints

These digital art files are meant to be printed on canvas and paper materials.


Lightroom presets help photographers streamline their photo editing workflow. Savvy Etsy sellers create their own downloadable recipes that import into this photo editing software.

Logo design

Every good business needs a logo. If you’re tired of scrolling through fly-by-night graphic designers on Fivver, a designer on Etsy just might be your answer.


Printables can really be anything. Daily planners, stickers, templates, you name it. If it can be printed, it can be a printable.

Resume template

Building your own resume is tough. It’s no wonder so many jobseekers choose to start their resume with a template; maybe one purchased from Etsy.

Etsy keywords for digital downloads - Potential employee interviewing for a job opportunity.


SVGs are scalable vector graphics used to create high quality digital art for printing on shirts, tumblers, stickers, you name it.

SVG files for cricut

Since most Etsy sellers will be using their SVG files to print and cut designs with their Cricut printing machine, it makes sense that this is a keyword they typically type into Etsy search.

Remember, Etsy is a great place to purchase craft supplies for your own products, including digital products like SVGs.

Twitch emote

For gamers that stream on Twitch (or YouTube or Discord), emotes help add your own brand to your stream. These digital files take basic emojis to the next level.

Etsy keywords for digital downloads - woman playing video games.

Most Popular Art Keywords on Etsy in 2023


Nowadays, (and maybe always) anything can be considered art — it’s all a matter of perspective. However, using a keyword like ‘art’ on Etsy is like using the keyword, ‘handmade.’

It’s too vague. Get specific.

Abstract art created by Steve Johnson.

Art prints

Art prints vary from canvas art, art on paper, or digital art that you print yourself. It’s a basic keyword to use for ‘wall art’ used to decorate your home, office, or any wall.

Custom portrait

Etsy shoppers are enthralled by handpainted custom portraits, photoshopped portraits of popular Will Ferrell characters, hand-sewn portraits, and anything else you can think of to create a one-of-a-kind keepsake.


Somewhere between prehistoric cave paintings and digital art, there were paintings on canvas.


From landscapes to street photography, if you have an eye for it, you can sell high-quality prints on Etsy.

Etsy keywords for digital downloads - Black and white photography with dog sitting in front of shop corner.


Any type of artwork can be printed on large-format poster paper.


Clay, ceramics, cement, handmade or vintage. Everyone can use more pottery to give their plants a home or just decorate their living space.


Like art prints, ‘prints’ is a basic keyword that means any kind of art printed on canvas, paper, metal, wood, etc.

There you have it.

With that, these are some of the most popular keywords for Etsy digital downloads and art in 2023. If you sell products with any of these keywords, then keep reading to learn how to niche down into a new product idea for your Etsy business.

Long Tail Keywords for Etsy Digital Downloads and Art

To help you further explore niche product offerings, we’ve compiled a list of long tail keyword ideas. These examples focus on using the aforementioned popular keywords to cater to specific interests, allowing you to tap into a more targeted audience.

  • boho fashion digital prints
  • coastal nautical digital prints
  • vintage watercolor flowers png
  • zodiac horoscope png
  • nature-themed layered svg files
  • custom sublimation transfers
  • kawaii avocado svg
  • cute frog svg
  • custom wedding sublimation transfers
  • moon phases svg
  • custom anime posters
  • whimsical floral art prints
  • vintage ceramic pottery
  • custom portrait paintings

Plug these long tail keywords into Marmalead to gauge their performance and suitability for your shop. Then explore our storm tool for more keyword ideas and insights that can help you refine your product offerings further.


Etsy’s digital downloads and art category present a world of opportunities for sellers. By leveraging the most popular keywords from our list, you can carve a niche that resonates with your target audience. Remember, success lies in catering to specific interests and needs, making your Etsy business an irresistible destination for buyers seeking something unique and tailored to their tastes.

So go ahead and put these popular and long tail keywords to work, as they’ll be your key to unlocking the full potential of your Etsy shop and reaching new heights of success in the dynamic world of digital downloads and art.

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