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Most Popular Keywords for Etsy Craft Supplies in 2023

Etsy, the premier online marketplace for hand-crafted items, doubles as an invaluable resource for procuring the essential craft supplies you rely on daily for your shop. Whether you’re catering to the needs of everyday DIY enthusiasts or fellow professional creators, optimizing your listings with precise keywords can make a world of difference.

While it’s undeniable that Marmalead is an excellent Etsy SEO tool for uncovering effective keywords, we’re taking things up a notch by providing you with a selection of the most sought-after keywords in 2023.

In this article, we’re taking a closer look at keywords related to Etsy craft supplies and paper/party supplies.

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So, what can you learn from this article?

The keywords listed below are some of the most popular for craft and paper supplies on Etsy in 2023.

If this category doesn’t apply to your shop, don’t worry! Over the next several weeks, we’ll be taking a deep dive into all of the most popular keywords on Etsy in 2023.

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Use this list of the most popular keywords on Etsy to get a better understanding of engaging product categories on the Etsy marketplace.

What are Etsy craft supplies?

Etsy craft supplies sitting on a table

Craft supplies at its core is a broad topic to condense into one category. From scrapbooking and stamping to flower arranging and sewing, Etsy craft supplies can offer a pretty comprehensive list of products. 

Generally, though, craft supplies are about creating something physical. Etsy became very popular when it first launched as it was a marketplace that sold crafts made by others. So you could argue that the Etsy marketplace was built on crafts. 

Today, Etsy showcases a diverse array of crafts. Craft kits, craft storage solutions, craft-themed gifts — and, naturally, craft supplies. You can seamlessly procure your Etsy craft supplies directly from the marketplace and employ them to conceive more merchandise for your own Etsy shop.

The vague reality of popular keywords for Etsy craft supplies

Etsy craft supplies on a shelf

A lot of the keywords in the following list are pretty broad, but that’s exactly why they’re so popular.

When people look for items on Etsy, they rarely know what they’re looking for when they start searching. That’s why the most popular keywords are so vague.

And that’s one of the reasons why Etsy recently changed the way its search algorithm works (you can learn more about this in a previous article we wrote: How to Thrive With the Latest Etsy Search Change).

But if your market involves selling craft supplies on Etsy, this list may prove helpful for your keyword research.

Woman searching for Etsy craft supplies on laptop

Most Popular Keywords for Etsy Craft Supplies in 2023:

5-Minute crafts

Craft kits are all-in-one kits for kids and adults. They typically include all the materials you’ll need to create holiday decorations, party favors, or anything.

It’s no secret that attention spans are getting smaller every year. 5-minute crafts are simple DIY kits that are easy and fun to make.


Originating in Japan, amigurumi is the art of knitting or crocheting small, stuffed yarn animals. They’re cute, cuddly — but most importantly, handmade.

Via MaclaOrganic on Etsy


Jewelry makers delight; beads come in all shapes and sizes. If you make handmade jewelry on Etsy, your fellow sellers could make great suppliers and collaborators.


Crocheting is a form of knitting or sewing that can be used to create just about anything. Dolls, blankets, ornaments, clothing, the list goes on.

Crochet pattern

Crochet patterns and guides can be used to create more complex designs and are popular in crafting.

Cross stitch

You’ve undoubtedly seen a rise in the popularity of those circular cross-stitch hoops. Great for beginners, cross-stitching is an excellent way to explore your creative side.

Cross Stitch Pattern

Cross-stitch patterns are guides that aid in cross-stitching certain designs, landscapes, characters, and more.


Embroidery is becoming more popular with younger groups of people because it’s a simple way to start creating something and expressing yourself. It takes time, and you’ll prick your fingers along the way, but the finished product can be a fun and elegant way to decorate your life.

Embroidery designs

Design templates for embroidery.

Embroidery kit

While not all embroidery designs stay framed in these small wooden hoops, it’s a great way to display your finished design. Embroidery kits typically come with everything you need to create a finished design. This includes the needle and thread, fabric, hoop, and template. These kits are great for the beginning embroiderer.


The basic material behind most clothing, accessory, blanket, etc.


If you can sell a product on Etsy, you can be sure that another Etsy seller will be selling the materials you need to create that product. Resin is a good example of an Etsy craft supply that isn’t necessarily “handmade” unless you own a production facility specializing in creating this commercial product.

Etsy craft supplies - pouring resin


Cats love it, and so do Etsy sellers that specialize in knitting. Yarn comes in many different lengths, colors, and materials. From alpaca to cashmere, yarn is the basis of many handmade Etsy products since knitting is easy and fun to start.

Most Popular Etsy Keywords for Paper & Party Supplies

Birthday card

While big businesses like Hallmark and Postable stake their entire livelihood on creating and sending personalized birthday cards, sometimes it’s nice to buy these sweet nothings from mom and pops. On Etsy, there are tons of digital designs, templates, and even personalized cardstock to help you find the perfect birthday card.


When you’re tired of folding a dog ear in your paperbacks, it’s time to use a bookmark. And while just about anything flat can do the job, a real bookmark adds a level of sophistication to your daily reading habits.

Bullet Journal

A bullet journal can be a calendar, to-do list, notebook, and goal planner. It’s a great way to focus your mind for overall wellness while staying on track with your daily tasks and your life!


Business cards

The perfect business card will have everyone in the conference room envious of your cardstock and choice of font. On Etsy, you can find templates, designers, and digital downloads.


Handmade journals that you’d find on Etsy are typically leatherbound or personalized. While the world is becoming techier, tons of people out there still want to write with pen and paper.

Laptop Stickers

Like bumper stickers, but for your computer! Let everyone on the other side of the cafe know just what you’re into.


Forget about yellow legal pads. Notebooks are personal, creative, and timeless.


Typically made from animal skins, nowadays, parchment could mean anything from thick, vintage-style cardstock to leathery hides.


Like a digital planner, but on plain ol’ fashioned paper.

Planner stickers

These stickers help you check off tasks, keep track of important dates and meetings, and add a little flair and personality to your planner.


Use them to mail love letters to the other side of the world. Or collect them because you like their designs.

On the flip side, custom stamps that elegantly feature your family name are quite popular too.

Via Rileyprint on Etsy


Billions and billions sold.

Thank you cards

Like birthday cards, thank you cards are a hot market on Etsy. If you can devise new and creative ways to say “thank you,” then this Etsy category might be the perfect product for you.


Custom timelines may show your ancestral lineage, going all the way back to your roots. Or, you may simply use a digital template to help with project management.

Washi tape

Peel it, roll it, stick it. A favorite in the craft community.

There you have it!

These are among the most sought-after keywords for Etsy craft supplies in 2023, encompassing an array that also includes paper and party supplies.

If your products incorporate these craft supplies, sourcing from fellow Etsy sellers might be worth considering, provided it aligns with your business goals and they offer genuine, non-reseller products.

Explore long tail keywords for Etsy craft supplies and paper and party supplies

This list of popular keywords wouldn’t be complete without a handful of examples to help you niche down from these very vague keywords.

So we’ve compiled a list of long tail keyword ideas to help inspire you. 

green yarn on board
  • crochet patterns blankets
  • plus size sewing patterns for women
  • Japanese sewing patterns
  • sublimation printer
  • custom sublimation transfers
  • Handmade polymer clay mix
  • Organic cotton yarn for knitting
  • Watercolor paint set for beginners
  • Recycled paper crafting materials

Plug these long tails into Marmalead to see how they would perform for you. Then check out our storm tool for more keyword ideas.


The world of Etsy craft supplies and paper and party supplies is brimming with potential for sellers and buyers alike. As the demand for these creative essentials continues to surge, harnessing the power of popular keywords can be your key to standing out in this bustling marketplace.

This article has not only unveiled the most sought-after keywords for Etsy craft supplies but has also encouraged you to explore niches with limited competition. By leveraging the strategic insights from our list, you can carve out your own space and become a dominant force in your chosen product category.

Etsy’s crafting community is vibrant and diverse, and with the right keywords, you can connect with the customers who are actively seeking your unique offerings. So dive in, get creative, and let these keywords guide you toward a thriving and successful Etsy journey.

Until next time, happy selling!

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